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Introducing creator guidelines

A topic by leafo created 1 year ago Views: 929 Replies: 9
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Hey all,

Today we're launching a new set of creator guidelines for people uploading projects to itch.io. Our goal is to enable anyone browsing through games (or other content types) to be able to click through to a project and see a page that reasonably showcases it. This includes basic things like:

  • Proving cover image
  • Providing screenshots where appropriate
  • Filling out a description
  • Tagging and classifying correctly
  • Not abusing sales and jams for promotion

You can see the full list on the guidelines page.

People uploading new projects will be urged to review the guidelines before publishing their page. Additionally, it's now necessary to preview your page before you can publish it.

In addition to announcing it, we'd like to collect feedback. If you have any issues with what's there, or would like to see something else, then leave a comment in this thread. We realize some of these suggestions can be subjective, so we're open to ways to make them as clear and fair as possible.

Ensuring people follow the guidelines is important. If we see a page that is ignoring them, we'll reach out to the creator to see if they can fix the page. If not, then a site moderator may decide to remove the page from our browse and seach pages.



These seem like very good guidelines that should reduce some of the junk 'games' on itch.


Thanks for the reminder against seizure inducing effects! It is very easy to forget about that.


Good call. I've been advising people to add cover art for a while now -- even though the odd size of game covers on itch.io makes it a bit of a hassle. That said, having animated cover art all but guarantees that I'll scroll past your game in listings without looking.

On a different note, I'm glad to see that itch.io remains radically inclusive, and only requires people to correctly label and classify their published projects. Thank you for staying the same open platform that drew me in from the start.

I did not know about sales, I'll try to avoid creating sales too frequently :/

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Thanks for this comprehensive write up on Game Submission. It will definitely serve us gamedevs a guide line on game submissions. I feel there are a couple of things worth addressing too.

Based of the options available under 'Release Status', Im assuming most creators would be using the 'Released' option. This could mean that the project may receive some cosmetic fixes, or bugs. I believe this write up should also address 'In-development, on hold, cancelled, and prototype' release options and how it would tie up with 'Release info'.

On a similar note, as a game asset creator, I revisit an already published project and do some minor updates. But there are times when I push a big update and It is during these moment that I feel that the project should have an 'In-development' status / early access. This is because when folks who have downloaded a pack, have given feedback about or a wish list.

As a game asset creator there should be a slightly different way of presenting information. For a better user experience, a creator should be explicit about the content (refer torbosquid, cgtrader etc) and this helps user can make a better judgement on whether to download/purchase the said asset pack. Ideally, I'd love it if the submission page was tweaked, and I shall leave that for an entirely different topic.

Once again, thanks for the write up - it definitely helps itchio users have a better user experience


Thanks for the feedback. The main point I wanted to get across was that you can still do whatever you want with your page, but you should be encouraged to polish your page and utilize the features that itch.io provides. I like to see pages that show some level of effort, and I wan to avoid pages that use the default white layout.

I think there's a lot more stuff we could do with release status, from making custom ones for content types, to keeping better track of when games transition between them. It would be nice to give games a bump then they move to a new release status.


But I like the default white layout. It's clean and readable. Certainly better than that very popular 8-bit theme a lot of projects here have adopted.

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My page is white too, I love that color :(

"Your project should not be constantly on sale"

This will probably be what affects the most people at the moment.