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Double Dodge - feadback on simple game concept

A topic by corpas created Nov 13, 2017 Views: 100 Replies: 2
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Hello friend.

I recently made a game in javascript, and would love to get feadback on it, since I've played it too much to have any idea about what a new player would think of it. :o)

Double Dodge takes a very simple mechanic of dodging falling blocks, but let's the player control two screens at the same time. I think the game is a little hard to get into, and it probably does require a little bit  practice (The difficulty curve is inspired by things such as super hexagon etc).

The game can be found here: or on my own website (has a leaderboard as well):

If you have any feedback please dont hesitate contacting me! either by mail:, or in the comment section on the game's page, or in reply to this. :)


I just played your game and got 1035 points, and enjoyed it. I think you've designed a smooth difficulty curve and the visual effects (such as when a player is taking damage) are great at communicating information to the player. Overall, your game feels satisfying to play.

Since you're looking for feedback, I personally feel that the screen shake effect upon switching screens is excessive and a bit disorienting. Furthermore, I think that the HP bars are distanced too far from the player's position; to see my health, my eyes have to constantly jump from the bottom to the top of the screen.  It would probably be much easier on the player if those HP bars were somewhere near the bottom of the screen where the player's eyes are. Finally, the green powerups (at least on my monitor) are a bit too hard to see, but I'm not sure if you intended for them to be as transparent as they are as part of the challenge. However, I think that your game is pretty solid if I'm commenting on minor things such as these.

I'll certainly be playing this more often from now on, and I sincerely hope that this game gets more views; thank you for creating this game.

Man! Thanks a lot. 

I can do nothing but agree to what you are saying - just updated the game, and  how wonderful that you like it! -the game.

1035 is pretty good, and would rank you nr. 3 on the leaderboard, if you were to play it here: winkwink*. Just below my 2551. 

Thanks again :o)