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Oh really? I was sure it was a fangame of Garten of chadchad. I just love the roblox obby minigame at the beginning, very banban-like.

I don't watch Spongebob so idk if the numbers on the doors are a real thing, but missed opportunity to have a door numbered 666 that would have an alternate ending or an easteregg.

Also the game was more funny than scary, just to be honest with yall there, so when the ghost bike knocked out my character that was the biggest jumpscare I've ever had in the entire game, but anyways it also broke the game. Basically it removed Patrick and when I tried to go inside the boatmobile it crashed the whole game.

It's safe don't worry, Windows can be a tad bit stupid sometimes.

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This elephant looks crazy sick.

TBFH and jokes aside, if Fish worked with Zabu, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of monstrosities would spawn in the game.

I think there's already a block button. Have you tried blocking them?

Maybe this wouldn't be a problem if would ban games like "The True Ingredients", "Potrick Snaps 2" and the 100th PS1 styled copycat of PuppetCombo. They are intentionally shoddy because quantity is better than quality and on top of that these dudes make money off moron children who saw their favourite YTbers play them. 

Hell I wish Steam did the same to asset flips and Garten of BanBan cos let's be honest here they've got no business even being there, but Steam is a faceless entity I don't think they'll ever do anything about it, so I hope itch does something about it. I seriously like using it and posting my stuff from time to time and it's lame to see the amount of effortless garbage on there.

If atleast they were funny (as in so bad it's good kinda way or atleast there was a real attempt to make a game), but free (as in it costs 0, period) bad games then I'd see the point in keeping them. also faces the risk of some executive from Nickelodeon or whatever going after them for copyright infringement.

You're probably going to get more attention if you spread on other platforms like NG and Gamejolt.

I think I'll open an account on Gamejolt when I got the time to update my games again.

Can't get over the fact that the only real game over in the game is being shot at by the shopkeeper. TBH it should have been an ending on its own.

Other than that I think this got something strong going for it. I like the atmosphere, I like the monster designs, I like the ambiance, you just know it's one of those accursed places that is home to something truly evil. Some Lovacraftian monster that change reality in its wake.

It's definitely got the potential to have more content and still stay fresh kinda like how "house" is simple, but complex too.


Sorry for the late reply.

Your comment history is very sus.

Are you trying to steal other people's ideas? I wouldn't be surprised honestly lmao.

It used to be free?

Welp still better than what another clown on itch did. He'd make new memey games and all of them would have a price tag on release.

Eyyy, someday I should really think to make a shitty Spongebob game on my own just to bait stupid youtubers and get tons of money from it. lmao

I got a score of 8300 on my first try.

>a lot of work went into this and that is apparent.

What work? You mean the premade assets from the Unreal store? Literally nothing in this game is original.

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Who still uses 32 bits PCs like seriously? You should upgrade to 64 bits mate.

Heyo, do you remember me, I'm coming from Newgrounds. I saw your trailer there and even given my first impression on the game.

I played it in my spare time, here's what I've got to say about it.

The premise is very interesting, it's very mature in its tone, kinda reminds me of Tails Gets Trolled and it's got cool dialogues.

Your post mostly speaks about fixing bugs, but somehow I've seen alot of them. I don't hold it against you or your game, stupid bugs tend to show up sometimes at random for no reason even in my games when I double or triple check everything by playtesting several times. I'll just let you know becuz not everyone is a gamedev and not everyone has my patience:

  1. Before the game even started I had problems. The keybinding in the settings is bugged AF. It keeps shuffling which keys I've set for what action. I wanted my game to use Z for interacting, X for cancel or running, C for inventory and Space to jump. Space kept switching place with Z and Z kept switching place with X. So Z was running, X Jumping and Space to interact. This was impossible to figure out, so I just decided to edit the game's save file where for whatever reason it stores settings. Consider making a separate settings.ini file.
  2. The Z-order is improperly set for one of the Toads in the mushroom kingdom (1 of the very first few houses on my left), so he looks like he's literally walking on the house instead of being behind it.
  3. The Z-order is improperly set for the bookshelves in one of the rooms of Peach's castle. Mario and Luigi can just walk on them.
  4. Glutton town (or whatever it was called) had 2 NPCs that depending on some story-based event could softlock the game if they were spoken to.
    1. The first one was the one near the corn, no matter how many times I hit Z, the dialogue wouldn't finish and give me back control of the game.
    2. The second one was the mayor's assistant,I ran towards him then hit the Z key quickly, but somehow that caused him to get stuck into a loop where whenever I'd finish the dialogue it'd trigger again and again indefinitely.
  5. The cutscene for the prince didn't play correctly, it was just a blackscreen for 90% of the cutscene.
  6. The collision is inconsistent. The bridge near Peach's castle is the best example, just hold left or right and suddenly Mario will move a bit more than he should've. There's a collision rectangle that only exists for 1 half of the bridge basically.
  7. When Mario goes under the slide, his head gets cutoff by the shadows cast by the slide. I don't know how to better explain it.

That's all for the bugs, but I have some QOL requests for you:

  1. When the game first starts up. Why tell me to use Fire 1 button? I didn't know what that meant, it'd be better to just say "Press Space to start".
  2. Add an objective marker just to make sure I'd not get lost. I paid attention for most of the game, but sometimes I didn't thankfully I figured out what I had to do. The speech bubbles above the NPCs heads would be perfect to fit that role, just give it to only the important NPCs. Right now it's just "there," I always try to speak to anything that looks remotely alive and friendly, so if its purpose was to let me know who I can talk to, it's kinda useless actually.
  3. Beef up your game's physics, it feels stiff and barely controllable especially when jumping. It feels like the character will just lock into a direction and move constantly towards it kinda like that awful Mario game made in RPGmaker. It's not nearly as bad as that other Mario game, but it's not all too exciting either.
  4. I don't think it's possible to fix that in Clickteam Fusion, but the depth perception is awful because it's a flat 2D game which makes it hard for me to know where I'll land.
  5. Also I still don't know if it's possible to stomp the piranha plants, but since the game has wonky jumps for the Mario bros and weird collision detections and the shitty depth perception I stopped after taking some hits. Maybe I'm not even supposed to do that like in the mainline Mario games and their only weakness is fire and the likes.
  6. Make both Mario and Luigi equally as worth it. Luigi has more health and jumps higher which is needed in 1 section of that wooded area. Luigi is also needed for a story event whilst Mario isn't ever needed. Mario could deal more damage to enemies to balance it out, but "more" is relative when all enemies are goombas that die in one hit.
  7. Make it more clear that the game has a multiple choices system. Just the dialogue box and arrows aren't enough. If anything I assumed it was meant to go back in the dialogue to read parts I might've missed. Normally, a small box above the dialogue box appears in most RPGs to let me choose i want to pick. Hell even it's the default behaviour for RPGmaker. It's not nearly as annoying as the rest since once I learned this was a thing I remembered it for every convos I had ingame.

This could be a great game, there's a ton to it even tho it's only a demo. I like most of the graphics with a few exceptions like the green solid colour for the grass. The music is fantastic, I don't know if you made it because I can say that it doesn't come from any Mario game I know.

Oh BTW, replace the game's name. "Princess Quest" is so generic that just to find your game I have to look up "Princess Quest Mario". Not only it's the name of a minigame in a FNAF game, but a buttload of games on also use that name for whatever reason. I'd suggest "Mario's Jubilee" or "Mushroom Kingdom's Jubilee", it's unique and it gives an idea of what the game is about.

I kinda expected it to win. Gameplay-wise it's not very original, but everything else from the animations and little things to the level variety was def going to get some peeps interested.

Your whole body is your hitbox, so if your head touches a flower it counts as being hit. There's very little I can do about, I only have 1 single hitbox to work with. On another game I made, there's a sprite I wanted to have more than just 1 hitbox for, but I had to instead rely on points which're finnicky. At any rate, if you move between screens carefully you shouldn't ever end up stepping on a flower by accident, I made sure of that. It's only a problem when you move let's say right and you keep moving right without looking around.

That is if I understand your complaint correctly. Maybe your problem is something else like that other person below who said that there's just barely enough space to move between flowers towards the bronze key. I'm prolly going to leave out more space to move next update, but I've never had any issue with that part of the game.

I wanted my game to be a zeldalike where each item has a unique and useful purpose. The lantern was directly inspired by The Legend Of Zelda: In Between Worlds and Twilight Princess. That suggestion sounds like you want items coming from roguelikes into my game which have tons of different effects. I think the biggest problem that highlights is that there's not enough items to begin with, I'm working on chapter 2 and the next item that'll be introduced will be a bow and it'll have explosive arrows to kill annoying statues. This isn't set in stone, but I planned something like that.

"A roguelike is a subgenre of role playing video games, characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels where the player gains upgrades that are lost upon dying or failing, or permanent upgrades that are kept after death."

That's literally a roguelite bro.

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I created a game jam where you must make a game that's mostly red, check it out if you're interested!

Sorry about that, I didn't have time to finish the tutorial, so I basically overlooked it for more important details ingame like the actual gameplay mechanics. I updated the description to include all the infos you need, that should clear things up.

Same deal here, I only worked on my game for 7 days and the last night right before the deadline I finally playtested my game properly and man that was a horror. By the time I was done it was almost 3 AM and I know I shouldn't have done that, but I still submitted my game right there just incase I wasn't around by 5 PM (When the jam ended at my local time). So I know how you feel.

Although you only had 10 days, this still looks pretty sick. Good job, I like it.

I uploaded a comic here once.

No, not on this page atleast. Check the website maybe you'll find something.

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The screenshots and trailer really don't make me confident that it's a fun game, it looks busy with enemies and bullets (I don't like Touhou, so whatever maybe some might like it that way) and the background and foreground kinda blend into each other cuz of the lack of colours (Only a brownish white, red, yellow, cyan/blue and dark grey) and it's hard to tell which character is the player because every character look the same, except for the obvious few that are so big they take the whole screen, only thing I can tell easily apart are those blackened squares that denote walls.

Am I the only 1 who thinks the presentation of the game could be a little better?

I did everything like the instructions said, but no matter what the version without gdscript doesn't work. It is correctly put in the assets folder at the root folder of my project and is also true for the database folder. I'm using Godot 3.4 Mono.

Whenever I get an error it just says "Unable to load addon script from path: 'res://addons/rpg_database/database.cs'. This might be due to a code error in that script.

Disabling the addon at 'res://addons/rpg_database/plugin.cfg' to prevent further errors." and it won't tell me what's wrong with the plugin, no stacktrace, no vague error code, just literally nothing.

Do you know what's the problem?

For context: I downloaded someone else's code which was licensed MIT because I'm not all that great at programming, would've preferred CC but whatever.

Since MIT states that anyone is allowed to resell or redistribute the software, wouldn't that also permit piracy?

I've never given my games (which are all free right now) that license before, so I need an expert's opinion on this. It's probably good for small coding projects, but I'm not sure whether it's good for commercial projects.

Obvious advert is obvious, but anyways, your game looks very generic with flashy Unreal Engine 4 graphics. Try to stand out more from the crowd if you hope getting any attention and maybe pay for Google's adsense instead of promoting the game on a random internet forum with like 12 ppl who frequent it.

I hope your game actually gets good tho, there's actually a good idea behind it. This is probably the closest to a 3D Ninja Gaiden-like game we could ever get in the indie space.

Vinesauce played this BTW.

Incredible how many youtubers spam this comment section, just incredible.

How old are you?

If you intend to make a kickstarter out of it I doubt it's going to get anyone's attention.

What's the license?

INB4 ban.

First of all, who is that bloke you're speaking of? Is this like a bully from school or an online stalker and that'd be either 1 of those reasons you don't want him to follow you, or is it something else?

Also the block button is identical in function to the ignore feature of Xenforo, so yeah it's pretty much worthless. You can still ban him if he comments on your games.