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Hi Carlos. I'd love to see what you're working on, and to give you the files, do you have an email address I can send them to?

Nice, I'm not going to say anything about that one here, but I know it will be the perfect thing for some of my friends.

Just saying, I'm gonna advertise the hell out of this to my friends. I remember talking about it on the way to work all the time last summer. Major congratulations on the release!

Thanks for playing and supporting indie developers.

Thanks for playing; I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, it's always a pleasure hearing from developers. If you don't mind telling me, what genre of music are you looking for in your upcoming project?

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If you're looking for a composer for your game, film, or other project, I'll be happy to compose for you!

I'm Jonathan So, and I am the creator of "The Game Creator's Pack," which you may have seen around this site. While that pack contains the authentic chiptune music I've created, I can also compose non-chiptune music in a variety of styles for your projects. You can listen to them in the short demo reel I've attached.

The tracks featured in the demo reel are available for free in the Variety Music Pack here on 

If you want custom music for your project, please comment or email me at, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great rest of your day, and thank you for your time.


We actually used different forms of Eddie; the one on the "cover" and marquee at the top of the page is from Killers, and both the Powerslave and Number of the Beast forms are used for Super Moves.


I'm glad you like the game. While Eddie isn't a playable character, you can still summon him to assist you in battle with Super Moves. Thank you for playing!

Help Bruce Dickinson, lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, fend off the ducks invading his home in this arcade-style playable tribute to both the band and the classic games of the Disney Afternoon!

Shoot, slash, and parry through four intense levels!

Listen to arrangements of Iron Maiden songs in the style of 90's arcade soundchips, from the band's legendary classics to obscure gems!

Fight challenging bosses with movesets inspired by the classic games of the Disney Afternoon!

Fill your Super Meter and use Super Moves to summon Eddie and turn the tide of battle, but be careful: your enemies have Super Moves, too.

So, do you have what it takes to overcome your FEAR OF THE DUCK? Playable in both browser and downloadable versions (Windows).

Thank you very much! This was made for RIT's Game Design and Development students (as well as anyone else) as a "blank project" where, if they download the full project from Github, they add their own graphical assets as part of the 2D Animation course. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

I understand. Good luck with your events, and please keep in touch! I'd love to know how your test goes.

Thank you,

- Jonathan So

Nape Games,

Good morning. Were you able to receive the email successfully? If not, I can deliver the materials in another way to guarantee that you receive the files. 

Thank you very much,

- Jonathan So

Nape Games,

I've successfully sent the NSF files through email to, but I wasn't able to deliver it to your personal email. If you were not able to receive the messages successfully, please let me know.

Thank you,

- Jonathan So

Nape Games,

I'm glad to hear that you want to use my music in an NES game! Since your team is building to authentic hardware, I can send you the NSF and FTM files if you need them; just give me an email address to send them.  My music uses all five channels of the soundchip, so you might need to make changes to make room for your game's sound effects.

Thank you very much,

- Jonathan So

Generally speaking, I've had plenty of luck posting my games to game-development subreddits. Users over there are more than happy to suggest features or provide feedback to games; someone was kind enough to make a video about one of my games. Specifically, I recommend posting to and (if your game is playable in-browser). Hopefully, this helps!

The Retro Puzzle Pack is undergoing a permanent price reduction from $5 to $3! From now on, this asset pack of over one-thousand sprites won't cost any more than three dollars. 

Download The Retro Puzzle Pack here:


I just played your game and got 1035 points, and enjoyed it. I think you've designed a smooth difficulty curve and the visual effects (such as when a player is taking damage) are great at communicating information to the player. Overall, your game feels satisfying to play.

Since you're looking for feedback, I personally feel that the screen shake effect upon switching screens is excessive and a bit disorienting. Furthermore, I think that the HP bars are distanced too far from the player's position; to see my health, my eyes have to constantly jump from the bottom to the top of the screen.  It would probably be much easier on the player if those HP bars were somewhere near the bottom of the screen where the player's eyes are. Finally, the green powerups (at least on my monitor) are a bit too hard to see, but I'm not sure if you intended for them to be as transparent as they are as part of the challenge. However, I think that your game is pretty solid if I'm commenting on minor things such as these.

I'll certainly be playing this more often from now on, and I sincerely hope that this game gets more views; thank you for creating this game.

The comprehensive asset pack for puzzle game creators, The Retro Puzzle Pack, is here!

This Creative-Commons Attribution [CC-BY 4.0] asset package features sprites that will give your games a retro charm with over 1000 assets designed for various kinds of casual and puzzle games. Each full-color sprite is available in a large 16x16 and small 8x8 size; furthermore, the pack includes 1-bit variants of the sprites.

To celebrate the launch of this asset pack, a 10% discount towards the pack lasts until Saturday, 18 Nov. 2017!

If you're looking for a fully-featured set of graphics for developing puzzle games, then download The Retro Puzzle Pack! I would like to know what you all think about these assets, and what you would like to see in the future!

The Retro Puzzle Pack can be downloaded here:

Mr. Alberto and Mr. Dani,

I just finished a couple of levels, and the gamefeel is excellent; great work. However, I noticed that hitting the number buttons (1-9) change various settings such as language and resolution even during gameplay. Is this intentional, or was this intended for debugging purposes when adding the new translations?


- Jonathan So

Thank you so much for using my music! I played your game this morning and got around 1700 points. Let me know when you make more games/updates!

Thank you very much!

Sysop-Delco, thank you very much for featuring my asset pack on here!

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If you're in need of authentic NES-style audio for your project, try the music of The Game Creator's Pack, containing nine full-length music pieces in a variety of genres! Also included are five short, multipurpose jingles. With the musical diversity included in this pack, I'm certain that you can find a suitable piece or two for your games and works.

Preview the music included in the pack here:

Download options for the pack include uncompressed WAV format and 320 kbps MP3 files.

I made these assets Creative Commons-Zero because I believe anyone with the imagination for creating games should be able to produce them without worrying about graphic or audio production. If you want to make games, download The Game Creator's Pack here:

Looking for authentic chiptunes or pixel art sprites? The Game Creator's Pack gives you CC0 assets for use in your games!

The pack contains 9 full-length Famitracker music pieces with 5 shorter jingles. Each piece evokes a unique sound, so I am certain that you can find the perfect track for your game! Listen to music samples here:

In addition, the pack contains over 140 unique sprites for scrolling shooters and platformers. Creatures, tiles, spaceships, and more await you, so see them in action with the previews!

The Game Creator's Pack, full of free assets, can be found here:

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Armed with nothing but your pop gun and your fists, can you face the rush of invading creatures?

Inspired by single-screen arcade games where the objective is to defeat everything onscreen, Go Go Sniper's foundation is its risk-reward, combo-based scoring mechanic. Punch enemies to make them angry, faster, but worth more points; shoot them to reap the rewards. Lining enemies up and firing creates a high-scoring combo, but beware; some enemies might fire back! Scoring high is tough, requiring light-speed reflexes and strategy.

Go Go Sniper contains two modes of play: Tour Mode, where players progress through 21 stages with unique architecture and settings, and, for the high-scorers, Infinite Mode presents a never-ending onslaught of enemies that gradually increases in difficulty. Whether you're a beginner, veteran, or anywhere in between, Go Go Sniper has the perfect challenge for all.

Try authentic arcade-style action right in your browser for free:

For those who seek a challenge, try the following cheat code: On the title screen, press J + K + L + Right.

If you're interested, please check out my previous game, 007 Legends Death Label, over at