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Great game there buddy. It deserves a 21/10 lol

It's literally always Linux's fault each time someone struggles to use the app.

TBH they should probably fix their app because it would be frustrating if I installed it on Linux.

Yup because it's basically intended to be youtuber bait and OFC people like you play this thing.

Nobody will figure your problem out for ya bud. Are you using the app or is from the browser? Have you tried a different browser? Maybe it's your internet connection.

But yeah keep thinking it's your computer's fault because you're incapable of figuring out problems.

Well, the game I submitted was on hiatus for a while since I was focusing on other things. I can always try to update it by the end of the jam. 

I'm going to speak the truth right about now, but this game looks to have solid graphics from the screenshots alone.

This could be a contender for first place mate.

Immediately recognised that face. The thumbnail could have been better TBH.

Maybe it's supposed to be a parody? Atleast by the title of it it seems to be exactly that.

By "You can use a game you have on the back burner.", do you mean a game that was already made before the jam even started?

I'm going to submit my own game assuming this is what this is intended to mean, but if I somehow misunderstood what that meant then I'll retract my game immediately.

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Another one related to this time, but I think the site should enforce a minimum age policy and allow anyone above atleast 16 years of age to create an account. This site is overrun with children while some other users are very clearly mature, this is confusing and at times annoying.

Dude seriously, how old are you?

You have the mental maturity of a fuckin' 7 years old.

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If you got nothing to say then don't bump the obvious troll all the way back to the top of the forum, thanks.


If it's a precision platformer or a platformer with wonky physics, then Coyote Time is usually a positive thing to have otherwise the dude playing runs off into every pit.

Most recent example of that is from one of Vinesauce's streams, he struggled to get 1 of the collectibles because he would always run off the higher platforms because it's a janky platformer with Unity's default physics or something like that. (At 17:42)

Air jumping is only logical if it's in a speed-focused platformer (Sonic and his homing attack for example). Double jumps can make the platformer trivial, so it's a better fit for a game like Sonic where you need to go fast and in turn by taking as little time as possible to beat levels you're indirectly making the game harder. BTW forcing players to be more careful and think before jumping is pretty much against everything that I like with Sonic The Hedgehog. I'm not all that great at the 2D Super Mario Bros games anyways.

Most indie games that use air jumps aren't fast-paced platformers nor even precision platformers, they're traditional platformers like SMB. So I agree in spirit that the inclusion of a double jump is only making those games way worse.

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I hope for you that you use that advice as a rule of thumb rather than take it literally all the time. There are a few good games that don't have the comment section enabled. Tunic comes to mind.

Otherwise it's a good advice generally speaking. If nobody can review what the game is about, it's generally not a good sign that the game is worth playing/instaling.

Post your unpopular opinions about video games, indie games or just in general.

Here's mine: Games that are going for "PS1 graphics" are all crutching for their developer's lack of professionalism with modeling and texturing. I haven't seen a single good-looking PS1-styled game ever, it's telling that much. Also yeah I've seen similar arguments for 8-bit retro-oriented games, but you can do very good pixel art if you try instead of going the route of ultra-minimalism, so there's the difference. Low-poly games in the other hand almost always look ugly because of what I said earlier TBH. (To date Minecraft is the only exception that I know of.)

I can certainly agree with that, tho it needs to have a rhyme or reason otherwise it's just weird for the sake of being weird.

This wouldn't qualify as satire or parody because neither of the elements are there for that.


I think it's because of "Krabs overdoses on Ketamine", other people have then made more meme games centered around Krabs and it seems to be why it's picking up pace.

So you're half right.

I read "Give it some clever new spin." and I knew I had I had to make it a central point in this game, so I turned it from a top-down RPG to a sidescroller and somehow it still works.

Someone got good taste in video games I see.

This game has too much Nickelback.

The game may not be good, but there was an attempt atleast.

PS: Your game showed up on 1 of Vinny's recent streams.

HTML5 has its issues. Try clicking inside the game's window frame and then press enter, I'm already working on changing this intro to a mouse click which will prevent the problem from happening in the future.

Controls are listed on the game's page, to kick the ball you just need to run into it.

There's a login popup when I open the game, couldn't play, why did you think it was a good idea?

This game looks pretty good NGL.

You asked me to comment, so here's a comment.

The name itself is ironic since you can use a colour palette that isn't in black or white, that's allowed! Literally it says in the rules that any two pair of colours are allowed and they banned the very elegant greyscaling which constitutes 256 shades.

I would've been interested if greyscaling was on the table because it's hard to make a good looking game with only 2 colours of just solid white + black or any other pair TBH.

Damn dude, if you made everything yourself then you got a real talent at making pixel art.

From the look of it, this is basically 2D Petscop.

Good job on the atmosphere mate. I dig it! Mysterious and unsettling as hell.

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As a suggestion, you should consider spreading the lore of the world throughout the game rather than going for a large info dump at the start of the game.

Do you have any license or the legal right to use these pics you basically stole off Picrew?

My game received a patch:

"asking people to give me a feed back on my game is somekind of favor back , anyone could do it"

Here's your problem: "5) Do not post unsolicited or bulk advertising/promotion"

"Comments and communities are not for advertisement or self promotion unless explicitly specified."

I'm on Firefox and the game just runs fine for me, stop using weirdass browsers.

This is why I prefer Flash over HTML5, atleast it's consistent across the board.

Blame that on GDevelop.

If you use Unity, I think you can hide parts of a model that you don't want to show. 

It's not the game's fault, it's your browser's fault there buddy. Firefox and Chrome both do that shit and I always thought that was stupid. The dev might want to change the key from space to something else (LOL if he changed it to shift just to spite Vinesauce).

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This is the only game in the entire jam that I've almost given a perfect score on all criterias. Only the idea is too simple to warrant more than 3 stars, but everything else is a 5. You can be proud especially since most ppl here seem to agree that is an enjoyable experience.

One thing you should prolly fix is the model for the mouse in the main menu because it looks like it has blue stubby mandibles coming out of its head.