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Aden's Musical Playground, prototype for PC/Mac and Oculus Touch

A topic by Livealot created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 191
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I created a prototype, called Aden's Musical Playground (or AMP for short) that lets you SEE music. Pick a song, pick a playground, then watch the pattern of the music come to life. I'm looking for feedback on the experience and how to extend it, especially from those who are musically inclined. This is NOT a rhythm game or standard rhythm visualizer. It's about seeing the pattern in music. More details on the Itch page.

Download the prototype for PC/Mac on Itch

In VR, you can also feel and play with the music. If you have an Oculus Touch, join the beta

Follow the project on the website, Facebook, or YouTube

Thanks for checking it out!!!

Here's some unedited gameplay (Itch version, not VR)

Globe Screenshot