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How do you collect player feedback? Knowing what your community wants in your game is crucial i think.

A topic by ajoris created Nov 12, 2017 Views: 174 Replies: 3
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It is hard building a community around a game. I think being in constant communication with your fan base is crucial for a game´s success. But how do you collect player feedback? What channels are you using?

You ask them for feedback.


I agree that asking for feedback is important Using comments of a community on your project page is a good first step, but enabling it often isn't enough. People need a prompt to encourage them to leave feedback. This can be as simple as writing a note on the game's page (or in the "installation instructions") or you could go as far as adding a button in your game that takes them to their browser on the comments/community page for your game. If you're having trouble getting your initial audience you can also ask for feedback in our community here.

Generally speaking, I've had plenty of luck posting my games to game-development subreddits. Users over there are more than happy to suggest features or provide feedback to games; someone was kind enough to make a video about one of my games. Specifically, I recommend posting to and (if your game is playable in-browser). Hopefully, this helps!