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Lol yea that's from the old "if you need it during testing offer it to the players as well" rule of thumb. Thanks for playing!

Great concept, I'm curious to see what it will evolve to.

It wasn't clear at first when I was allowed to plant a tree, but I figured it out.

The style is very nice, especially the main character. Well done!

cool! If you ever wanna collab feel free to reach out 😁

that's insane! Do you have plans for making games in other genres too?

This is beautiful! How long did it take to make?

This looks amazing, I hope I'll have time to give it a try soon. Kinda surprised it only works with a controller. Is there a reason other than artistic choice?

Post any issue you encounter here

The demo with the first section of the game is ready. Feel free to share you opinions about the game and report issues you encountered.

Also please let me know if you or another content creator upload some footage of your struggle experience

That's a very cute game! good job!

oh, cool. Thanks for the reply!

The game is pretty fun and a cool idea overall.

It's kinda tricky to plan ahead, especially when there is more than one possible targets and I'm not sure where the piece will attack. Maybe there a rule of thumb on what the piece will pick but I didn't figure it out.

I would also liked to have an undo button if I select a unit but then want to pick a different one, but I guess that's not "true" chess if i could do that, is it?

Well done!

Oooooh this can fill my time until cyberpunk releases never

cool game! there were 2 unlockables I didn't get but otherwise I finished everything

Great job!

This game looks and sound great! I like the little squeaks when you land from a jump.

I recommend putting a quit button if you have the time.

would be interesting to see a full game with this esthetic. 

this guy can REALLY jump!

That's pretty cool!

This is Hilarious. The aspect ratio is a bit tall for my resolution. maybe it's just me tho it's.

Nice job, dude!

Thank you!

This is legit giving me the creeps.

I only got one ending but I'll  try and find time to get at least a few other.

Cool concept. I wish the end wasn't inevitable, but that's life I guess.

Well done! 

Chicken is best character!

I like this one.

Builds the atmosphere without dragging too much.

Not much criticism I can give, except maybe the scene transitions lagging, but not sure what you can do about it if its from the engine.

Good work!

I got all the endings!

Though not in one run...

Got stuck on this behind this sign somehow here

Had a lot of fun anyway! Always appreciate a game that isn't afraid to throw a C bomb at the player.

Full game when?

Cool visuals and a cool game overall.

Can't say I was scared but I was definitely intrigued.

It got that Eldritch horror vibe down.

Good job!

do you have webgl enabled for your browser?

This game is great! It reminded me a lot of the old blair witch project game.

It has a few clunky things like invisible walls and that reloading keeps you stuck in aiming. Things you can iron out if you put in some more time.

I also suggest adding the ability to aim down.

It looks great though, and it's definitely builds tension. 

Great job!

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Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it.

I agree that the colors work. I think I'll tweak the door color too, to match the theme.

This issue with getting loat is something several people pointed out.

The things is, after the gate there IS a lit path on your right taking you straight to the shovel.

Most people just go straight and get lost. I should rearrange the level a bit.

Thank you so much for making these awesome jams!

No worries. Maybe next time I'll make a guide for something easier like being a politician.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thank you!

Thanks. Those are very good suggestions.

Thanks. I've been putting more focus in using blender recently. It's still very basic stuff but I'm happy it turned out more or less cohesive.

Very cool concept and amazing execution.

Thank you for playing

Thank you for playing!

It's actually really thick fog, but in the web builds it translates to seeing nothing and the flashlight being absolutely useless.

I just kept it like this due laziness but also I kinda like how it turned out.

Thank you both very much!

Thank you  very much!

I instinctively hit escape to see a menu (to go back on top or see what it was I was collecting) and the game close... oh well, I think I did pretty well for a while.

That's ok. Your using unity right? The new input system can be a bit tricky but useful once you get the hang of it.