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No problem, it's not a weird question. Licenses can definitely be confusing at times, and I'm sorry I didn't make this more clear in the description.

You do not have to apply this license to your game. You are free to use these fonts in any of your projects, and then continue to apply your own license to your creations. You are free to modify these fonts in any way you like & use them in any way you like. Using them in your projects does not mean you have to extend that same principal to your users. You 100% own your creations.

I hope that better explains things! Please let me know if you have any other questions (and good luck with your game!).

Neat! Feel free to share it here when you finish, I'd love to see it :)

> Is it for use in the font sprites of consctruct 3?

Not sure. I don't use Construct 3, so I don't have a lot of experience with their font sprite setup. However, these fonts come in .ttf (true type font) formats, which I don't think is what you use for font sprites. I found this article about how to convert .ttf fonts into sprite fonts, so you can check it out if you wanna do that:

> do the letters come out with the accents?

Not sure what you mean. What accents are you talking about?

> is the background transparent?

Since these are .ttf files, yes the backgrounds are technically transparent. It's just the letters & numbers.

Let me know if I can help out more :)

This is a really fun little game. Do you have a contact I can reach you at? (twitter, email, discord, whatever) I'd love to discuss some stuff with you about this game :)

Thanks! Keep up the great work, always impressed with how many games you manage to cover :^)

haha thanks very much man, I appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the fonts! :^)

Hello fellow cryptid hunter! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘½

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I'm quite swamped with work on my new game Tweet_Dungeon since its launch is right around the corner.

But I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I've gone ahead and made a Full Sheet version available to download in all color-formats & screen-modes πŸ‘‰

I hope this works out for you, and thanks for reaching out!

Enjoy :^)

Cool! But I think this version may be a bit bugged? Not sure if I'm just bad at directions, but after picking up the dagger + shield, I ended up somehow not being able to progress. I got stuck in almost like a triangle pattern of rooms. Nothing in any rooms, and couldn't go back to see other enemies... Like I said, maybe I'm just bad at directions lol, but I think something bugs out & traps me into a dead end.

I'm really glad you enjoyed! Everyday there are new features added, so check back regularly for more surprises! Thanks for playing :^)

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! :^)

More updates are coming everyday, check back regularly for more features + surprises!

Oh, it does! I never heard of those games you mentioned, but this mechanic sounds fun! Definitely can see it causing a few "Huh? Oh the time is 9 o'clock... WAIT - SHIT! I didn't mean to answer you!" moments haha

haha, well I don't know about 100, but how does 16 work for ya? :^) πŸ‘‰

This is seriously wicked cool! You obviously get brownie points for cute animals & alliteration in the title, but other than that - the whole game is fantastic! Unironcially bringing this out at my next game night & having us all play a few games :^)

Excellent job, you really nailed it!

I love this! First off, tiny points:

  • Nice design
  • Great font choice
  • Good simple color palette

Second off, this just seems like a super fun way to tell fun little stories with friends, I love that. Excellent work, this is really nice! :^)

Super nice & heart warming. Thanks for this, it's really pleasant :^)

lol nice, I'm guessing that since this looks like javascript code, you're a programmer somewhere? Then again, I'm literally only saying javascript cause that's what I'm used to. A function call and an object look pretty similar across most languages, so you got me stumped! :^)

Neat! I'm slightly tempted to committing this table to memory, in order to play this minigame whenever I get handed a business card, or any other related form. Just a fun little day-dreaming time killer.

Also, you made this during a meeting? hahaha, I guess the day-dreaming idea is purposeful lol :^)

Pretty cool concept! Thanks for giving me a use of all the collected business cards I've seemed to magically accumulate over the years lol Nice job :^)

Really great submission. Although the text can be a bit difficult to read, it is well worth effort for the amount of thought that went into this. Excellent job, it's super fun to play with a small group, simply passing the time :^)

Really clever & sounds like a super fun thing to discover. I'm definitely going to print a few out & hope that some wonderful stories blossom over time :^)

(1 edit)

This is actually crazy, I love it! Very impressed, not just with how you managed to fit it all onto one card, but also the presentation of it all! (love the text color change to have the dragon appear in the code)

Very impressed! You seem to be worried that this might be against the rules. I'll just say I don't think that at all. You simply got super creative with the prompt, and made something amazing! I haven't killed the dragon yet, but I'm saving my card to prevent killing the innocent kitten lol :^)

Excellent job!

This is really neat! I love the idea of collecting all these little mementos and sharing with friends & family. Excellent job on this one :^)

This is really cool! Love the design of the card + the actual game itself. Excellent work, this seem like a good bit of fun to do in place you've never been to before. Good way to travel around and see new things! :^)

This is pretty cool! I'm a little confused on the role of the Chaos God, are they actually supposed to ask questions out loud? Or is it something else?

Nice idea & simple but fun concept. Nice work :^)

Congrats on releasing so many games! That's impressive!

I think my favorites are "The Sword In My Heart" & "Return To The Forest". They're almost meditative-like in nature. Excellent job :^)

Nice idea, and very good presentation!

BTW, might've found a typo:

Write the answer these questions

I think you're missing a "to" in there :^)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :^)

hahaha, thank you! :^)

This seems like it would evolve into some pretty deep & intimate moments, depending on who you play with & how your narratives develop. Nicely thought out, good work :^)

Pretty funny concept, and presented well! Plus, I'm a big fan of alliterations, so I enjoyed your example scenarios :^)

I love the overall aesthetic of this! So cute & fun :^)

10/10 - would be a hedgehog again πŸ¦”πŸ’œ

At first this game can seem a little unfinished, as if there was meant to be more rounds. But once you actually play it out with a friend, you realize that's the whole point of it all. Did you live good? Did you enjoy it? Would you do it differently?

A simple premise & low-barrier to entry rule-set leads to some honestly thought-provoking moments. Really great entry, excellent work πŸ‘

Such a neat little idea. I'm honestly hoping that some day I come across a little yellow "trojan" square! I'm definitely gonna have to leave some of these around places I go :^)

I love this game. So simple, yet so cool & open to lots of fun. Excellent job :^)

Thanks for checking it out & for the feedback! :^)

When you say "tiny squares", are you talking about the grid on each "screen" on the back of the cards, or the "screens" themselves?

Woo! I totally forgot this game jam was ending so soon, so I had to quickly whip something up in about 3 or so hours. Most of it was spent doing mockups of my card to be honest :^P


venture, record, sketch, share :^)

CRYPTIDEX is like pokedex, but for cryptids. You are tasked with going out into the real world (I know, scary) and sketching ("recording") all the strange and mysterious creatures you come across! The cards have enough space for 2 drawings on the back (or more if you jam multiple creatures into one "screen").

so many cryptids!

you can always print out more cards if you need more journal space!

Let me know what y'all think. Hope you have fun collect "cryptids" ;^)

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ