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Thanks! Glad to hear you liked the game. :) 

Oh yea, tried that a bunch of times. 

I'll note I also learned that while EF was installed, I couldn't hit Play or change scenes in my project without Unity going unresponsive completely. Had to remove the asset before it would work again. 

I would specifically look into if this is something with how Unity 2020.1 works? Might have something to do with the Burst Compiler or Job Systems?

Hey Noah,

I recently purchased EF and brought it into my Unity 2020.1 project. It's able to login with my auth token, however, when I try to "Create Board" it gets an ArgumentException: JSON parse error: Invalid value.

I put a debug.log in Trello.cs at 300 "Debug.Log(resp.Text)" and it returns with "invalid token". 

Could you give the asset a try in Unity 2020.1?

Hey! This was an awesome vertical slice of what could be an awesome game. I liked the combat system and that they each had unique abilities. 

However, once you get Valkyrie and the Mage, the game can kinda just be whiffed by constantly moving enemies near edges and using leap. This could be balanced in a few ways, first that comes to mind is having leap not affect very large enemies (unbudging or something like that). 

Overall very fun and the opening was fantastically surprising to have such high quality voice acting. 

I made the same thread last year. Unfortunately, I only got to meet one fellow itcher, Spencer at Devolver Digital's event. 
Who's going this year? Anyone interested in a meetup? Talk about the things we love about Itch? How it's helped us? Play each other's games? Just fight our collective social anxiety together? 

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Has an API reference been added into's API as well? So we can see they're patreon supporters when using the App?

What's the chance of this project also happening with Profile pages? I know a few of us even use Custom CSS over there as well. (Managore's in particular is impressive.)

Planet Dysphoria's architecture is different from our own on Earth.  :)

Yay another one of my games played on your channel ^_^ Haha I was wondering if you were gonna do Rainbow Jam ^^ Thanks Jupiter :D

New builds up (plus the OST for those that enjoy it)! I look forward to your video, make sure to drop it's link once you've uploaded it. And if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask.

Oh! I super appreciate that. I think my favorite thing about being a game developer is getting to watch Lets Plays of my projects haha. Something super satisfying about that. Yea definitely hold off for the new build, it also has a good bit of changes to timing of text plus the sound effects I forgot to put as enabled for all the intractable objects. XD

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Hey CoalFire, I accidently uploaded the wrong build into Itch with completely messed up variables haha. Very soon (definitely within the next hour) I'll be reuploading builds with the correct numbers to allow the game to be completely played. Sorry about that.

That's a feature we have planned for future developments (if developing this game does continue). Human Mode is essentially an in-game level editor, which given the amount of time allotted I feel pretty good about despite missing some quality of life features such as that one. 

Thanks for the feedback and confirming more that bug haha. It's funny cause the artist on the project kept mentioning the bug to me but I couldn't replicate it. But it seems others are running into it quite often. Perhaps the way I play the game is influenced by the way I coded it? So I was never inclined to instantly hitting R the moment I died? Perhaps the frame before the text appeared? I know the fix now of course and it'll be the first post-jam patch (regardless if we continue developing it or not, I will bug fix haha).

Thanks haha. My art partner was trying to tell me that bug, but I couldn't replicate it. Now I know how. XD

Ah, I think you missed the "Start" button that starts the third person Minibot mode.

Controls & Tips:

Movement - Arrow Keys
Interact - Space

To heal your pet and recover energy, feed it and then sleep in the bed.<br>

Want to save your game? The game auto-saves each time you sleep!


Twitch Name: SkyTech6 (I know Qazi, Itch usernames confuse you.)

Thanks to @TooOverRated on Twitch for making the logo!


Previous QaziJam 9 Entry: Card Battle

Shameless plug, buy my asset: Itchworks it integrates Itch App with Unity!

Fishagon == SkyTech6

If you have feedback, please leave it!

The further development of this game entirely relies on if I can receive feedback to this prototype. Without it, I won't know if the game is worth further (and serious) development.

Also, thanks for playing my jam game! I spent almost each of the jam days hard working on this one and barely got much sleep. I hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as I do.

Enjoy the source code:

Yes! Haha. I actually was at the Devolver Digital industry event and when I went to the food truck I noticed him in front of me with his badge. 

Which indirectly also resolves my tweet that you liked today. Haha.

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Thought I'd bump this now that E3 is days away lol.
Any Itch staff attending? XD

Showed up for me. 

Do recommend setting a thumbnail picture for it by the way.

They seem to really like this forum.

Good game. Look forward to the AMA. :P

Nope they won't have access. Unless they previously donated to that page (I think a minimum of 1$).

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You can get/generate your API keys here

And if you're using Unity I recommend the itchworks Unity Asset for working with the Itch API :D

Hm? Just upload them in separate zips?

Hello, this is actually the forums for (the website / distribution platform). If you'd like to leave comments or feedback to a game developer you should do so though their game pages or social media. 

For example Monster Girl Island has a Comments section on their game

It's highly unlikely the developer of that game will come across your post here in the forums.

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On your dashboard there is an Analytics button under each game. If you click that you can see the stats just for that specific game. ^_^

Bump <3

I know you guys have a lot of stuff you're probably working on, but hoping there can be at least some confirmation or discussion for this suggestion. I really do think it would be an amazing update to the platform. Not many of us would want to do physical shipments as rewards, but in-game content is far easier for us and probably more exciting for the players.

slimerancher.exe would be in your SlimeRancher folder in the SteamApps secton of your Steam directory.

If you don't own SlimeRancher there is no reason to buy that mod.

Also, this is the forums ^_^ You're posting in the wrong place. You should email questions to the developer of that mod, or ask your question in their discord (link provided on the Better Build page).

You should post this to some place like the GameDev subreddit (/r/gamedev). These kinda posts happen about once a week or so there and I'm sure someone would be willing to answer your questions for your paper.

Best of luck ^_^

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This is the forums. You should post your question to FPV Freerider's comments or forum. Or if provided, email the developer of that game.

Edit: I went and found their forum for you.

Haha funny you mention it, I actually have a thread suggesting they update the Reward system into the API so it can be used for in-game content XD

If you agree it'd be a cool system I'm sure them seeing some comments in the thread would make it more known to Amos and Leafo ^_^

You can just do it. Itchio doesn't take a part of in-app purchases.

Agreed that would be nice.

As well I wish turning off PWYW didn't disable Rewards. I want people to download the game first before any money prompts, if they like it then let them pick a Reward to support me.

Who is "your"? Itchio isn't a game studio. They are simply a platform that people release games on, like Steam, Humble Store, GOG, or Origin.

If you're having a problem with a game, contact the developer via their game's comments/forum, twitter, or email.

Legally you can make the video however you want. The type of video you make should depend on the viewbase you have. If they like spoiler free, do spoiler free. If they like full Lets Plays, do that.

We can't limit what you show in your videos and you don't need our permission. If you're wanting to just be nice and ask anyways, most developers have a Twitter listed on their profile.


In honesty, I doubt many developers even check Itchio weekly, so even if a DM system was implemented, you might not hear from them for awhile whereas just sending them a tweet will be much quicker. I myself only check Itch so often because my primary project is an asset that integrates Itch App and Unity haha.