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Please Help!!

A topic by Brenna11 created May 16, 2017 Views: 257 Replies: 2
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I am trying to install Better Build into Slime Rancher and it tells me to select "simerancher.exe" but that's not available for me. I have "SlimeRancher.url" but that's it. Please help.

slimerancher.exe would be in your SlimeRancher folder in the SteamApps secton of your Steam directory.

If you don't own SlimeRancher there is no reason to buy that mod.

Also, this is the forums ^_^ You're posting in the wrong place. You should email questions to the developer of that mod, or ask your question in their discord (link provided on the Better Build page).

I do own Slime Rancher which is why I'm confused, but I'm sorry for posting in the wrong place.