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Need an Experience Game Dev!

A topic by Solaic created May 14, 2017 Views: 215 Replies: 2
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Well, I suppose it is looking for help. xD

Basically, I need a person with experience in a game studio, as a game developer, producer, or designer. I need someone that has plenty of experience in the field, and enjoys their career in it(or, was in it). Anyone with an entrepreneurship role in creating a game studio, or the like, is all the more welcome. I need this, for a Senior Portfolio; the career report of it, requires an interview with someone in my interested field. That's rather hard, in a small mountain town, so I have to resort to this.

If you're interested, and match the criteria, please E-Mail me at, "". I'd really appreciated! <3

What do you exactly need from a programmer?!

You should post this to some place like the GameDev subreddit (/r/gamedev). These kinda posts happen about once a week or so there and I'm sure someone would be willing to answer your questions for your paper.

Best of luck ^_^