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You need to add the directory that “butler.exe” is in to the PATH environment variable, and that should fix the issue.

I don’t know if Butler has a Windows-specific installer or if it has an option to automate that.

This game isn’t for Linux nor Mac, otherwise pretty enjoyable, 3/5 from me.

That just means that butler’s directory isn’t in your PATH environment variable, not the developer’s fault.

In *nix-speak, the dollar means that the command isn’t run in “administrator mode”. You’re not meant to literally type it in.

I suggest you begin to read.

Would be nice to have more “interactibility” (although I haven’t seen Bread 2 yet.)

“acts weird” is not enough to really understand what’s happening. Can you post your command line and it’s output?

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Wait, so you’re posting about this game on, but you won’t put the game itself here??

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I’ve had this too when I used Chromium. I later switched to Firefox and it seemed to be working there fine. Strangely enough the issue fixed itself in Chromium later on. I have no explanations for why that is.

Am still on Firefox and your game does have music.

But, what can I say but that Electron sucks :).

Because id Tech 3 was open-sourced all the way back in 2005.

Since I like to have full control over my program, I use my own engines for my games. I want to support systems & platforms that Unity and Unreal probably never will, and old graphics cards because I don’t need the newer features.

It is proprietary.

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that runs on old windows PC

Unfortunately, the only way to make sure your games and their dev environments work on whatever you want is to make your own engine. Unity, Unreal, Godot and all can drop support at any moment, since you’re not in charge, so relying on them will in the long run would, imo, be a bad idea.

AFAIK Godot supports relatively old computers (OpenGL 2). Now, at least.

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> classic first person shooter
> unity

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It would be great if the bus actually went somewhere, at least showed you as you flew away and then closed the game.

Of course, the Unity factor made me take away a star, but 4 stars is great none the less.

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Could have been a bit longer :). Hoping for some expansion packs, perhaps.

3 is great (and is also used by “Skeleton War” here on but I’d only really appreciate it if there was an in-universe explanation as to why that is.

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***``` lovely!

EDIT: Nevermind.

@FrozenFractal, can't see why that would be, you can make people login with Itch and get their account information (unless you consider Itch to be third-party relative to your game).

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What I use: SDL2, and OpenGL if necessary. If 3D, then also Horde3D (although ever since I've heard they're dropping GL2 support, I've been building my own rendering engine). For physics, Bullet3D, and ENet for networking.

Welcome to the best game engine, your own!

I assumed that the path given in the action is ran with the root directory as the current one, unless there is no path specified, which I realize would be inconsistent.

Is there a way to set the working directory in an action? My game requires that to be possible, although I can technically avoid the problem.
If there isn't, please do add one, a simple "cd" field would do in the manifest file.

I've seen leafo say in another thread that the game appears on the new games list the moment you first upload a file. Was that changed?

I would definitely like something that is more widely supported, both Stripe and Paypal don't work in Ukraine, and I'm not sure I can legally set my paypal address to a person I trust living elsewhere.

Mainly talking about the new games list, do demos count into those?

"V.canvas is null" on line 600 :(.


This actually would be great in getting more devs to use only.
There's no point in publishing to Steam and, as people already have Steam, they wouldn't care about the one.

Is this what we're doing now? Advertising on a post about advertising, even is it makes the "discussion" technically off-topic?

I played this with a friend of mine during school when he mispelled a game name, and I had fun!

Alright, thanks for the info.

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I heard devlogs are a good place to get attention going, but I don't know if the page needs to be public to publish any (devlogs). It most likely needs to.

Of course, now that I think about it, I don't think many people order by "New", so that's probably not a waste.

Good question; am interested in the answer, too.

Good point

Is arizona a free country?


Most likely some overflow exploits. I know Firefox used to have one until it was fixed.

Was there really a point to say that

That's strange, it should support Opengl 2

Try opening it from the command line and see what errors pops up