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nice gameplay! 

haha yeah! and the procedural spawn of pillars.. that part burn my head off haha . Thanks mate!!

men! nicee work you got there! I love it , maybe the ai could be a little more easy haha , but thats maybe I suck at this game and just that! Thanks for this entry! I love it! 

I love the music , the graphics are really great ! maybe you should see if could improve the control , its quite unravel sometimes but instead of that its a perfect hit! 

yeah! I was looking into that, haha , also I am cleaning code and making a title screen! haha thanks for playing it!!

thanks a lot!! I am cleaning code to see if I can implement a leaderboard and a less heavy load on html5!! 

you did it all by yourself? I told you man, this look amazin, I love how smooth moves , and the right panel! love it! 

Nice!! this is fun!! maybe its me or there isnt sound?! 

thanks a lot men! 

thanks again jupiter!! from this project I will make a new game, I will tell you when I got the beta if you want to try it! 

nice work there! It looks fantastic! 

ohh .. yes.. sorry , I thought I click on it, but it seems that I dont , I love how it looks!

hey this looks very nice, unfortunaly I cant start the game with keyboard.. I can select 1 or 2 player with arrow , but unable to enter the game.. which key should I press to enter?

nice game , cga graphics are really great , its difficult to play with mouse, but surely this game plays great on smart phones! keep it on!! ! 

yeah! I just upload a fix! thanks for the heads up! 

Thanks Jupi!!

Damn man! what a stunning work! did you use ue4 ?

Thanks again to all of you who draw comments! I love you all!

thanks!! yeah I am working on best difficult curve and options. I think I gonna make a whole game of this one!

thanks both of you!!

amazing , just amazing! great job !!

thanks for the post and for playing my game! the thing is to hit the hats! you cant kill the enemies.. only take their hats off! 

I just love it! nicee art! 

Day 18! I have the soundtrack and the SFX ! I leave here one of the BGM - http://www.beepbox.co/#5s0kbl0...

Day like.. 17? I dont know haha , today finally got the game almost ready to be tasted tested ! so.. I gonna make some test with friends, then online, and finally .. upload it here! its been a wild ride! 

Day 4 - title+mainmenu screen , game over screen , better gameplay , and .. have a better font (https://t.co/6LPOe9mfmP) , thanks to https://devlynjd.itch.io , for such a great work and for share it! , I am keeping the better graphics once I have everything working on! 

this is so great ! thanks a lot! , I leave here the font_chars macro for gamemaker : (note that I have left some characters out) "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789:?!-"

Hope this help.

thanks mate! 

day 3 - gui small , lives , points , and.. the priest!! day 3 image!

Here is today`s progress!! - enemy , hat mechanic and graphics . Gif Animated

by the way.. the only who dies is the sheriff .. the others run like rats! 

Day #2 -  I have the enemy mechanic!! - so we have Cowboys , then sheriff , then the Priest and finally MEXICANS , yeah - and goes something like this -- -

First - Cowboys -- this one came from sides , stop , shoot us .. and leave.. if we take off their hats.. they go out and +points and hats.. when the hat counts goes up to , let say, 10 , the sheriff enter the arena , and this fucker came shoot us in spread along with some of his fellow cowboys.. when the sheriff hats is taken.. this one goes down on the floor.. and the priest came in and try to revive him, but.. if we take out the priest before the sheriff is up again.. the mexicans take the power and came in waves shooting at us like crazy.. so that.. its pretty much the gameplay so far.. nice , really? I have in mind cameos.. and items.. but.. this first.


maybe you can use gravitational force around those planets? and..instead of shmup its a choose the best way and try to hit less troubles on the way?

it looks great!!! nice artwork you got there! 

Well.. today I have made pretty good advance.. the game got some hats.. they have different hits points.. and score to give.. and well.. tomorrow, draw some enemies who can carried the hats.. and see how they behave when see me! hehe..

I have some hats draw right now! if you want I can share them with you! ;-)

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I went to the WildWest theme with a twist haha , its frozen as Argentina in July! so.. I am using Game maker studio , pyxelEdit for the sprites and , as usual , Bfxr for the chiptunes!

I am running solo , so .. this gotta be a challenge!!

(Edited 1 time)

The project is a Cabal style game , where you must get the hats from the enemies.. they gonna try to kill you , obviously .. but.. you must get all those hats.. you must!!

very rough but I got a mechanic working there..

nicee!! great job people!