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A topic by Retro Rich created Sep 28, 2016 Views: 456 Replies: 3
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Hello all, I'm hoping I can do 'something' for this jam, I've not done a GB Jam before, are they themed? or can we make anything?

Started picking up GBDK earlier in the year so excited to have a go for a proper ROM.

Exciting times!

Host (1 edit)

GBJAM's aren't themed so your free to make whatever you would like but we also hope you will respect the jam and it's participants and not start working on the game until October 1st.

Also why is your profile picture of Mo from gamesbymo?

LOL do I have a doppelganger?!

I physically can't start till the 1st so no problem there. I was thinking about porting a game I made for the #SpeccyJam, it would mean rewriting the code + gfx + level design + everything from scratch!


That would be very cool, can't wait to see what you come up with!

And this guy is who I was referring too.