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New AP from Brandoff and co.!!!

no problem and we couldn't agree more comrade!!

done, thanks for the heads up!!

A whole FIST actual play done by members from our server!

gotchu, didn't realize they ran out ty

one of the best FIST missions out there!!

Yes! A solo mode is in the works as part of an upcoming rules expansion/splatbook called SUPPLY DROP

An amazing new video by Brandoff - this dude gets FIST!!

yeah, it's explained on page 90! it's a lot like a morale check in OSR games, it's something they do when put in a narrative chokepoint (oftentimes mortal danger)

A video from Brandoff showing how to make your own DIY FIST player's guide!
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That sounds like a partial success, but if it doesn’t sound like one to the player, you can always pause the game to talk about why! The rulebook also touches on how the referee and players can avoid creating this dissonance in the first place – ask if you’re giving them enough information to make good decisions; prompt them to give you details about how they’re trying to do something; experiment with telling players upfront what will happen if they roll a partial or failure on an action they’re considering. As referee, you’re acting as the game environment, so you’re supposed to surprise the player but also telegraph what to expect to a degree that allows them to account for it if they try. Both player and referee must be able to accurately extrapolate and strategize around likely risks. Here’s an imagined run of your scenario, with plenty of material to play off of provided by both parties:

REF: “So, you’re heading toward the ladder. It’s old, a little warped. You can see the guard still trying to scrape the gum off their boot, but they’re probably not super invested in that, so you’ll have to be quiet… how are you doing this?” 

PLAYER: “I’m gonna slip off my shoes and string them around my neck so I don’t make noise on the rungs.”

REF: “Okay, roll TACTICAL…”

PLAYER: “I got a 7.”

REF: “You make it up the ladder without a sound – until the very last rung. As you heave yourself onto the roof, it snaps and clatters one thunk at a time down the ladder. Gumshoe down there staggers out of flamingo stance and glances around, and at the same time you realize you’re not alone up here – there are footsteps approaching, but not with any urgency. There are no shadows on hand to duck into. What’s your move?”

If the players are properly prepped for the pulp action tone, this should feel like the next exciting catalytic beat. A good action movie is rarely one where the hero is never noticed and gets home half an hour early. If anyone is having trouble getting in the groove of FIST, we suggest watching any movie (or video game, or whatever) you can map to its mechanics, which is how the game was created and is the main point of it. Here’s a clear example of a sequence of partial successes: Garth Marenghi's Gun Possession

If the player is dissatisfied with the results of a bad roll, they may not realize the game won’t happen if no bad rolls do because bad rolls give the environment opportunities to progress and interact with the players’ agency. It might be helpful to go over these parts of the book with the whole table to get you all on the same page and in the right frame of mind:

p.5 Rolling the dice

p.7 Playing dirty

p.16 Playing fair

p.17 Quality fiction

p.19 Using agency

p.21 Referee FAQ

These sections go over stuff like preparing for and embracing the consequences of bad rolls as the dramatic meat of the game, how you can use creative thinking and strategy to tip stacked odds to your favor, what the table should mutually agree on, and general referee tips. There's also a spark table for partial successes on page 148.

Hope this helps and isn’t too much of a wall!

this game is gorgeous!!

A video review from Dragons are Real!

A Tidal Wave Games let's play of a module by Luke Gearing!

Oh, I should also add that character durability and competence increases dramatically around two or three level-ups—I'm running a game for some PCs who have levelled up two or three times and their attributes, loot, and player skill/cautiousness/cleverness make them sometimes untouchable 

Not at all negative, this kind of stuff is always appreciated! For what it's worth, the chance of rolling a 6 or lower on 2d6 is 41.66%, so the baseline odds are slightly in the PC's favor. 

This game takes a lot of inspiration from older games where the risk of failure was pretty high - say, you have to roll a 15+ on a d20 to pass a difficulty check - so a lot of the time, the most successful missions are ones where characters avoid rolling the dice as much as they can. This might mean staying out of combat, talking their way out of things with pure RP, setting up several boons to give themselves advantage when they do have to roll, etc.

Having characters be disposable, constantly die for pointless reasons, and only become a person you're willing to get attached to when they've stuck around for a few missions is 100% intentional - you're disposable soldiers, and the ones who are either strong or lucky enough to stick around will be the characters you end up fleshing out.  That isn't to say I haven't seen several characters who players really got into before deploying then and managed to keep alive—it just helps to play starting level characters as though you were really there, and getting shot once or leaving one thing to chance could really, actually kill you. Also, I'd see if your players are interested in the pamphlet adventure we put out called HAZARD FUNCTION—it's a sort of microcosm of this idea where you play three Very weak characters at once and whoever makes it out alive graduates to being your "real" character.

That said, adding a floating +1 is a somewhat common house rule I've seen for the game. Giving out some extra WAR DICE, using the Chopper Chatter rule, or just encouraging players to choose them as rewards can also help with this; we added the mechanic so people who are having a string of bad rolls can push a check result up when it really counts!

A readthrough by Chris McDowall, author of Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland!!!

Absolutely!! Would love to see it - thank you!

Another video review by Spencer Campbell!

hopefully before the end of the year! there are tons of authors involved so we don't have a hard release date yet

A video review by the Weekly Scroll!

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we'll def add some more but also this will be free to download for the duration of our kickstarter (8/30/23 - 9/30/23!)

you can definitely play solo using the tables in the book alone, we're also working on a solo mode in an upcoming supplement called SUPPLY DROP!

we'll definitely add more soon, but in the meantime, the game will be free to claim to your account during our kickstarter, 8/30/23 to 9/30/23!

Hi there! The Kickstarter is for a whole box set of adventures. We sadly can't do much to customize pledges for people, but if you do already own the digital book and still support the KS, you'll essentially be signing up for a heavily discounted bundle of all future FIST content!

a new AP from Exquisite Corpse Presents!

just added 50!!!

We just added 100 community copies!

very excited for any missions you may design!!

this is amazing to hear!! also we're planning to Kickstart a box set and hopefully that'll include an ultrafied version of Mandelbrot Set, nothing set in stone but i'm picturing a rebalanced gameplay loop, more intricate map, more wyrd encounters, redone art... it'll be cool

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tough call but i offer these two vids and hopefully they help!!

np feel free to share it around!!

Oh shit adding some then!!

a new long form review from the esteemed Brandoff! 

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not at all, these are great questions and I feel silly for not having the info on the page! to answer:

- you need one referee/GM to run the game. the book suggests 2-6 players for the mercenaries in addition to the ref but I've had plenty of fun doing 1 GM + 1 player and also am about to run a FIST mission with I think 18 players, so you can get funky with it

- average play time is 2-3 hours but some missions go longer if they're particularly large, difficult, or complex

- there is no solo mode but there are 80 pages of random tables for story beats, characters, items, locations, mission prompts etc. plus a table of "what happens next" results for partial success rolls. this stuff is provided to give the ref an easier time but could be very easily combined to play your own solo mode (also someone in the discord server is currently playtesting their own solo hack to be released soon)

hope this helps and thanks so much for checking out the game!!

added some!!!!!

Got you covered! Please email and I'll send a key

Had no idea this page numbering carried over from development, it's supposed to be normal. Thanks for the heads up!!

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To be honest I kind of forgot about this but I might put out another if there's some interest! All my random table writing energy has been going to FIST Ultra lmao 

PS If you like the character art, go check out the artist:

Looks great!! There will likely be a few more small revisions before we go to print, I'll make sure to post them!!