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well I hope you at least had fun.

By the way how did you even find this game! 

There is one puzzle where the colors matter and you need to put the blue letters

I don't remember I made it 4 years ago. Is it the one with the long password?

Hi. The game is already out on steam. I'll keep you in mind if i need a composer for a future project.

10/10 would sobe again

I'm sorry you encountered these issues.

There are 2 buttons to clear the shop. Neither of them work?

Cleaning is automatic. When you reach 100% it releases a leak that blocks a room. You only need to clean the leak.

Thank you for playing 😊

The animations are really good. I don't mind that it's short, it does what it needs to.

What a beautiful game. Well done.

This is really cute. The zone poster is a nice touch. Did you make the music too?

that's a great pun. Stealing it.

thank you so much 😊

You can have a word with the same letter twice. Is that true to wordle as well?

This is pretty cool. Do you still make vr games?

For those who are interested in trying out the beta, it's available for download

Thank you very much!

If you're here from greystillplays and you see this, consider this a gift... and a sneak peak

Thank you!

Lol yea that's from the old "if you need it during testing offer it to the players as well" rule of thumb. Thanks for playing!

Great concept, I'm curious to see what it will evolve to.

It wasn't clear at first when I was allowed to plant a tree, but I figured it out.

The style is very nice, especially the main character. Well done!

cool! If you ever wanna collab feel free to reach out 😁

that's insane! Do you have plans for making games in other genres too?

This is beautiful! How long did it take to make?

This looks amazing, I hope I'll have time to give it a try soon. Kinda surprised it only works with a controller. Is there a reason other than artistic choice?

Post any issue you encounter here

The demo with the first section of the game is ready. Feel free to share you opinions about the game and report issues you encountered.

Also please let me know if you or another content creator upload some footage of your struggle experience

That's a very cute game! good job!

Oooooh this can fill my time until cyberpunk releases never

cool game! there were 2 unlockables I didn't get but otherwise I finished everything

Great job!

This game looks and sound great! I like the little squeaks when you land from a jump.

I recommend putting a quit button if you have the time.

would be interesting to see a full game with this esthetic. 

Thank you!

This is legit giving me the creeps.

I only got one ending but I'll  try and find time to get at least a few other.