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The Big List of Free Sounds Sticky

A topic by Sysop-Delco created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 2,680 Replies: 8
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This list of Free/Royalty Free samples was compiled from a few sources and reposted in few other places for people looking for resources for their projects/music/etc. so might as well post it here too, heh. Feel free to add to the list, though naturally it should be free/royalty free.

The #GAMEAUDIOGDC Bundle (Part 2, 16GB+)

The #GAMEAUDIOGDC Bundle (Part 3, 20GB+)

The #GAMEAUDIOGDC Bundle (Part 4, 30GB+)

52,261 free music samples

8458 free sound samples

3.5 gigs of Orchestral SF2's

A bunch of quality SF2's

GM Soundfont made specifically for vgm

2 gigs of sfx sample pack from boyss

2000+ samples from audio micro (requires email registration)

Genuine Sound Ware sound fonts

NTONYX sound fonts

free SFX from Psionic Games

The Open Bundle (alternates on Soundcloud, OpenGameArt)




DrPetter's sfxr and bfxr



Music by Marcelo Fernandez

Music by Eric Matyas

Sound Effects by Jesús Lastra


Music by James Opie

Adobe Audition DLC (10k+ sfx, music)

The Game Creators Pack by Jonathan So

Music Pack's by Bocuma


Music by Punch Deck

i'm gonna go ahead and give this thread a sticky -- very useful resource! has been a great resource for me.

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I have some free music on my site:

Check my porfile

Sysop-Delco, thank you very much for featuring my asset pack on here!

Very nice! 


I posted some free music and SFX a couple days ago too! Here you go: