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The Big List of Free Sounds Sticky

A topic by Sysop-Delco created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 9,882 Replies: 23
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This list of Free/Royalty Free samples was compiled from a few sources and reposted in few other places for people looking for resources for their projects/music/etc. so might as well post it here too, heh. Feel free to add to the list, though naturally it should be free/royalty free.

The #GAMEAUDIOGDC Bundle (Part 2, 16GB+)

The #GAMEAUDIOGDC Bundle (Part 3, 20GB+)

The #GAMEAUDIOGDC Bundle (Part 4, 30GB+)

52,261 free music samples

8458 free sound samples

3.5 gigs of Orchestral SF2's

A bunch of quality SF2's

GM Soundfont made specifically for vgm

2 gigs of sfx sample pack from boyss

2000+ samples from audio micro (requires email registration)

Genuine Sound Ware sound fonts

NTONYX sound fonts

free SFX from Psionic Games

The Open Bundle (alternates on Soundcloud, OpenGameArt)




DrPetter's sfxr and bfxr



Music by Marcelo Fernandez

Music by Eric Matyas

Sound Effects by Jesús Lastra


Music by James Opie

Adobe Audition DLC (10k+ sfx, music)

The Game Creators Pack by Jonathan So

Music Pack's by Bocuma


Music by Punch Deck

i'm gonna go ahead and give this thread a sticky -- very useful resource! has been a great resource for me.

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I have some free music on my site:

Check my porfile

Sysop-Delco, thank you very much for featuring my asset pack on here!

Very nice! 

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I posted some free music and SFX a couple days ago too! Here you go:


I have a whole lot of various sounds on my page:


Hello guys, also check out PlayOnLoop, there are hundreds of 8-bit and 16-bit chiptunes on the Retro Game music category. Each track on catalog comes with a free downloadable edit. Cheers :-)


I was on trying to find a site something almostly like this descriptions, which can give me the wave or mp3 sounds in my game. Specially, I need few sci-fi sound bundles. If there would be any site, where I can search the sounds or noises, that I'll need!


I have a free coin & money sound library up on for anyone who'd find that sort of thing useful :)


Here's my contribution:


I don't know if this post is still active but here's mine

Deleted post

Found a really good Japanese site with free sound effects including voices, the site is entirely in Japanese but does include English URLs and sound previews so you can get an idea of what to expect before you download the sound.  As for terms, since the site and Twitter are in Japanese someone fluent may have to confirm, but according to Google Translate their Twitter says, "It is OK for personal commercial use, and you can feel free to use it without the need for usage reports and credit notation", so I guess it would be CC0.  The front page seems to have one restriction, "cannot be used by corporations" (again Google Translate, needs to be confirmed), but I guess individual devs or smaller teams can use these sounds without restrictions.

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So apparently they've added a FAQ that while still entirely in Japanese seems to clarify that permission and credit is not necessary and you can monetize anything you make with their sounds.  In fact, if you use them in Adult works, you are free to do so under the condition that you NOT credit them or link back to them in that case.

Your first 3 links are rotten, the site doesn't seem to exist anymore.

If your referring to the #GAMEAUDIOGDC links, I just tested them out in firefox and they seem to work. It lands on a loading page, and includes working download links from 2015 to 2020.

Thnaks for list! 

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This is a big royalty free / creative commons music (CC-BY) library categorized by genre and mood. You can use CC-BY music in your games as long as:
1. Put the music title and artist in your game credits.
2. The author doesn't have additional conditions for using his music in games and apps. Check authors website for that.

I'm finally giving away the drum samples I made from my nintendo ds. I think the raw recordings are in there too. And the second link is a bunch of drum loops from the DS Drums series I produced. I'm using gumroad to host but it's all free. Let me know if you use any of it!

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Also adding mine here:

Gnarly metal scrapes, impacts, and friction rich in ultrasonic content that's great for sound design

Ultra hi-rez EMF interference recordings that make excellent source material for SciFi sound design

Quirky, organic percussion one-shots

22 multi-sampled patches created on the analogue Teenage Engineering POM-400 synth

Free complete TR-707 drum kit