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Thank you mate!!! this was a fun project !!

thanks a lot Mate! 

two years ago and this is still a problem..

Love this app!! 

thank you!!!!

 the H for hotkeys dont work also on the standalone version.

Can you post the list of hotkeys on this page? I am unable to see it in the online app pressing H , I try it on Firefox and Opera, it didnt work. Thanks mate! great great work! 

Seria buenisimo una opcion de loop para los burst para testear el efecto.

Perdon por escribir en ingles, no sabia que eras de España! el problema del gif es el mismo que detalla Ixel games , y me da la sensacion de que es producto del encoding que hace el imagemagick.

Si si, este es el problema que reporte en otro hilo. 

hi! the problem doesnt look in but if I upload it to twitter or discord it looks like the outline its always draw. I am agree with you that it looks like a gif problem.. maybe something on the imagemagick convert.bat .  Excellent App by the way! I love it! 

the exported gif looks fine when I play it on windows , but if I want to share it on twitter , facebook or any chat , looks weird.. I think is the outline effect . as you can see here , it looks ok! the other thing is that the render cut the animation , I think this could be an option on imagemagick maybe?

nice gameplay! 

haha yeah! and the procedural spawn of pillars.. that part burn my head off haha . Thanks mate!!

men! nicee work you got there! I love it , maybe the ai could be a little more easy haha , but thats maybe I suck at this game and just that! Thanks for this entry! I love it! 

I love the music , the graphics are really great ! maybe you should see if could improve the control , its quite unravel sometimes but instead of that its a perfect hit! 

yeah! I was looking into that, haha , also I am cleaning code and making a title screen! haha thanks for playing it!!

thanks a lot!! I am cleaning code to see if I can implement a leaderboard and a less heavy load on html5!! 

you did it all by yourself? I told you man, this look amazin, I love how smooth moves , and the right panel! love it! 

Nice!! this is fun!! maybe its me or there isnt sound?! 

thanks a lot men! 

thanks again jupiter!! from this project I will make a new game, I will tell you when I got the beta if you want to try it! 

nice work there! It looks fantastic! 

ohh .. yes.. sorry , I thought I click on it, but it seems that I dont , I love how it looks!

hey this looks very nice, unfortunaly I cant start the game with keyboard.. I can select 1 or 2 player with arrow , but unable to enter the game.. which key should I press to enter?

nice game , cga graphics are really great , its difficult to play with mouse, but surely this game plays great on smart phones! keep it on!! ! 

yeah! I just upload a fix! thanks for the heads up! 

Thanks Jupi!!

Damn man! what a stunning work! did you use ue4 ?

Thanks again to all of you who draw comments! I love you all!

thanks!! yeah I am working on best difficult curve and options. I think I gonna make a whole game of this one!

thanks both of you!!

amazing , just amazing! great job !!

thanks for the post and for playing my game! the thing is to hit the hats! you cant kill the enemies.. only take their hats off! 

I just love it! nicee art! 

Day 18! I have the soundtrack and the SFX ! I leave here one of the BGM -

Day like.. 17? I dont know haha , today finally got the game almost ready to be tasted tested ! so.. I gonna make some test with friends, then online, and finally .. upload it here! its been a wild ride! 

Day 4 - title+mainmenu screen , game over screen , better gameplay , and .. have a better font ( , thanks to , for such a great work and for share it! , I am keeping the better graphics once I have everything working on! 

this is so great ! thanks a lot! , I leave here the font_chars macro for gamemaker : (note that I have left some characters out) "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789:?!-"

Hope this help.

thanks mate!