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There is Bfxr, which is a sound generator, and is available on Itch for free.

HTML downloads with random names are triggered by clicking the Claim/Download button.  They seem to have 0KBs though.

If you're using Renpy you could try this.

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So apparently they've added a FAQ that while still entirely in Japanese seems to clarify that permission and credit is not necessary and you can monetize anything you make with their sounds.  In fact, if you use them in Adult works, you are free to do so under the condition that you NOT credit them or link back to them in that case.

Pepperoni and stuffed crust please!

No Download button or CC License info.

The JRPG-style Universal Wars is out now!

Features include:

-Traditional JRPG-style gameplay and battle system

-Unique battle backgrounds (Some are even animated!)

-Story filled with humor and unforgettable characters

-The ability to name your own party to put yourself in the game (You can even name a couple towns!)

-Vehicles to ride around to places you normally can't go to in the World Map!

Could this mean that the rights are reverting back to the dev next month and we could finally see the prequel here on Itch?

Are we free to use this however we want if we got it in the giveaway, or do you have to pay $1.50 for that?  There was a similar asset giveaway once that does require payment to use commercially even if you got it in a giveaway.

Apparently Jing Tool just changed it's name and now requires an account to even start up?  (Was it like that before?)  I'll stick with OBS.

Something like The Legend of Zelda for NES?

Wouldn't "credit appreciated but not necessary" be CC0? BY/Attribution does require credit without exception.

If they do use Gamemaker Studio 2, a good alternative to Pokemon Essentials would be Yal's Monster Collector Engine.  It does cost money, but unlike Essentials allows for commercial use.

Most NSFW games are made with VN software like Ren'Py, which is free.  But if you want to use more than text and pictures and want an RPG game but can't afford RPG Maker, OHRRPGCE is very similar and free.  You can do most pixel art in that program, but title screens and battle backgrounds will have to be made with other programs like Paint, and scripts will need to be done with a text editor.  Most tips can be found on the official website.

If you want to make a 2D platformer like Limbo, Godot or GDevelop would be a good bet (and also both are free).  I have more experience in Godot, but still have a long way to go to make a decent game.  I just used YouTube tutorials to get my Kanji game in the shape it's in now, I hope these help.

(There are a lot more videos, but I didn't want to post too many on here.)

I don't know what "NSFW Plugins" are, I assume these are used by devs to add/restore NSFW content not allowed on Steam versions?

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These aren't CC0 anymore?

The Topdown Plains Pack is the only one left that doesn't require credit, I assume that will be changed as well?

EDIT: And its gone altogether it seems.

Found a really good Japanese site with free sound effects including voices, the site is entirely in Japanese but does include English URLs and sound previews so you can get an idea of what to expect before you download the sound.  As for terms, since the site and Twitter are in Japanese someone fluent may have to confirm, but according to Google Translate their Twitter says, "It is OK for personal commercial use, and you can feel free to use it without the need for usage reports and credit notation", so I guess it would be CC0.  The front page seems to have one restriction, "cannot be used by corporations" (again Google Translate, needs to be confirmed), but I guess individual devs or smaller teams can use these sounds without restrictions.

This wacatac false virus flag seems to be common with most games made with certain engines, but I think this dev might have a fix for it.

It's mostly based on Japanese since that's what I was studying during my free time, but 心 can mean heart and/or mind, as Kanji can have multiple meanings.  I suppose the energy could be represented as both physical or mental health, but either way that feature has not been implemented yet.  I may use a different engine in the future if I still can't figure the health system out yet, and the game could look completely different than this one demo does, I'll probably move the double death block gap to a much later part of the game for example.  Thanks for commenting!

There's no button to download, purchase or claim the game, and I see the game description is still under construction.

Also a knocked out party member won't affect the story, they'll still talk during cutscenes as if everything is normal.

Thanks for playing!  First off, if a character dies, they won't be able to battle if their HP is 0, but this doesn't affect their walking sprites.  I suppose it is possible to change their walking sprites to reflect when they are knocked out, but I'm not fully sure.

Second, this engine doesn't really support an enemy health bar.  There may be Scan spells/items to correct this, but it would cost a turn, and I didn't include one in this game.  I might consider working one in if I make a future update, thanks for the feedback!

Great game, but I think you may have included a nearly finished save file as this game starts you off up to the third floor, and you can't replay any story cutscenes once you've seen them the first time.

Great, thanks!

Hi, I'm John, and I make games, music and art!  I have two games, the first is called Universal Wars and is a JRPG-styled game with battles, story, and lots of humor.  It takes about six hours to complete.

If you want a shorter game, I also have a demo of a platformer game that only features Kanji characters.  It only takes about a minute to finish, maybe longer depending on how skilled you are with jumping over the death characters.

I've scanned by AppData folder with Windows Defender and it says that it has something called Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml

containerfile: C:\Users\<myname>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\f_00058a

file: C:\Users\<myname>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\f_00058a->files/lovery_composer.exe

I hope this is fixed soon.

This and the beetles pack descriptions say "attribution not required", but the Asset License under More Information says "Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International."  Which is correct?

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It should appear in their Feed automatically.  You can also create a Devlog announcing the game which should also show up for Followers as well as maybe attract new non-followers.

It would be nice to specify what type of License you would release the assets under.  (i.e. Creative Commons)  Not required, but not doing so makes things tricky for people who want to use the assets commercially if they don't know the terms.

Everything else you sell has a Buy Now button and files to download, and this one appears to be on a 100% off sale, but there's no button to buy or download it, and there doesn't seem to be any downloadable files at all with this item.

There's no download button.

I see a Buy Now button, is this priced by mistake, or is this no longer free?

What CC License are the assets under?

Hello, and welcome to Itch!  I hope you can find whatever it is you want to be.  I myself do everything from music to art and I guess level/dungeon design and some coding, so there's nothing wrong with experimenting to find out what you really like.

Nice game, but can you add keyboard/joypad input for those playing on a computer?

No, anyone can play it, the update would've been more of a "fan service" much like the girl's clickable cleavage from the Epic Battle Fantasy games.  But having actually looked at my re-design, I may hold off on the girl's visual update for a while as it's not as good as I remember it.  The skirt seemed okay though since it was easier to draw, I may just keep that.

Anyway, sorry I kinda took over the topic, I've been meaning to ask this question for a while and this seemed like a good opportunity.

What about stuff like cleavage and/or big breasts?  I plan to redesign the female main character in my game to look less generic, there won't be any nudity, she'll basically just have breasts and a skirt.  Would that count as "sensitive content"?

I liked the simple graphics and game design, though you can't always seem to jump the way you would want to if you're jumping while moving up against another block.  I also liked the song, did you make it?