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We write our own custom engines from scratch for each game.  The sphereFACE engine uses OpenGL for graphics, PortAudio for sound and GLFW3 for window management and input.

From the forum: "Announcing General Availability of Beta 2 Sat Jun 15, 2013"

How is this a valid jam entry?

This exists.  Whenever your ship is in view, indicators around it point to asteroids, pickups and tunnel exits.  Whenever your ship is out of view, a little white arrow is in the middle of the screen, indicating the direction of your ship.

Thanks for the suggestions!

It's strange that you observe that with the flamethrower, because the damage the fireballs do falls off linearly with distance - perhaps it's because the fire spreads out further, and anything that isn't destroyed is pushed back at about the same rate?  We could look at making the push-back rate taper off as well, if we don't already.

Regarding forcing the player view to the ship in VR - forcibly moving the camera around in virtual reality is generally recognised to be a major faux pas these days; it can lead to major instant nausea, so we leave the camera completely free at all times in VR mode.  Perhaps we could add an option for those who really don't mind the nausea to enable it if they want it, with a suitable warning.

Outside of VR mode, you can enable camera locking to ship temporarily to re-orient yourself and then free the camera again if you want to by pressing X.

When you exit a portal in a sphere containing rocks and enemies, any enemies that fly into the open portal are destroyed and any rock it happens to overlap is carved out as a neat circle already.  However, if you exit the portal quickly it's still possible to collide with the remains; I guess this is a look-before-you-leap scenario!  Likewise, you can use portal opening as a weapon, by timing your hyperjump carefully so you destroy some enemies on the other side.

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Have a feature request for future versions? Let us know in this thread!

Don't know if we'll find time to participate, although we do really want to - but if we do, ours will be a scratch-built engine like our other jam games.

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Our game AdvertCity has a detailed procedural city generator on top of a procedural landscape:

Gameplay involves pitting your wits against procedurally generated megacorporations, playing them off against each other by selling them advertising. All megacorporations and city buildings and cybersites have detailed procedurally generated descriptions.

One of our developers talks about the procedural city generation algorithm in this post on a thread in another forum: game page: