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Jonathan So

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Thank you so much for using my music! I played your game this morning and got around 1700 points. Let me know when you make more games/updates!

Thank you very much!

Sysop-Delco, thank you very much for featuring my asset pack on here!

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If you're in need of authentic NES-style audio for your project, try the music of The Game Creator's Pack, containing nine full-length music pieces in a variety of genres! Also included are five short, multipurpose jingles. With the musical diversity included in this pack, I'm certain that you can find a suitable piece or two for your games and works.

Preview the music included in the pack here: https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-so-988423341/sets/the-game-creators-pack-audio

Download options for the pack include uncompressed WAV format and 320 kbps MP3 files.

I made these assets Creative Commons-Zero because I believe anyone with the imagination for creating games should be able to produce them without worrying about graphic or audio production. If you want to make games, download The Game Creator's Pack here:


Looking for authentic chiptunes or pixel art sprites? The Game Creator's Pack gives you CC0 assets for use in your games!

The pack contains 9 full-length Famitracker music pieces with 5 shorter jingles. Each piece evokes a unique sound, so I am certain that you can find the perfect track for your game! Listen to music samples here: https://opengameart.org/users/jonathan-so

In addition, the pack contains over 140 unique sprites for scrolling shooters and platformers. Creatures, tiles, spaceships, and more await you, so see them in action with the previews!

The Game Creator's Pack, full of free assets, can be found here:


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Armed with nothing but your pop gun and your fists, can you face the rush of invading creatures?

Inspired by single-screen arcade games where the objective is to defeat everything onscreen, Go Go Sniper's foundation is its risk-reward, combo-based scoring mechanic. Punch enemies to make them angry, faster, but worth more points; shoot them to reap the rewards. Lining enemies up and firing creates a high-scoring combo, but beware; some enemies might fire back! Scoring high is tough, requiring light-speed reflexes and strategy.

Go Go Sniper contains two modes of play: Tour Mode, where players progress through 21 stages with unique architecture and settings, and, for the high-scorers, Infinite Mode presents a never-ending onslaught of enemies that gradually increases in difficulty. Whether you're a beginner, veteran, or anywhere in between, Go Go Sniper has the perfect challenge for all.

Try authentic arcade-style action right in your browser for free: http://jonathan-so.itch.io/gogosniper

For those who seek a challenge, try the following cheat code: On the title screen, press J + K + L + Right.

If you're interested, please check out my previous game, 007 Legends Death Label, over at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/681363