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Very nice! 

I hear reddit doesn't like people self-promoting. It's as if you have to pretend to be someone else and post screenshots with a 'funny' sentence. It's an odd site. People can promote stuff from major companies  - but the little guys - nope. I guess it comes down to the interpretation of a promotion. & all of those rules make my eyes bleed. 1st, read this, then read that ( an essay to read basically), do the hokey pokey and turn around. That's what it's all about. 

Simplistic, yet awesome. 

Blood Blade community · Created a new topic Looking good!

I approve! Can't wait for updates! 

"maybe erosion arrows" what does that mean?

I don't understand why people need to use Dos to do this. Can't there be an easier way to do this? Like a graphical, drag & drop kind of thing? I imagine a bitTorrent like program. Do it. XD Please? Give the butler a suit. 

The spam is coming from disgruntled Steam admins... Lol! 

People like "Digital PickLock" annoy me. It's like they have no idea about the dedication of spammers. Hey Digital PickLock, have you ever created a site or forum yourself? Or are you just another gamer / yuppie? Just expecting everything to be good for you? You picky brat :p 
No offence meant. 

I understand and agree - but unfortunately many developers just instantly think they're AAA studio quality, so therefore everyone on the team MUST know & plan ahead - or else! This just frightens and angers the workers. Why can't people just calm down, and acknowledge that a game, is just a game. Yes, it can generate A LOT of money. Then things become serious.

A ludum dare - for me would be impossible unless I cheat by reusing code or whatever.

Looks awesome! A few months work? All yours, or just passing on the info?

Lol, seem cryptic. Hmmmm. What are they trying to say?
Are they suggesting that they should have the ability (bow and arrow) to ban developers (supposed sharks)?

I agree. Solutions should be implemented, even though I havent put anything up for sale yet. But - I would've assumed your idea was already how it is. I guess not.

But doesn't SoundCloud want payments now? Maybe I read it wrong lols!

Nice idea! I'll have to try this out sometime! Looks good too, well done!