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it's nice but theres no ammo for the gun? It just says charging when pressing mouse 2. Mouse 1 does nothing. Any advice welcomed!

any mac love?

difficulty is great! There seems to be a bug in the UI when you beat the chainsaw guy and the game repeats

What kind of machine setup are you capturing the video on? Looks very smooth. 

no mac love?

cheers! (yeah, the current solution in Unity is not the best, it's why I made this pack)

just ignore the whole 8x8 thing... the rest of us do not care.

Yeah I think it's best to do as you please really. Not being limited by the other GB limitations is the beauty of this jam.

This looks like great fun.

I think fonts are pretty much OK, by that logic you'd need to create a game engine in a week too...

OK these are switched over to free now, feel free to use in your projects :)

please only submit entries in assembler

VR?! :)


GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Pixel Art Fonts!
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Feel free to use this thread to list any pixel art fonts you may have found that can be used for the Jam.

* Unity Specific *

You may have noticed that Unity's normal dynamic fonts get all blurry, even pixel art ones.

I have an asset for Unity that fixes this, by offering a bunch of pixel art fonts. They support fancy things like outlines and colouring in Unity canvas.

I've used them in a variety of pixel art games including my own GBJAM entry from last year (pirate pop), they are also in some other commercial games ;)

I'm going to work on getting these on to but for the meantime they are here on the asset store:!/content/42363

For a very limited time (duration of the Jam) I am offering these for FREE!

PICO8 screen is 128x128 pixels. The Jam is 160x144 pixels.

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It took the pico8 guy a few years... ;)

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if you have time! Tbh it's easier just to do GB pal considering the time span ;-)

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1. does 4 colors mean, 4 colors on top of the 2 white and black non-colors? example: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, would this be allowed?
Nope. Think of it as 4 shades of the same colour. So if your colour scheme was say RED for example, you could have:
  • RED

And these would be your 4 colours.

2. can there be shades of these colors? say have red and play with saturation or luminosity?

Again, nope. Imagine if we took a screengrab of your game and put it in to photoshop then asked photoshop to count the colours in that screenshot. More than 4? Well, this would be outside the spirit of the Jam.

3. what's stopping us from starting developing the game today? how does this work exactly? do we need to start building the game when the jam starts? or can we gather resources and start developing on it right away and just have it submitted during the 10 days?

Start building your game when the Jam starts if you want to be part of the spirit of things. It's about pushing yourself to see what you can make in 10 days, that's the only real prize on offer here.

Amazing, thank you. I found it lurking in the account submenu just now too.

Past, present and future?

Theres a template for making jams but is there a place to view them?