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Thank you for the nice gameplay! 

Nicely Spotted, we will check that out! 

There are spooky events that we make your stress go up, just to make the level a bit more interesting and challenging

It's true, not really fair, we will work on that! 

Amazing fan art right there! 

It was great to watch your video. We still need to work on optimization 

thank you so much we will take that on board!

Try to stay under the blanket until the monster leaves, and get in there as soon as you see him

Thank you! 

Maybe making it more scary can be a solution 

great and very original controls very addicted

Thank you , yeah trying to tweak things a little hehe

Thank you ! Ammo boxes don't need to be shot . You can grab them easily . The goal is to escape as far as you can sneak help you control your character better

amazing game and fun!

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic AWAY progress

enemies moving every where now, in our stealth sidescroller

You mean a single double upper bar? There are two bars to show

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic AWAY progress

So the idea of a sidescroller twin stick stealth game is starting to shape up after the hardwork of 2 artists and three programmers so far

Hey give me your Skype and I'll add you

Ok adding you now

hey we need a sound artist if you want to join our team of two let me know!

hey add me on skype, whats yours? we are two already

(1 edit)

looking for artist and musician although another programmer should be good as well, drop me a line

thank you !

Edit :we are full up now, lll let you know if there is space!

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Trashbot we are 3 Spanish 2 coders and an artist want to join? Add me on sk ype what's yours?

ok just added you

great, send me your email and Ill add you on skype

do you come from reddit? I posted this game jam there

lots of programmers! jejeje C sharp and unity here

as well

Hi I'm also a sole unit developer as well on unity I'll join your team, we just need an artist

Don't know how to pm lol

Sounds good man, I'll pm you

Let me know if you want to team up