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Sorry, I am already working on another game for this jam and I won't have time tomorrow to do anything more unfortunately.
Best of luck with your game, it looks really nice!

Yes, I am still available!
Will keep chatting on Discord :)

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Hi, my name is Andrea, I live in the UK and I am a composer and sound designer.
Here's my website:

It has been a while since my last GBJam (here's my latest entry:
This year I would love to help a team creating some cool authentic Gameboy music (I usually use FamiStudio or even LSDJ if I have more time), so please get in touch if you are interested!
Happy to help also with the sfx of course, even though those are usually quite simple on a GB game :)

To hear some more chiptune from me you can even check my 8-bit music pack here on -
(it's quite a varied and big music collection, so not all 100% relevant to this jam, but still a useful listening I hope).

Thank you so much for your precious feedback!
Yes, you can use the crank to control the guns if you disable the knife from the options. In that case the monsters will damage you but will die right after.
It would be cool to control the knife with the d-pad. The only risk in doing so is that if I the knife becomes too easy  to control then it can become too powerful. Maybe I can add a random miss/hit thing or add quite some delay between each swing (when using the d-pad). I'll think about it!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am happy that you are making good use of my tracks :)
Please don't hesitate to keep in touch to share your finished game (happy to share it of course!) or for any custom requests.

Thank you!! :)
Yes, it should be released on the Catalog around the end of August.

I have finally been able to try the game. I love the concept. It took me a bit at the very beginning to understand what I had to do (I should probably have guessed by the title! :) ) Nice work, and thank you so much for crediting me!

The game looks fantastic and really fun (wish I can try it but I only have a Mac and a Steam Deck :) ).
Thank you so much for crediting me. Best of luck with the sales!

Thank you so much! I am really glad that you will make good use of the SFX :)
I will definitely keep an eye on your game, it sounds very interesting.

Thank you so much for your kind words and I am really happy my music assets helped with your game!
Your game looks really fun, definitely, something I would love to play!  *I have put it in my wishlist now* :)
Do you mind me putting it on the list of games using my music with a non-exclusive license? (

I love that you keep improving this game! It is now really good, I can see myself playing this on the Switch :)
It would be amazing I think to be able to remap the controls since I find the default ones a bit uncomfortable. But I guess with a gamepad controller it would be much better.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you! Sorry I missed your comment. Such a fun little game, I really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for your kind words!
I am really happy that you are making good use of these tracks :)

Hi, thanks for purchasing my audio assets!
Don't worry, yes, that was legit (if I am not wrong it was a bundle in collaboration with GameDevMarket, where I also sell assets).
Sorry that the license text wasn't in the zip, I must have forgotten to add it to that bundle. But your proof of purchase from Fanatical is more than enough, you don't need anything else, songs are not registered for Content ID or anything like that.

The license document only states this:
"Audio assets included in the package may be used without attribution in commercial and non-commercial projects of any kind.
The audio assets may not be redistributed or remixed in whole or in part. They may not be resold elsewhere as an asset or part of an asset pack, unless explicitly approved by the author.
If you want to attribute the audio assets (which is greatly appreciated), please clearly include the names 'Andrea Baroni', 'bluegestalt' or 'Cyberleaf Studio'."

Oh, sorry, I didn't know that! I don't have a video ready to upload on YouTube yet but I will make one soon (many of my assets already have a video preview but I still need to create one for the 16-bit songs).
In the meanwhile, if you go to my website "music licensing" page - and search for "Roads Of Rage" you can listen to a full song from this package.
Or, even better you can go to GameDevMarket and listen to the exact same preview as here (they have a built-in player) -
I hope this helps!

Thank you for pointing that out! I have now switched to the Soundcloud preview since the Mixcloud one had some issues apparently.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Thank you so much for your comment and review!

Hi! Sorry to hear that. That's strange since the songs from this music pack are not registered for content ID, but sometimes that might still happen.
 If you send me an email to I can help you solve that. You need to dispute that copyright infringement on YT since you have all the rights to use that song.

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Hi Leslie,
These songs are not royalty free, but they are not registered for Content ID, meaning platforms like YouTube and Twitch cannot detect their usage. I chose not to, so to avoid that kind of situation.
If you ever have any issues, as the developer, you of course have the license that you get when you buy the pack from here, to prove that you have the rights to use that specific audio track. For streamers, I believe that when they show the game footage or gameplay the copyright will fall into the "Fair Use" law, since it's beneficial for everyone. But as I said, having not registered the tracks for content ID the algorithm should not detect and start annoying complaints automatically (and no complaints will be manually created by me of course :) ).
I hope this answers your question!

Thank you for using my music in your game and for getting in contact. I checked the Steam page and the game looks really nice! Yes, if you can credit me as Andrea Baroni it would be really appreciated :)
I will soon add your game to the list of games featuring my music on my website ( Please let me know in case you don't want me to do that.
Best of luck with its release in September!

Yes, you can use these songs on YouTube videos as well. They are not royalty free but they are not registered for content ID, so for YT to identify and eventually block them. You get the license of course when you buy the music pack, so you are fully entitled to use them in your games or videos.
In any case, if you are going to use these songs and you ever get any copyright issues on YT just let me know (but that never happened before, as far as I know)

Nice game! I loved also the marble madness style you used for the levels graphic :)
Thanks for sharing it and for using my sfx.

Hi! Thanks so much for your appreciation :)
Yes, I do commissions for sound design & music. Please send me a private message telling me what you need and I'll get back to you!

Loved your game, very interesting game mechanics and charming minimal pixel art. I liked also that you used my SFX for the gameplay and not just the UI :)
Thanks for crediting me, I really appreciate that. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much Alessandro for taking the time to play our demo and for your precious feedback!
1) You are definitely right. Some other players made the same observation and we are now testing again the game to find the perfect fov. Will hopefully update soon!
2-3) We'll look into that. I haven't personally experienced V-sync issues but we'll test again for sure. Did you play the Windows or the Mac build?
4) Yes, I noticed something similar too. It has something to do I think with the textures, the PSX shader, and the light when it gets too close to objects. We'll try to improve that.
5) Yes, I guess that was because I wasn't feeling too confident about my voice-over, so I probably subconsciously hid them a bit. Just a little case of impostor syndrome :)
6) We had some friends helping us, but we'll definitely double-check the scripts again. Sometimes we were probably trying to achieve a more poetic and Lovecraftian way of writing, but it's not easy!

Thanks again!

Sure, no problem with that. It's still the same asset pack after all, just updated.

Thank you so much for your fantastic feedback, it made me very happy :)
Yes, it is true though, SNES music is not too different from general MIDI music after all, just slightly more lo-fi maybe because of the memory limitations. And if it gave you Chrono Trigger vibes then I am even happier!

Fantastic ambient piece, I think it would work perfectly in an exploration part of a game (it kind of reminded me of the vibe from Hyper Light Drifter, even if the sounds are very different).
It would have been great to hear different moments of the story/game, but I guess in your idea this is all there was in the game, so it's perfectly fine.
The cover art takes me back to the Bathory albums... love it :)

Thanks to you for listening and for your appreciation!

Thank you so much for your kind and detailed feedback, it means a lot! :)

Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked it! 

Love the futuristic, synthwave-inspired sounds and vibe!

Thank you! I am glad that you liked it :)

Thank you so much for listening to my little soundtrack and for your feedback!
I see what you mean. I might have done some mistakes, since I created this whole soundtrack in about a day :)
I'll definitely review and polish it once the voting ends!

The melodies are quite good, and I love the musical ideas you have put into this. I think it has a lot of potential. Keep up the great work!

Really well-structured soundtrack (I can see this really getting used), and properly composed chiptune. Well done!

Fantastic job! I love your interpretation of the theme image. Your mix of chiptune with modern/orchestral sounds works really well and the soundtrack is very varied, eclectic and emotional. Each track is very enjoyable and makes me willing to play this game (wish I could :D ).