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I tried the version 0.21 and worked for Maxwell gpu (did not tested on Turing yet).

I think this is probably something related to the gpu architecture.
I managed to test it using the following architectures:
- Maxwell: doesn't work
- Turing: doesn't work
- Pascal: works

I tested it without CUDA SDK/Runtimes and with CUDA 9.2. Same error.

Windows 10 x64
Intel i5-8265U
8GB of RAM
Nvidia GeForce MX110 - 2GB

Same error here.
My gpu is low end tho: Nvidia GeForce MX110.

Framerate Index: 0

C:\Users\tumeo\Downloads\DAIN_APP Alpha\torch\nn\ UserWarning: Default upsampling behavior when mode=bilinear is changed to align_corners=False since 0.4.0. Please specify align_corners=True if the old behavior is desired. See the documentation of nn.Upsample for details.
  "See the documentation of nn.Upsample for details.".format(mode))
..\torch\csrc\autograd\python_function.cpp:622: UserWarning: Legacy autograd function with non-static forward method is deprecated and will be removed in 1.3. Please use new-style autograd function with static forward method. (Example:
error in correlation_forward_cuda_kernel: no kernel image is available for execution on the device
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 79, in render
  File "", line 469, in RenderVideo
  File "", line 202, in interpolate
  File "site-packages\torch\nn\modules\", line 541, in __call__
  File "networks\", line 148, in forward
  File "networks\", line 212, in forward_flownets
  File "site-packages\torch\nn\modules\", line 541, in __call__
  File "PWCNet\", line 220, in forward
  File "site-packages\torch\nn\modules\", line 541, in __call__
  File "PWCNet\correlation_package_pytorch1_0\", line 59, in forward
  File "PWCNet\correlation_package_pytorch1_0\", line 27, in forward
RuntimeError: CUDA call failed (correlation_forward_cuda at
(no backtrace available)

I tried on Manjaro 18 and it complains about libpng 12.
This game was made using an old, unstable and now unmaintained version of Godot Engine (2.2) so this is probably a bug that has already been fixed in the stable branch. The solution is to port the game to Godot 3.1, but I don't have time to do it now, sorry :/

Thanks for playing!

Already have some good feedbacks here so I'm just passing by to report a bug that can be used to exploit the game.
If you attack (X) then start spamming the toggle item button (B) it will spam attacks.

Hey, thanks for playing our game :3

Thanks for playing <3

The next release will have music and sfx (and more minigames), stay tuned ^^

Woah, really addictive and cute entry! Nice work :3

Thanks for playing! Working on menu navigation was really fun :3

Hey, thanks for playing!

I've already played and rated your entry (didn't commented on it tho, sorry) :D

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Hm, maybe this is some issue with Intel onboard video card. Mine is an Intel HD Graphics 400. Also, I'm on Windows 10.

Nice entry! Sadly I'm not good at 15 puzzle 😅

I was going to comment about the 64x64 constraint too, but did you actually made the game using actual HTML? That was insane! 😅

Nice entry btw!

Nice entry!

I just have some comments/suggestions about the game:

- There are some performance issues because I got some FPS drops in the game. My PC is not that good but it managed to run perfectly this another entry (;

- The HUD could be a bit more compact. You're using 8px of height for HP and MP stats, you can do it in a better way using only 4px. This will adjust the contrast between HP/MP and the weapon icon. Also, the HUD will look better on the top of the screen because it is currently hiding the sword;

- There are some issues navigating menus, especially in the inventory menu. There's a bug preventing the buttons from being focused.

I liked the level design. Sadly almost all textures are blurry :/

We actually already have some ideas for randomly generated stuff, but it was kicked for the next release.

Thanks for playing!

The audio stuff is our priority for the next release.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks :3

Thanks for playing <3

Assuming that this is just a prototype/concept, I would say there is a problem in the damage calculation. *Apparently*, the damage is being caused by time, when it would be more correct to cause gradual damage. I'm saying this because you can ignore the damage by just spamming the jump.

I'm a fan of your games, art and music are very good and everything else but unfortunately I did not like the gameplay of this one, it's quite repetitive and boring :(

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Sorry, that is actually a bug. But I can't fix it until the end of the votings :(

( It's fixed now since Rémi said it's ok to make some minor fixes )

Thanks for playing!


All assets were made from scratch. You can see the credits on the game page.

Aw, I had not noticed this game. You could have added some screenshots at least :(

The game is a bit slow on my potato pc but it's playable :)

I liked the game, very well done!

Thanks for playing!  😃

Sorry, I disabled manual window scale to prevent aspect issues like sub-pixels.

You can use the fixed resize (Z) or fullscreen (F).  

Controller is not working :(

(XONE Controller - Windows 10)

Hi, I already made a comment on your video, thank you o/

Really loved the concept, nice work <3

Simple but really cute :3

Well memed 👌

I tried to climb the mountains but I noticed that it was not Zelda BoTW :/

The controls are really confusing but the game (art and mini-games) looks pretty cute, great job!

Nice game. I think scaling pixels is a bit ugly but I still liked the result. Great work o/

I really liked the gameplay concept btw

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I'm trying to upload gnu/linux builds but my internet is not working very well :(

Edit: I give up, I'm going to sleep :/