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Fishagon LLC

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That's a feature we have planned for future developments (if developing this game does continue). Human Mode is essentially an in-game level editor, which given the amount of time allotted I feel pretty good about despite missing some quality of life features such as that one. 

Thanks for the feedback and confirming more that bug haha. It's funny cause the artist on the project kept mentioning the bug to me but I couldn't replicate it. But it seems others are running into it quite often. Perhaps the way I play the game is influenced by the way I coded it? So I was never inclined to instantly hitting R the moment I died? Perhaps the frame before the text appeared? I know the fix now of course and it'll be the first post-jam patch (regardless if we continue developing it or not, I will bug fix haha).

Thanks haha. My art partner was trying to tell me that bug, but I couldn't replicate it. Now I know how. XD

Ah, I think you missed the "Start" button that starts the third person Minibot mode.

Controls & Tips:

Movement - Arrow Keys
Interact - Space

To heal your pet and recover energy, feed it and then sleep in the bed.<br>

Want to save your game? The game auto-saves each time you sleep!


Twitch Name: SkyTech6 (I know Qazi, Itch usernames confuse you.)

Thanks to @TooOverRated on Twitch for making the logo!


Previous QaziJam 9 Entry: Card Battle

Shameless plug, buy my asset: Itchworks it integrates Itch App with Unity!

Fishagon == SkyTech6

If you have feedback, please leave it!

The further development of this game entirely relies on if I can receive feedback to this prototype. Without it, I won't know if the game is worth further (and serious) development.

Also, thanks for playing my jam game! I spent almost each of the jam days hard working on this one and barely got much sleep. I hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as I do.

Enjoy the source code: https://github.com/SkyTech6/ProjectBW

Yes! Haha. I actually was at the Devolver Digital industry event and when I went to the food truck I noticed him in front of me with his Itch.io badge. 

Which indirectly also resolves my tweet that you liked today. Haha.

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Thought I'd bump this now that E3 is days away lol.
Any Itch staff attending? XD

Showed up for me. 

Do recommend setting a thumbnail picture for it by the way.

They seem to really like this forum.

Good game. Look forward to the AMA. :P

Nope they won't have access. Unless they previously donated to that page (I think a minimum of 1$).

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You can get/generate your API keys here https://itch.io/user/settings/...

And if you're using Unity I recommend the itchworks Unity Asset for working with the Itch API :D

Hm? Just upload them in separate zips?

Hello, this is actually the forums for Itch.io (the website / distribution platform). If you'd like to leave comments or feedback to a game developer you should do so though their game pages or social media. 

For example Monster Girl Island has a Comments section on their game 

It's highly unlikely the developer of that game will come across your post here in the Itch.io forums.

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On your dashboard there is an Analytics button under each game. If you click that you can see the stats just for that specific game. ^_^

No problem. Glad to help.


Would probably be the quickest way to get that handled.

Bump <3

I know you guys have a lot of stuff you're probably working on, but hoping there can be at least some confirmation or discussion for this suggestion. I really do think it would be an amazing update to the platform. Not many of us would want to do physical shipments as rewards, but in-game content is far easier for us and probably more exciting for the players.

slimerancher.exe would be in your SlimeRancher folder in the SteamApps secton of your Steam directory.

If you don't own SlimeRancher there is no reason to buy that mod.

Also, this is the itch.io forums ^_^ You're posting in the wrong place. You should email questions to the developer of that mod, or ask your question in their discord (link provided on the Better Build page).

You should post this to some place like the GameDev subreddit (/r/gamedev). These kinda posts happen about once a week or so there and I'm sure someone would be willing to answer your questions for your paper.

Best of luck ^_^

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This is the Itch.io forums. You should post your question to FPV Freerider's comments or forum. Or if provided, email the developer of that game.

Edit: I went and found their forum for you. https://fpv-freerider.itch.io/fpv-freerider/community

Haha funny you mention it, I actually have a thread suggesting they update the Reward system into the API so it can be used for in-game content XD


If you agree it'd be a cool system I'm sure them seeing some comments in the thread would make it more known to Amos and Leafo ^_^

You can just do it. Itchio doesn't take a part of in-app purchases.

Agreed that would be nice.

As well I wish turning off PWYW didn't disable Rewards. I want people to download the game first before any money prompts, if they like it then let them pick a Reward to support me.

Who is "your"? Itchio isn't a game studio. They are simply a platform that people release games on, like Steam, Humble Store, GOG, or Origin.

If you're having a problem with a game, contact the developer via their game's comments/forum, twitter, or email.

Legally you can make the video however you want. The type of video you make should depend on the viewbase you have. If they like spoiler free, do spoiler free. If they like full Lets Plays, do that.

We can't limit what you show in your videos and you don't need our permission. If you're wanting to just be nice and ask anyways, most developers have a Twitter listed on their profile.


In honesty, I doubt many developers even check Itchio weekly, so even if a DM system was implemented, you might not hear from them for awhile whereas just sending them a tweet will be much quicker. I myself only check Itch so often because my primary project is an asset that integrates Itch App and Unity haha.

You are correct. It is an automated system to give reviewers free access. Which is what you want right? Access to a game to make a youtube video with? Press System.

Itch has a press system for youtubers. And developers opt in to give press access to the games.

Otherwise though, yes a private messaging system would be nice on Itch.


It's weird to discuss... but you should really study the game. Rock Paper Scissors isn't a game of luck, it's a statistical game of probability.

Played against the computer? Yea that's luck.

You can add the tags yourself. The ones that pop up for auto-fill seem to be ones that are just frequently used.

It would be great if through the server-side API we could check to see if a player has purchased a Reward for our games. This way it can be used for in-game rewards such as kickstarter bonuses (or even DLC).

I was thinking something along the lines of

GET https://itch.io/api/1/KEY/game/GAME_ID/REWARD_ID/download_keys

with the user_id, download_key, email parameters available as with the other API calls.

Of course this would also require that we could see "Reward IDs" in our Dashboard perhaps. Maybe even one of the Fields can be one where we can assign the reward an ID?

XPost from Git: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/1194

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Hello! I'm participating in QaziJam 9.5, which ends in less than 24 hours. I've entirely used placeholder for the game up to this point, but I would love to find someone willing to make it a logo that would help it standout from the other jam entries when people are looking through the list.

You can see how the the game looks in my devlog also posted here on the Itchio Community. If you're willing to do a logo for me please do comment here or add me on Discord (SkyTech6#6155). I'll of course provide credit to you for your artwork and you'll have my eternal thanks and appreciation!

You can add a Google Analytics ID to your game. That's about as in-depth details you'll get.

-Reserved for Post Morteum-

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  • Day 6 - Saturday the 22nd

Getting closer and closer to the end of the jam. At the time of updating my devlog now, there is about 36 hours remaining in the jam. Which when you add in sleep, breaks, and the obvious internet distractions (especially CS_Summit that has been distracting me today and the past 2) it is likely I have less than 15 hours remaining of time to finish the jam entry. At the end of today's update I'll include a list of what I still hope to achieve in that time.

Today I woke up and was a bit taken back on what I wanted to implement next. There were a ton of little system that needed to be done before I could start just making filler content. I decided to start with the Options Menu. In every jam I take part in and each project I do I always implement the options menus in different ways. I've yet to find a specific method in which I'm satisfied with the code and the outcome.

This is definitely not the exception. I made it very simple. I wanted the ability to change the resolution and fullscreen/window mode from runtime as well adjust the volume of the background music. While working on these options I also setup an Audio Mixer (this was a first for me, and I'm surprisingly happy with the system Unity has made). Previously I did arrow button based menus where you could click an arrow next to an option and it would go to the next (or previous) step in the setting. This time I wanted to try using a Dropdown box and Slider.

I used a slider for the audio, which was simple and probably the most generic but elegant way to handle that setting. Then I wanted to use the Dropbox for Resolution. I wrote a script that cycle'd through all the possible resolutions of the current display and added them to the Dropbox.options list. However, I couldn't find a way to set the default value of the dropdown to be the current resolution of the monitor. I'm sure it wouldn't even be a hard thing to code, but my brain has completely blanked on such a simple thing.

After that I wanted to setup the system that would allow the player to send their companion into dungeons to train and progress through the dungeon system. I used the door in the celler as the launching area for the dungeon delving and the space above it for a World Space UI. I thought this was a unique way to use some of that empty space. There are currently 4 levels of a dungeon that I plan to include in the jam entry, each one you'll need to get the key for which can be found on the previous level's floor.

And as you could see at the end of that gif (pronounced like gift, without the t), I also have made the first dungeon floor. The first creature in the dungeon is a level 1 rat, which the players can use for some easy experience. The players really shouldn't have much of a challenge defeating it. After that is another rat, this one is level 2, but still not much of a challenge. However, the slime is a level 2 and has a high defense stat. It does however have low attack and HP. So it shouldn't be too hard of a challenge for the player, but it will teach them that sometimes the player can't defeat a whole dungeon on the first attempt.

If you fight all three of them you will either be knocked out before you get the key OR you will run out of energy before you finish the fight with the Slime. The actual optimal way to clear this floor would be defeating the first two rats and then returning to the celler to save (which progresses "time" and rests your pet back to full stat). Do this one or twice to gain a few levels. Than you would be able to defeat them all easily. If the player decides to just avoid fights and get the key, that's also an option, but floor 2 will have a hallway guarded by multiple level 3 - 4 enemies that can't be avoided and they will defeat you unless you get a bit of training in.

Ugh.. I wish I could have got a better key sprite... but I'm working with Creative Commons that I can find online unfortunately.

After getting those two systems setup I did get quite distracted by watching CS_Summit as well doing some research into writing Reddit bots... which I plan to do as my next free time project for my portfolio. So once I was finally finished being distracted I didn't have much time to implement another system today. So I spent some time doing each part of the game, trying to break it, and fixing some bugs that people would have inevitably found during the jam. (One even forced you to redo the entire tutorial!)

Now I know that tomorrow I will need to REALLY step up my focus and game if I want to finish this in time. My very first goal is going to be implementing the Sleep / Pet Maintenance systems. This will include having to go to sleep to have your pet recover it's health and energy. Currently if you're defeated in battle, nothing actually happens which is also major. So I need to add into the Battle System that if your HP hits zero you're returned to the celler automatically and that you can't re-enter until you've slept.

After that I'll be implementing the Shop system with the Barkeep. He'll sell foods that you can buy and feed to your pet. Feeding your pet will allow it to FULLY recover when it sleeps and modifies the way that it's stats will increase when it levels up. So managing your pet's diet will become crucial.

And I'll need to have enemies you defeat start dropping gold at the end of battles so you don't run out of money. Originally I wanted a quest system that would provide income, but it looks like I don't have time for that. Anyways, wish me luck on the most important day of the jam, the crunch!

  • Day 7 - Sunday the 23rd

Today I got all the work I wanted to get done actually done. Although it was all done rather hacky, I'm satisfied with a simplified and cutdown implementation to fit the time frame I have.

I started with the shop system so that I could start buying food for my pet. Without the even smallest amount of Pet Care system in the game this was just an RPG style Pokemon game, which is not what I wanted. If I were to FULLY make this game design there would be a lot more elements from Tamagatchi apparent, but time constrains *sigh*. So I copypasted the MoveSet system and rewrote it to be used for the Item system. In reality didn't take that long, was just a lot of refactoring. Then I setup a very simple and straightforward UI for the barkeeper to sell you food.

Then I wrote a system were once a day you could feed your pet. Just some bool flipping. However, I integrated that into the Save system so that if you fed your pet that day when you went to bed it would restore your pet's health and energy points back to full. Then I fixed up the Sleep system so that it would have some visual feedback that a day is passing with a quick fade out and in.

Those were the last two systems to be implemented. So I was pretty happy. Next was to finish the last remaining parts of the Battle System. Firstly was being able to be defeated, previously you could just keep battling once you reached 0 hp. Now it'll end the battle and have your player exit back out of the dungeon door. You'll be unable to re-enter the dungeon until you feed your pet and sleep to recover.

And lastly I made it so when you defeated enemies they would drop between 1 and 100 gold for you. That was the final touch needed to finish the Battle System. I was pretty happy, it's not pretty, but it is functional.

Then for a bit of polish points I made a pause menu with the ability to Resume and Quit the game. Then a viewer of a fellow Twitch stream named TooOverRated offered to make a logo for the game, which I happily accepted. You can see it just below.

And with that I just started to play the game. I didn't run into bugs in a few runs, but I did notice that after getting a level or two you became completely over-powered and even to the point that the slime in the first floor couldn't even deal damage to my level 3 rat. So I'll be spending the next few hours (already the next day by the way when I write these around 12-1am) balancing the game and making the next three dungeon floors.

Then I'll write up a shop page and upload it for the jam! I'll be writing one final update after I upload the game to give a few thoughts and in about a week I'll write a post-morteum.

  • Day 7.5 - Monday the 24 (call it 7.5 because submitting deadline is 12pm)

And at 3AM, I've submit the game with four levels ending with a level 10 "King Rat". I wonder if anyone will be able to beat it? Overall, I've enjoyed this jam and liked doing my very first devlog along with it. In the future I'll probably do these again, maybe a bit more in-depth about my coding process?

Anyways, thanks for following along and if you like the game please do leave feedback on it's comment section! :D

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It's fine... I just wanted to clear up the misconception that Itch has a hand in the product. It gives Itch a bad reputation when people blame them for things they don't have control of.

Happy I was able to help you redeem your Steam copy of Aven Colony.

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Also I don't work for Aven Colony, why are you saying it's "Dishonest of me" you do realize I have NOTHING to do with them, right?

Just answer this simple question: Did you even TRY to activate the key?

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Fort I'm sorry to inform you... but you CAN have games not show up on Steam search, but still be on Steam. It's a feature avaliable to developers to test Steam integration in the game BEFORE public release.

A lot of developers use this feature for Closed Betas.

You seem to be under the impression that Valve is in control of when a game goes on sale and when it shows up in search. However, the truth is that the developer decides and has control over all of that. The developer of Aven Colony can make it appear on Steam anytime he wants and he can give keys to it before it's publically known. JUST LIKE WITH ITCHIO, THE PLATFORM DOESN'T HAVE INVOLVEMENT WITH THE PRODUCTS.

And what I find even more strange about your argument... is that you have a Steam Key from the developer, but you won't activate it because you don't believe them? What do you THINK that the key will do if not activate Aven Colony? It would either work or not work... if you don't want to try it, PM it to me and I'll see if it's Aven Colony lol