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I would not call it “Federation”, as that is extremely broad. Mastodon is not the only federated network out there.

Creating a new game would be against the rules. Posting a “Major Update” devlog should bump your game back up.

Sorry, but you won’t get far without writing code. This is a necessary skill, unless you wish to forever make primitive games like “guess the number”.

I’m also not aware of any (good, even okay) game engine which can be programmed from Android.

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I don’t find it clunky at all. Project settings can be unintuitive in some places, but it’s fine otherwise.

This requires custom CSS and CSS animations:

Would you be fine with a gradient and a color difference between levels?

I think you should spend your time researching an actually feasible digital currency.

You can’t rate when you’re not logged in. I checked, and the rate button is there.

Sure, but that’s nothing like actively going on game pages and questioning their choice of engines

He seems to have a strange obsession with game engines.

What? The more games, the better engine? That’s completely wrong.

I don’t know, I don’t use Unity.

Just as it says. It didn’t find a “Woodwalk_Data” folder, which is required.

You may disable downvotes (or voting in general) on your own project pages.

v5.0 of what?

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I have my preferences, and you have your own. Stop trying to shove your preferences down my throat.

I don’t like the overabundance of horror games on Itch, does that also make me a horrophobe? I also don’t like the overabundance of sexual content on Itch, does that make me asexual?

The underlying issue here is not the gay part, it’s the lack of exclusion filters.

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I wouldn’t really call it bigotry when this place really is riddled with mostly LGBT games. If your game’s only quality and feature is “gay” or “trans” then it’s not a good game.

Either way, he’s in his right to view whatever he pleases. Exclusion filters are something we’ve all been asking for for years.

Can’t really help much if we don’t know what kind of game you’re talking about. Powerups for a puzzle game don’t make sense for a platformer game. And there are still smaller details necessary for context.

It could be your browser that filters it by default.

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I’d suggest to start relying less on tutorials. You’re not going to find one for every small detail and feature, and relying on them will prevent you from truly getting to make what you have in your imagination. Programming is, after all, just problem solving (computers are just a bonus). You don’t always get to have others solve problems for you.

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Your question is based on the fallacy that game engines are that important. Fact is that game engines are tools. You don’t use a hammer to saw wood, you use a saw. Likewise, game engines are fit for different tasks. Some engines like Source are fit for first-person shooters, some are fit for small grid-based puzzles (Bitsy). Game Maker is fit for sprite-based 2D games. So is Construct 3, but more targeted towards non-programmers.

Under this analogy, you know what Unity and Unreal look like?

Hence why I’m not really fond of either. I find them way too broad and general-purpose.

This is a general Itch forum. Nobody here knows what you’re talking about.

Tired? Walk away. I agree with you that Suspense Comix is acting entitled, but your behaviour is not justified.

Because you already have a source of income: your guardians or parents. Because others have a different, full-time job, and game development would bring in puny money in comparison.

I will say that SCP-049 was definitely being unnecessarily aggressive. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of audience that popularity brings.

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That was satire.

Alternative method involves learning programming in general, and then using select libraries for building the game.

As far as I know, GDevelop is a pretty general-purpose game engine, so I’m sure this is relatively easy to do with it.

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It’s in your account settings. How to get there is pretty intuitive, but here’s a link.

You don’t seem to have set your account type to “creator”. I’m not sure though. just redirects to your profile page instead, which is what gives me the hunch.

As far as I’m aware, only developers can change their creator page designs. That’s not forum profile pages.

I don’t remember how, that was a while ago :P. There are samples available, as well as pretty good javadocs. Those will definitely be useful.

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It really depends on what you want. “Simple 2D” doesn’t mean much.

Back when I used Java, I used LibGDX as a game framework. It was very good for 2D, less so for 3D.

I use C++ now, and there are many ways to make a “simple 2D” game. Among them is to use SDL2 and it’s builtin rendering library. It can let you have textured, rotated rectangles, and simple shapes like lines (Shameless plug but this was made with said renderer. Just to showcase it’s potential).

Or you can try writing OpenGL if you want something lower-level. The sky is the limit. I can’t really say much else without knowing more about what you want.

Chat rooms are to be made in chat software. This is not that, this is a forum software.

What are you guys doing? This is not a chat, this is a forum. Use it appropriately, please.

As far as I’m aware, they can’t sue if it’s not in the Terms of Service. But if you’re that paranoid you shouldn’t be asking Itch themselves anyway ;).