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is this the edge of the universe?

My first thought is that the movement is not pixel-perfect.

Let's say your games resolution is 640x360, but it is scaled up to 1920x1080. When the sprite moves, the pixels on the sprite move at a subpixel level (essentially occupying space between two pixels), causing a visual effect that appears to be jitter. Now, this is just speculation, and may be totally wrong. But if this is the case, a way to fix it in unity would to draw your scene to a render texture.

Hm. That's a tough question, because there's so many different directions you can go with procedural generation!

A good place to start, I believe, is the PCG (Procedural Content Generation) Wiki ( Here you can browse and gain a cursory sense of the different areas that procedural generation covers.

After you've identified an area that you like, I'd recommend diving into academic papers, blog and forum posts, and especially look at games that utilize procedural generation. Then start fiddling around in Unity or whatever. That's how I did it.

Here's some procedural generation stuff I've used in the past. - Spelunky procedural generation - For creating tree-like stuff - Procedural 3D meshes in Unity (my favorite tutorial for proc gen)

There's a lot more, obviously, and if you have an interest in a certain field than I can potentially point you in a good direction. But that's my advice for getting started.

Good luck!

Wow! First of all, what a great concept for a game! Secondly, really cool generation. Thanks for sharing :D

You know, even though you were disappointed with it, I liked it. The whole procedural 3D maze thing was interesting to me. Good work! :D

Good work! keep going! :D has been a great resource for me.

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If I go to and try to download, I get a bad gateway error.

Same issue on Firefox.

Chrome Version 47.0.2526.80 m

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Agreed. I have no idea where the games are held! I need my screenshots!

When I DLed it on Windows 10 it was flagged as a suspicious app. Not sure what that's about. Works like a charm after that though!

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For anyone using Unity, I recommend using Visual Studio Code as an editor. It has the speed and customization of Sublime Text, with debugging support and omnisense for Unity C# projects.

-Unity Integration info :

-Unity Debugging info :

Incredible. Love the captions!

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I like this one the best

Awesome. Great idea to study anatomy this way. Thumbs up!

Very interesting! Can you go into more detail on how the height of the map was determined, since cellular automata is in 2d? Did I miss something in the explanation?

Hey everyone I'm Travis!

I like making games that are colorful and different. I'm pretty big into non-violence... more specifically not having violence as a main mechanic or influential element in a game. I'm on twitter, mainly.

Currently I'm doing contract work to keep myself afloat, since I don't like the idea of being chained to my games making me money. Instead, I prefer creative freedom and giving myself time to explore mechanics and game stuff.

Hope that this itch community takes off!

This is sad, but I didn't even know you could customize itch pages like that.

Awesome! I did something similar with my game Dreamscape. Are you using Unity terrain or are you building a mesh procedurally?

Hello all,

I like doing procedural generation. I also like 3D. I'm making this thread so that other people that like procedural generation and 3D can share their stuff. I'll start :)

Here's some terrain generation!