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[Suggestion] Rewards API

A topic by Fishagon LLC created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 790 Replies: 7
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It would be great if through the server-side API we could check to see if a player has purchased a Reward for our games. This way it can be used for in-game rewards such as kickstarter bonuses (or even DLC).

I was thinking something along the lines of


with the user_id, download_key, email parameters available as with the other API calls.

Of course this would also require that we could see "Reward IDs" in our Dashboard perhaps. Maybe even one of the Fields can be one where we can assign the reward an ID?

XPost from Git:


Bump <3

I know you guys have a lot of stuff you're probably working on, but hoping there can be at least some confirmation or discussion for this suggestion. I really do think it would be an amazing update to the platform. Not many of us would want to do physical shipments as rewards, but in-game content is far easier for us and probably more exciting for the players.


I would like to know this, too.
This would be similar to microtransactions which would be amazing


Upvote :)


Sounds perfect to me

Would love to have this as well!

Um, yea +1 to this. I actually just started creating a back-end to check for this in my games only to realize I can't check rewards purchases. I really wanted to offer in-game reward access instead of forcing players to download a .txt file and copy/paste the secret key into the game for verification.

This actually would be great in getting more devs to use only.
There's no point in publishing to Steam and, as people already have Steam, they wouldn't care about the one.

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