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Hi developers,

If you're interested in artificial intelligence in games, each week we release a post on our website where we summarise all of last weeks fascinating / quirky game AI news.


We're constantly looking for feedback so let us know what you think!


Hey this is a really nice idea. Keep it up :)

I love super crate box!

You mentioned your friend made the graphics. Do they post their stuff online anywhere?

Excellent, the game looks pretty hectic but great!

How far are you looking to take it? An Itch release?

Keep it up man

This game is really stunning! Interested to see how it develops. How long has the current version since you switched to your own engine been in development for? :O

Hi Devs!

We recently released a prototype building generator which can be found here:

It allows you to create different sized buildings from small homes to large office blocks with potentially thousands of variations, all at the click of a button. We don't create interiors right now, but have received lots of interest for the feature to be added.

As the tool is still only a prototype we are looking for general feedback, bugs and ideas for features in a future complete tool. We will be using this devlog as a way to highlight interesting challenges we come across, share tips and of course some cool procedural buildings!


Hi Travis. Thanks for the kind words, but unfortunately you didn't miss anything, we just ran out of time to explain the mountains part. However it is luckily quite simple. You basically go through the list of active tiles on the first layer and if an active tile has 8 neighbours alive, then you build a tile one block above it. You then repeat this step until you have several layers :)

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Very cool stuff guys!

We recently took part in the #procjam2015 and released a free cellular automata tool on itch that can make simple pyramid mountains like below. We also explained how cellular automata works.

The tool itself: