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Butler doesn't work? "*errors.errorString itch.io API error: invalid game"

A topic by Alex Calvelage created May 08, 2017 Views: 715 Replies: 9
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I'm receiving this error.

*errors.errorString itch.io API error: invalid game

...after using butler push. I've tried so many different ways to type what I'm trying to push but nothing works. I've been changing directories, changing the target from a zip, to a folder, to a .exe, to even a plain text document; which is oddly enough the only thing that I think worked?. When I did the text document it said something to me about easier ways to uploading single files or something. Regardless, this the directory I'm currently inside on my command prompt.

C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\Game Dev\__WIPGames\_LOVE 0.10.2 (RECENT)\Collector\Version 1.3.0\exe\

...Now inside the exe folder is a folder titled 32bit which contains my game's .exe, as well as a few .dll files and a .txt document. I've tried every which way of trying to push this but everytime I receive the invalid game error. Would love some help on this because the documentation for pushing a game doesn't help me very much.

Edit: This is the first push I'm trying to do to this channel if that makes a difference. Also this is the full error message I'm getting.

PS C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\Game Dev\__WIPGames\_LOVE 0.10.2 (RECENT)\Collector\Version 1.3.0\exe> butler push 32bit all0utwar/collector:windows-beta

    *errors.errorString itch.io API error: invalid game

    C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/github.com/itchio/butler/push.go:31 (0x7dee98)

    C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/github.com/itchio/butler/main.go:535 (0x7e6334)

    C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/github.com/itchio/butler/main.go:445 (0x7e4e1c)

    C:/Go/src/runtime/proc.go:185 (0x42a186)

    C:/Go/src/runtime/asm_386.s:1629 (0x44f991)

Well, I'm confused.

Using your exact API key, running the exact same command, with a sample '32bit' folder in a very similar path, everything works fine:

PS C:\Users\amwenger\Desktop\Game Dev\__WIPGames\_LOVE 0.10.2 (RECENT)\Collector\Version 1.3.0\exe> C:\Users\amwenger\Ap
pData\Roaming\itch\bin\butler push 32bit all0utwar/collector:windows-beta
∙ For channel `windows-beta`: pushing first build
∙ Pushing 5 B (1 files, 0 dirs, 0 symlinks)
√ Added 5 B fresh data
√ 81 B patch (no savings)
∙ Build is now processing, should be up in a bit (see `butler status`)

Just to confirm a few things:

  • You did go through the whole butler login dance in the same shell, right?
  • You only have one itch.io account ?
  • At no point did you try to run any command in an administrator shell?
  • The file in %USERPROFILE%\.config\itch\butler_creds starts with a 9 ? (Don't post it here, or you'll have to revoke the key)
  • What's the output of butler -V and butler which ?
"invalid game" is something you would receive if the credentials are wrong, but except if you have several itch.io accounts and are logged into the wrong one
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Sorry for the late response. Yes I did login before attempting this. I also just logged out and logged back in to see if it fixed it, but no. I do only have one itch.io account. The file does indeed start with a 9, and here are the results for both commands:

c:\>butler -V
v5.0.0, built on May  6 2017 @ 18:14:04, ref 3190ff8469b6167ab2566c7b4c38c57baddcf7ac

c:\>butler which
You're running butler v5.0.0, built on May  6 2017 @ 18:14:04, ref 3190ff8469b6167ab2566c7b4c38c57baddcf7ac, from the following path:

I don't understand why people need to use Dos to do this. Can't there be an easier way to do this? Like a graphical, drag & drop kind of thing? I imagine a bitTorrent like program. Do it. XD Please? Give the butler a suit. 


That's all planned :) A command-line interface has served us and developers very well to refine the tool & push over 30'000 builds though :)

I am getting this problem too. I've tried logging in and out and renaming the project and different locations on my drive, all to no success.

C:\Users\SirusAmory>butler status nsi
*errors.errorString itch.io API error: invalid target
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/github.com/itchio/butler/status.go:17 (0x7e2308)
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/github.com/itchio/butler/main.go:542 (0x7e625b)
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/github.com/itchio/butler/main.go:445 (0x7e4e2c)
C:/Go/src/runtime/proc.go:185 (0x42a186)
C:/Go/src/runtime/asm_386.s:1629 (0x44f991)

C:\Users\SirusAmory>butler version
v5.0.1, built on May 19 2017 @ 15:51:58, ref ed26a09b37c4a0892f33d216b27e46e0650bd6cc



Your game's URL is https://eternalstarlight.itch.... - so you should be running:

butler status eternalstarlight/not-space-invaders

So butler is taking information based on the game's url? I tried running that command and I was getting 

C:\Users\SirusAmory>butler status eternalstarlight/not-space-invaders
No channel  found for eternalstarlight/not-space-invaders
So butler is taking information based on the game's url?

It's all explained here: https://itch.io/docs/butler/pu...

As soon as you push a build, your `status` command will show it. You haven't pushed one yet, so it shows nothing for now :)

It worked! My builds are alive. Thank you so much!