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I'm so glad you're on itch now! Your journey inspired me to do my own 12 games in 12 months challenge.

Any chance you'll convert some of your old games to work on web?


10\10 Best Durex commercial

the controls are meant to be difficult. I am working on a version where I'll split it to small levels in so people could get used to it. It will have better graphics but no particles

After the jam I'm going to try and redo it, but use a slightly more suffisticated rendering method and split it to levels so that people could get the concept it the controls a little easier.

Thanks for playing! 

haha the music was really a last minute effort, but I think it was essential with the yellow sub

Wonderful! Really good use of music

I love the art style and the fact that it's multiple endings

This is fun to just spam and watch the bugs fly everywhere :)

Simply epic

You made very clever design choices, with the bugs becoming a single giant one, and the ability to kill the tiny ones that run away just for the heck of it. very impressive.

The boss was too hard for me, admittedly. 

Amazing job!

You ARE a bold one...

I got to 1000 and I'm happy

Yea maybe the explanation goes away too quickly.  Even when you see it it's tricky to get the hang of it

did you get the chest tho? That's the real question


there is keyboard control... I just thought it was too easy with it so I switched to mouse... But it still works, just hidden :)

those are 2 of the 3 bugs in the game, and it's EXTREMELY frustrating. I did tag it as frustrating but I suppose if you go to the page from the jam page you don't see those tags.

Thanks for the feedback!

I added a reset button but it IS possible to get back in after flying out.

the game could really benefit from some sfx. Controls are meant to be frustrating otherwise the game is super easy. And getting pushed outside is perhaps a boring bug but still counts as a bug.

Thanks for the feedback!

thank you!

Heh not very original I know. Glad I was able to pull something together

I can't say it's impossible, but definitely not intuitive

The controls are straight up evil :)

Drag the mouse to move up,down, left right

Forward and back have buttons on screen

And yes, you will get ejected several times... There is a reset button

lol there's a reset button for a reason, but you CAN recover

Try the file. Hit escape to quit

I uploaded a new version that should work in your phone, I'll make another that can be downloaded as well

can you play other unity web games?

I loved the music and the look

That jump is merciless tho

Are you using a phone or tablet?

He trusts what you say, truth or not. You can utilize it.

let X in, but talk to him first. That's the only hint I'll give you 😁


3 is the last and hardest. After that it just repeats it

Thanks for playing!

haha thanks

Thank you for the feedback!

thank you very much!

Yea, the ultimate tool of game development - less content!

Thanks! I think the player should have moved a lot faster, but then the enemies would have to move faster and then the difficulty would have been to be adjusted...

But I'm glad someone solved it!

shooting them is the point. Getting lost in the dark is also the point. I guess this game isn't exactly fun :)

quit button didn't work, but that didn't change the fact that this game is fantastic.

Good enemy design, good level design, good twist at the end.

I like the style and the idea.

Kinda wish there was more to do in each night or that there wasn't loading in between.

The pictures changing was a very nice touch.