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José Calderón

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Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it :3

Awesome game, it's really artistic.

Hello! Yes, the game works on Mac, but you can't dowload it, since  it's an online game. By pressing the dowload button you'll be redirected to the game page, there it'll run on any operating system.

Replied to hanse in Goddess comments

Hi, Hanse! Currently the game is still in development, but you can play it on any device directly from your browser. Please note that some features like audio may not work properly on some mobile devices :3

Hi, Nihilore! Great music! I would love to use one of your songs in the future. Thank you for sharing :)

(Of course with the respective credit)

Awesome demo! I believe the final version will be great :D

Thank you!

itch.io Community » itch.io · Created a new topic Suggestion

It would be great if I could show my earnings publicly. This could be optional and displayed on the "More information" section. So people could know how much money has raised a game under development.

Wow the game is very expensive for me. I can not help testing it.:( Try asking on Their forum https://mothership.itch.io/aven-colony/community They should solve your problem. Otherwise you can ask for your money back.

Hi. What is the name of the game you're having trouble with? Try asking on the game page, maybe the developer can help you.

Zelda and Chrono series osts, Richard Clayderman, Taylor Davis and Julio Iglesias on a lot of languages.

Hahahahahah, It's time to work! (I look a video) It's time to work (I check my itch.io page) It's time to work (I go to the kitchen) jajajajajaj You're like me (or I'm like you) hahahahah :D

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My page is white too, I love that color :(

Hey, I like your comic! It's too funny hahahaah Making 3D games is very difficult. Good luck on your project. I'll be very happy to see new chapters and of course, your game progress :3

Hi, Livealot! Do you have tried the link format


It's working for me.

I did not know about sales, I'll try to avoid creating sales too frequently :/

Great anecdote. I love this place. It is really helpful. Thanks for your answer, leafo :3

I'm curious. Thanks.

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Hola, DiNaMiiC! El contenido censurado y la galería bloqueada son realmente poco, no es nada especial e incluso puedes obtenerlo de forma gratuita. Por otra parte cualquier donación también es bienvenida :3

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Hi, OwlheadGames! Thank you very much for commenting. You can play Goddess completely free, even you can get the censored content without paying! But of course any donation helps me a lot to pay the Goddess server. On the other hand, Goddess is a very simple game, maybe it doesn't like your subscribers :/ but I'll be very happy if you do a review or let's play :) Thank you.

I found this on Twitter https://twitter.com/itchio/status/527870381067993088 I hope this may help you :D

Replied to Devon in Oracle comments
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I think you need a beautiful header for this great game :3

Beautiful game. It deserves 5 stars.

Awesome project. Rated with 5 stars.

Wow, los gráficos muy lindos ¡me encantan!

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Awesome game!

I like the animations, but it's in French!

itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Goddess
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Hi, I recently found out itch.io and I have posted today my game Goddess. I hope you like it!


It's free, and runs directly on your browser! You don't need to download or install anything. Also, you can play it with your keyboard, gamepad or touch screen.