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Out of Control Spam

A topic by DarkstoneStudios created May 21, 2017 Views: 248 Replies: 6
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This spam is really getting out of control. I would suggest a "Report As Spam" button on threads, and probably a "Report" button on user profiles. Might as well make it automated, where if a user gets more than a few Reports for spam, automatically hide all of their threads and posts until they can be reviewed by a moderator. That would take care of the current issue pretty quickly. 

God this is horrible , never seem something like this, it makes me doubt of the website and its dedication to it

Admin (1 edit)

Sorry for the trouble, we don't have moderators on 24/7. Spammers got around our protection and were able to post a lot at once. We're actively cleaning it up and updating our detection.

Deleted post

We've been actively purging it and updating our spam detector. It appears they got around our regular protection, which is why so much got posted in a short time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries. Thanks leafo!

The spam is coming from disgruntled Steam admins... Lol! 

People like "Digital PickLock" annoy me. It's like they have no idea about the dedication of spammers. Hey Digital PickLock, have you ever created a site or forum yourself? Or are you just another gamer / yuppie? Just expecting everything to be good for you? You picky brat :p 
No offence meant. 

They seem to really like this forum.