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Ahh, you were SO close. The musicians I worked with wanted to control their own sounds and mixing, rather than whatever library I included in the app. Sorry, but I didn't consider the case of wanting the visualizer to ALSO  be the audio source. 

My typical setup is a full Midi keyboard that has its own audio output/speakers, and then using the keyboard's MIDI out to the PC to drive the visuals, which then can be projected to any external monitor or, better yet, projector from the PC's HDMI out.

Thanks leafo! That'll make the cats happy for sure!

I created a prototype, called Aden's Musical Playground (or AMP for short) that lets you SEE music. Pick a song, pick a playground, then watch the pattern of the music come to life. I'm looking for feedback on the experience and how to extend it, especially from those who are musically inclined. This is NOT a rhythm game or standard rhythm visualizer. It's about seeing the pattern in music. More details on the Itch page.

Download the prototype for PC/Mac on Itch

In VR, you can also feel and play with the music. If you have an Oculus Touch, join the beta

Follow the project on the website, Facebook, or YouTube

Thanks for checking it out!!!

Here's some unedited gameplay (Itch version, not VR)

Globe Screenshot

Please post your thoughts, reactions, and suggestions to make this game more fun!

I didn't see this documented anywhere, but there seems to be a big difference in how you Upload your files. Since I already have my builds set up on Google Drive, I used the "Add External Link" method instead of the Big Red Button "Upload Files".

It seems that external links trigger a browser popup, which has been blocked on most browsers for longer than I can remember. In my case, that meant that 90% of the attempts to get my game failed. Not good. I'll be trying the Big Red Button next and hope I get a better conversion rate.

Not sure why you'd use browser popups, but I would suggest putting a warning somewhere for folks that go that route.

This prototype doesn't really fit neatly into any category, so we'd like to know how you might describe this game to someone new

Here's what we'd like to know...

What did you like?

What did you dislike?

Is 5 attempts per map too many or too few?

Is 5 lives across the journey too many or too few?

What was confusing?

What was your high score and map level reached?

How long did you play?

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Download the files, unzip, and find the .app/.exe to launch

Play the Tutorial. No, really, do that first.

The Mission: kill the boss and use the key he drops to escape through the exit arch

The Goals:

  1. Replay a map to get the highest score possible, max 5 attempts
  2. Journey through as many maps as you can, max 5 lives

Increase your score by:

  • Bashing crates, lots of crates
  • Finding gold
  • Killing weak green-labeled enemies to level up so you can kill harder enemies faster
  • Using the right type of weapon/armor on each enemy type
  • Leveling up
  • Finishing the mission with bonus time remaining