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nice retro game (y)

Odly satisfying minimalistric art style actually :P 

This is definitely useful information, thank you for taking the time reviewing my game! :D I'll look into fixing the issues that you speak of.

ps. I took the liberty of playing your game Line Runnr (70.0 score ;) - perhaps you would be interested in another game that I made: with a similar concept. Feel free to not play and review it - I don't want to completely abuse your reviewing powers if you dont want to xD

Hello Emy149

Thanks for taking an interest in the game! It is always nice to get other's opinions ;D By multiplayer I suppose you mean an online feature? - if so that, i feel like, is always a hassle programming wise.. heh heh  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). As for the polish, i definitely hear you. The characters are something that im not all that happy about - were there anything else that stood out to you, if I might ask? :D

Thanks for your comment! Very nice to hear that you like the game - We'll check out the Game Development World Championship for sure =)

Man! Thanks a lot. 

I can do nothing but agree to what you are saying - just updated the game, and  how wonderful that you like it! -the game.

1035 is pretty good, and would rank you nr. 3 on the leaderboard, if you were to play it here: winkwink*. Just below my 2551. 

Thanks again :o)

Hello friend.

I recently made a game in javascript, and would love to get feadback on it, since I've played it too much to have any idea about what a new player would think of it. :o)

Double Dodge takes a very simple mechanic of dodging falling blocks, but let's the player control two screens at the same time. I think the game is a little hard to get into, and it probably does require a little bit  practice (The difficulty curve is inspired by things such as super hexagon etc).

The game can be found here: or on my own website (has a leaderboard as well):

If you have any feedback please dont hesitate contacting me! either by mail:, or in the comment section on the game's page, or in reply to this. :)