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Beware Browser Popups with External Links, 90% fail rate

A topic by Livealot created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 297 Replies: 2
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I didn't see this documented anywhere, but there seems to be a big difference in how you Upload your files. Since I already have my builds set up on Google Drive, I used the "Add External Link" method instead of the Big Red Button "Upload Files".

It seems that external links trigger a browser popup, which has been blocked on most browsers for longer than I can remember. In my case, that meant that 90% of the attempts to get my game failed. Not good. I'll be trying the Big Red Button next and hope I get a better conversion rate.

Not sure why you'd use browser popups, but I would suggest putting a warning somewhere for folks that go that route.


Since this is in the refinery section — external links were useful at some point in the past before was a thing. Please don't use them any more, for this reason and many others (patches, for example).


Hi, Livealot! Do you have tried the link format

It's working for me.