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Procedural 3D Stuff

A topic by Travis Fort created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 4,545 Replies: 23
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Hello all,

I like doing procedural generation. I also like 3D. I'm making this thread so that other people that like procedural generation and 3D can share their stuff. I'll start :)

Here's some terrain generation!


Ad Infinautumn

This was an experiment I worked on in making a stable infinitely scrolling terrain with Unity 3Ds perlin noise function. It's somethin I hope to release along with a few other small projects I've been making.

Awesome! I did something similar with my game Dreamscape. Are you using Unity terrain or are you building a mesh procedurally?


I'm actually using a plane mesh I imported from blender. The colours are done based on vertices.

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Very cool stuff guys!

We recently took part in the #procjam2015 and released a free cellular automata tool on itch that can make simple pyramid mountains like below. We also explained how cellular automata works.

The tool itself:


Very interesting! Can you go into more detail on how the height of the map was determined, since cellular automata is in 2d? Did I miss something in the explanation?


Hi Travis. Thanks for the kind words, but unfortunately you didn't miss anything, we just ran out of time to explain the mountains part. However it is luckily quite simple. You basically go through the list of active tiles on the first layer and if an active tile has 8 neighbours alive, then you build a tile one block above it. You then repeat this step until you have several layers :)

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I also took part in #procjam2015 this year, and I actually decided to work in 3D for the jam! I made this procedural gemstone generator:

You can check it out here:

Hopefully it'll also make it onto the Unity Asset Store, just waiting for the review.


Cool, I've had that idea for a while - play spyro as a kid by any chance?

Will be posting tonight, I love procedural stuff :')


Who didn't play Spyro as a kid? :P


Actually, i'll just link to my blog -

There seems to be a bug with video thumbnails atm, but yeah - there's some stuff on there.

Also, this dual screen render I did here

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I like this one the best


Thanks, that was meant to be some kind of retro shader - you can adjust the "blockiness" in the editor. Basically it picks the closest color to a limited set of colors with a kind of random dither.

I wanted to make some kind of crappy 8 bit/CGA no Man's sky but - funnily enough - as it turns out making procedurally generated universes with physics that aren't completely broken is rather difficult. I did make a star that looked OK, might post that at some point


Some really awesome stuff there dude!


my map cover in ants

 photo Screenshot1_zpslmxfqr4y.jpg

Good work! keep going! :D


For what it's worth, I played with procedural 3D myself, just a little, with some help from the three.js library, which has convenient functions for putting geometric primitives in a scene. What I didn't have was a suitable game idea, and without a drive, the whole thing fizzled. You can see a live version in the original blog post. Sorry for the lack of comments, but nobody seemed interested at the time, so I didn't ellaborate.

You know, even though you were disappointed with it, I liked it. The whole procedural 3D maze thing was interesting to me. Good work! :D


Thank you, that's very kind! One of these days I might just have to do a more complete demo based on the same concept. Hopefully even with actual 3D gameplay, but that's trickier to devise, especially if turn-based. So, no promises.

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Our game AdvertCity has a detailed procedural city generator on top of a procedural landscape:

Gameplay involves pitting your wits against procedurally generated megacorporations, playing them off against each other by selling them advertising. All megacorporations and city buildings and cybersites have detailed procedurally generated descriptions.

One of our developers talks about the procedural city generation algorithm in this post on a thread in another forum: game page:


Wow! First of all, what a great concept for a game! Secondly, really cool generation. Thanks for sharing :D


Travis, where would you recommend to to learn more about procedural generation? I'm interested in it.


Hm. That's a tough question, because there's so many different directions you can go with procedural generation!

A good place to start, I believe, is the PCG (Procedural Content Generation) Wiki ( Here you can browse and gain a cursory sense of the different areas that procedural generation covers.

After you've identified an area that you like, I'd recommend diving into academic papers, blog and forum posts, and especially look at games that utilize procedural generation. Then start fiddling around in Unity or whatever. That's how I did it.

Here's some procedural generation stuff I've used in the past. - Spelunky procedural generation - For creating tree-like stuff - Procedural 3D meshes in Unity (my favorite tutorial for proc gen)

There's a lot more, obviously, and if you have an interest in a certain field than I can potentially point you in a good direction. But that's my advice for getting started.

Good luck!

I'm working on a procedural asteroid for my Mini LD 66 entry. Here's super early:

And heres the most recent iteration:

Even more on my twitter