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CMYK color scheme?

A topic by b. everett dutton created Sep 28, 2016 Views: 775 Replies: 13
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i was thinking of using a CMYK color scheme for my game because it's only four colors, but the original game boy could only display 4 shades of the same color, not four different colors. would CMYK be okay or would it go against the spirit of the jam?

I'm also interested in this, this whole color business is super confusing for beginner game-jammers and especially people that never played on these devices

The Game Boy Color could display 4 different colors (there was an awful red and yellow palette...)

4 Colors, what's so hard to understand? Look at the pixels, if there's more than 4 color values you're doing it wrong

alright man, i just wasn't sure if we were supposed to go by limitations of the original game boy hardware or the GBC hardware, thanks for your help

Look at the end of this talk to get "thy this is so hard" Also don't assume that we all know how these gameboy things worked...


To help clarify, 4 colors can display in game at any one time. If there is more then 4 colors you aren't following the rules of the jam. It can be any 4 colors in the entire color spectrum, but no more then 4 colors at any one time onscreen.

Note that Gameboy Color had a completely different set of limitations.

Nothing about this contest is really strictly Gameboy-limitations anyway, though, aside from the display resolution. And that's a good thing - we probably don't want to be stuck writing code for a 6MHz Z80 with 8KB of RAM. :) (Although IMO if someone DOES make a playable gameboy ROM they deserve some special prize!)


The jam is loosely based around the GameBoy limitations, it wasn't designed for people to strictly follow all the limitations of the GB nor the GBC.

The way the jam is currently set up allows for a lot of creativity and freedom, but still helps everyone produce a game with a GB style.

I think these restrictions are perfect. Not too restrictive but not too loose either. The idea that you can choose any 4 colors and not being constrained to the ones that the gameboy could render, is a very interesting idea in my opinion. If everyone was forced to use the same old GB colors, I'm sure the results would be more dull etc.


I agree.

I have seen people do some pretty cool stuff people have done with the four color restraint.

JFYI Pyxel Edit has a built in Game Boy palette to use.


quick question, besides the use of actual art, would something like the color of fonts be subject to the four color limit?

I would assume so, it's 4 colors on the screen max, at any given time.

Four colours on the screen at a time max.
So yes, font colour is part of that ;)