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Opt your games into the press system

One of the biggest struggles with launching an indie game is figuring out how to market it. hopes to provide you with a rich set of features for not only distributing your game’s files but also raising awareness about your game.’s press system is the first step in that direction. If you have any paid games then indie game reviews and writers are significantly less likely to play it either because it would require them to purchase the game or to go out of their way to contact you and arrange for a download key.

Starting now you can opt your account into’s press system, this will enable special press account users to find your paid games and download it for free.

You can find it on the Misc tab of User settings page. For the sake of transparency all the press accounts are listed on on the settings page with a description of what the represent and a link to their profile.

The creation of new press accounts will be done with careful consideration, proof of having a games publication will be a requirement.

I’m really excited about this feature, I think this has the opportunity to open up a lot of opportunities for games that might not get the attention they deserve.

If you also think this feature has a lot of potential then please take the time to opt your account in.

If you’re interested in getting a press account please get in touch.

Thanks and enjoy!

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