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the last update is awesome, especially the nebulograph!

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yup, that's the idea!

A d20 (or another more typical die like a d8) might be better theme-wise, but the surface to draw the equal sign is smaller as you can see

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To draw online similar old-school maps (and even isometric ones):

Edit: another similar map-making online tool:

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So, it' a 6-faced dice with the equal symbol on each faces. No text. A very basic look, inspired by the creativecommons logos aesthetic.

Feedback welcomed before I share the final version :)

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PNG? SVG or something else? …or as many formats & sizes as possible?

Wow! Aesthetic & theme on point, with delightful artworks!

This looks amazing!!

gorgeous art style!

The notes are handy, thank you!

A different color palette from Pixeltao (the dev behind Wizorn, Tribute Games studio):

It's really super simple: basically a list of "syllabs" (such as a'a/abh/a-kho/ap/ath/b-heu/btu/chlu/ckh/ctha/hde etc) is used to create names (that have 3-5 "syllabs" randomly picked) That's all lol I can send you the Construct2 files if you like?

j'aime beaucoup celle du Gobelin

Thank you!!

10/10 graphics with great character-design, but I would have preferred a less darker/contrasted palette. The jump & walk controls are a bit awkward imho; overall it's a good entry.

Thank you everyone for the feedback, it's very helpful!

Fast & with few patterns fairly challenging, which is more than enough to me to make this game enjoyable! (my xbox gamepad is working)

Pretty neat; I particularly liked the animation of the ship. Sadly, the boss was too easy to defeat.

Awesome! I love everything in that game (palette, tiny sprites, metroidvania formula etc.). Next time, add a map ;)

Very solid game with a lot of interesting gameplay ideas! (the ball was once stuck in a puzzle tho)

It would have been perfect wWith a scoring system ;)

Very promising! Great graphics!

@n33kos: no sound at the moment, only a useless on/off option ;)

Very pretty game with an original theme!!

Nice little shmup: neat, simple & refined. I'd like to play more levels & more challenging bosses!

Sooo cute :3

@Arowx "... to drag the damage along at the same speed it moves."
Yeah, I think it would have been better ( & fairer).

Thank you for playing my game: you have a lot of patience :) I only managed to finish this game 1 or 2 times!

Construct 2 FTW

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Another small website easy to use for creating 4-colors palettes:

A restart button would be nice indeed: I just got stuck (door surrounded by iced monsters I can't break).

... well, if you're lucky you can reach the right limit; then it's basically over.

En fait, j' 'attends que la votation de la gamejam soit faite pour mettre à jour le jeu avec un système de scoring, etc.
Thx pour le com'!

Je n'ai eu le temps que de coder des colonnes, mais implémenter des blocs entiers de plusieurs colonnes aurait été idéal en fait.

C'est un mélange d'aléatoire (pour éviter la répétition) et de non-aléatoire (pour éviter d'être bloqué par des mauvais placements de blocs), mais c'est loin d'être parfait…