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Dumb Devcomic - the illustrated making of an artsy horror game

A topic by CatDragonCandy created Sep 10, 2016 Views: 254 Replies: 5
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Hello! I am making a game BUTWAITTHERESMORE I'm making a webcomic about making a game! I update mainly on Tapastic, but if people are interested, I will update this topic with each new comic.

Read the first chapter here!

9/14/2016 -- It Is Time - image


Hey, I like your comic! It's too funny hahahaah Making 3D games is very difficult. Good luck on your project. I'll be very happy to see new chapters and of course, your game progress :3


Thank you so much! I'm very happy someone would like to read it!


Alright, here is a new update! Enjoy!


Hahahahahah, It's time to work! (I look a video) It's time to work (I check my page) It's time to work (I go to the kitchen) jajajajajaj You're like me (or I'm like you) hahahahah :D


Hey this is a really nice idea. Keep it up :)

Thank you! Haha, I'm gonna try!