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I'm on windows 10.  No error came up this time but before it said something about not being able to export.

Thanks :)

This was fun.  I liked the AI of the bats and besides the x2 re scaling everything looked fairly clean.

I've tried but the jar file doesn't seem to open


5 stars

Thanks,  that's exactly what I was going for c:

I had fun on this one.  The level design was really good overall.  I liked the part were you fell in the cave.  This needs a lot of polish but the game is fun.

I liked how the game looked and the concept of a ship game is always fun.  The movement, while on the more realistic side, did make it really hard to fight enemies without getting out of range and spamming them.  As far as the graphics go they do look nice and together.  I'd suggest looking at a this tutorial to fix the rotation since it's not accurate to the gameboy in this game.

I want to try this out but unfortunately my computer won't let me open the file saying it contains a virus :L

I like the idea of a short little top down shooter and it honestly doesn't look too bad.  It just seems really messy.

This looked really good and I loved the day and night cycle.  I also appreciate that you seemed to focus on polish instead of length, which is good in game jams.

The score system is smart.

Dang if there was a creativity category.  This was a really cool little game.

Everything about this is gameboy-ish.  Great job on hitting that feel perfectly.  I could really imagine this on an arcade machine or something.

(1 edit)

I love this so far.  It's really polished.  I haven't finished it but probably will come back.

Thanks.  I'm glad someone enjoyed building in it. c:

The ideas for the different robot types was well balanced and I liked the enemy ideas.  They all seemed like they would be fairly useful in a level.  The level design could use a lot of work though.  Everything seemed thrown at the player at once and there were a lot of time when I couldn't see an enemy until it was too late.



You didn't lie about the difficulty 

I really liked a bloopy sounding music in that.  The gameplay was a bit above me but it was a creative take on this kind of puzzle game.  Everything about it felt like a gameboy game.

The art looked great.  There were a few parts that sort of felt like a waste of time instead of an actual challenge like the area with the two shooting enemies on the third area.  I ended up making it to that but didn't really feel like trying to get all the way back again.  Felt a lot like a very polished gameboy game.

I really like this mechanic. It was a lot of fun.

The atmosphere in this was great.  



Thanks.  I've looked at those a lot to try to fix them.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what is causing it.  The best way to get through them from what I've seen is to land on them only moving vertically.  Sorry it's messed up.

I've been thinking of making something similar to this for a while where you collect pieces.  This was pretty fun.  The art was thicc so good job on that.  There does seem to be a bug where some enemies are just invincible after I attack them.



Thanks.  I don't remember if it started out serious but near the end it became a joke.

Good job.  My hard hurt after playing it too.

I've finally finished this!

Yay, I’m working on stuff again…
I really lost motivation for a while (and school, a lot of school).
I’ve been working on it a bit recently though. I got a new computer (cuz the old one randomly crashed and I was scared of loosing progress) so now the game doesn’t take super long to compile every time I run it! :DDD
This will hopefully speed up development a bit. Also, writing text for the overworld took WAAAAYYYYY longing than I expected.
Anyways, here is a random gif.
Just jumpin around

I also made a door.
alt text

Thanks for reading this! <333

hecc u

So, I finally finished all the main levels. Now I just have to do some extra stuff and fix some things. I didn’t remember to upload most of the gifs to a place where I could get a link to them so have some contextless garbage that I did as a joke.

Weird effect
Many goblins

Hopefully i’ll be doing some more fun stuff with this soon. Love you all, bye <3


Hey, so I am half way done with the final area in SSDT and I did a few other little changes.

I made it so that now SSDT has hit-scan bullets. There is also bullet spread now. I added this system to the enemies too.
player shooting enemy

I changed the text system to be more customization. It will be a little harder to work with but I think it will be worth it.
England is my city

The last world is going to have different environments for each level. The first level was air ships. I think this level is pretty different to the other levels in the game.

The second level in this area is a "forest" I guess…

These levels didn’t take very long to make for having to make new textures for each one. I’m not really forcing myself to work on this anymore. I feel like this is making it go faster since I don’t get sick of it as much. Hopefully it wont be much longer until it is done. <3

More like slash mr.dmca!

This was a lot of fun. Good job.

I really liked the color pallet and the music.