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Hey CoalFire, I accidently uploaded the wrong build into Itch with completely messed up variables haha. Very soon (definitely within the next hour) I'll be reuploading builds with the correct numbers to allow the game to be completely played. Sorry about that.


No worries! It is a really beautiful game, I was worried I was just completely overlooking something. Doing a video on it!

Oh! I super appreciate that. I think my favorite thing about being a game developer is getting to watch Lets Plays of my projects haha. Something super satisfying about that. Yea definitely hold off for the new build, it also has a good bit of changes to timing of text plus the sound effects I forgot to put as enabled for all the intractable objects. XD

Indie games are my favorite! Always some special gems out there and the devs are always a lot more receptive to feedback. You always end up seeing some really interesting concepts and ideas which is why this one caught my eye. Lemme know when the new version is up, I'm excited to see it!


New builds up (plus the OST for those that enjoy it)! I look forward to your video, make sure to drop it's link once you've uploaded it. And if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask.


Video will be up at 11am central time (schedule and all) but I'll link it here when it's up. I really enjoyed the game, the symbolism is awesome. I try to talk about mental health in my videos as it's something I've struggled with and knowing that there are developers out there that are willing to tackle these kinds of subjects gives me some hope. If there are any subjects I misrepresent in the video please comment and I'll pin it so it isn't overlooked.

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