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The Obligatory 3D Art Thread Sticky

A topic by anonyanony created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 2,214 Replies: 30
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Post all your finest 3D art here.

Read this guide to learn how to post your 3D models using Sketchfab

This is the best thing I've created so far but I'm still a noob.

Demon Sculpt Part 1 by Michael Calvert on Sketchfab

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I think it's quite cool, personally. I certainly don't have anything so detailed.

Here's what I'm working on:

Skeleton Skin Modifier by xananax on Sketchfab

This is a fairly accurate skeleton (as far as proportions are concerned, not the exact shape of bones), very low-poly. The skull and teeth are classically modeled, but the rest is entirely made with the skin modifier (so very easy to customize).

I plan to use him for an anatomy study. I've begun placing muscles:


The muscles themselves are simply lines with skin modifier applied. I intend to put a mesh on top with shrinkwrap, and rig the muscles to deform correctly when the bones move. Just a fun project, I don't know if I'll finish.

This is bad ass!


Awesome. Great idea to study anatomy this way. Thumbs up!

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Is it okay to post low poly/ abstract looking stuff? I tend not to go for realism but I try and make it look weird/ artsy.

And obviously these are all the same game- They're my most recent/ best stuff.

Also here's a character model I was planning to use for something:

This is probably my finest 3D art right now, but I'm planning to keep working on it.


Totally ok to post low poly/abstract stuff.

I like the very busy and colorful environment, as well as the low-res textures and all that. It gives your renders a special feel. However, I think you should really work your lighting. Specially the library shots, they could look so much better with some light work. What game is that?


Thanks! And it's an unnamed game I haven't finished yet and I just work on when I'm bored. Currently it's called "Top Secret Neon Pink Planet" (and that will probably also be its final name.)

You're right about lighting, I'm meaning to experiment with it more, although that library scene has been hard to get right, since most lighting either makes it look too dark and deep, or too flat. I wanted it to be well-lit, since it's meant to be a busy, public place. (At the very least, I'm glad you could tell it was a library.)

I'll practice lighting things better over the coming months, hopefully with this game, and see what I can come up with.

I really liked the library (I love huge libraries), and I'd hate to see that potential not be exploited to the max. I'm not the best light engineer out there, but If I can help, do not hesitate to ping me (don't know if there's actually a pm feature in these forums).

I love that you like it, and I experimented with a few techniques today to see if I can improve it, but they all seem to yield similar results right now. It's hard to get it to look muted and light while also well-lit. I'll keep trying over the coming months while also working on the model, and I'll post em in this thread, if I can.


Find a photo reference that is close to the kind of mood you want, and try to understand what creates it. Is it because the shadows are soft? Hard? Are things blurry in the distance fast, or do they remain sharp? Do they lose color as they are more distant, or does their color shift? If yes, towards which color (usually blue outside, grey inside). Etc. Also, you don't have to play with lighting only, you can fake lighting by drawing shadows in your textures for example.

What I'd do is take this image you have, and draw over it in some painting app to try to get the mood I want, then think how I could reproduce it with the tools I have. Again I'm not a pro by any stretch...But that's what I'd do.


Recently joined Sketchfab, so definitely excited to show off our Rocketbelly unit!

Rocketbelly by abatron on Sketchfab


Incredible. Love the captions!

Thanks! I really like that feature too. :)


Super nice design and very nice modelling. it's a pleasure to look at.

Thanks! I'll pass that along to the creator. :)

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Here's a few of my recent things, none I'd really call "finished" but good enough to show. I usually try to model things to look like anime or pvc figures.



(showing work anywhere new is so embarrassing! >///<)


This is great! Don't be embarrished. I'd love to see a 3D version though. ;)


The pink haired girl,

I thought it was just a good "on paper" drawing, and it would have deserved praise.

But then I noticed it was actually in 3D, and the job of making it, and how it's posed made it look like it was a 2D image.

That's awesome and amazing!!! XD

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a new one, although not yet rigged


Wow, this is awesome! I saw on twitter some of the progression. I'm hoping to get this good this year. =)

after months of foot dragging I posted this on sketchfab (+ artstation

love these

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Hello! I just started playing around with Blender like two days ago. I made some progress from model 1 to model 3. Here they are:

I will probably make more and try out animating them. If I forget to post them here, I will probably post them on my Twitter:

I hope you like them and have a nice day reader!

Edit: Figured that I could post my Sketchfab model here!

Mr.Dude by inksightt on Sketchfab

Edit: Made another one!



Dem eye brows. heh

This looks great in 3d. Just curious why the wireframe on the textures?

Sorry I'm a noob still...I figured it out now though haha!

My Voronoi art on Shapeways.

Shame I can't see them in 3D, should upload it to Sketchfab.

I just made it so that you can download all my Shapeways models.

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It's been a long time since anything was posted - here is to keeping it active!

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Hi everyone! I'd like to contribute with my humble Origami Animals collection: 

Origami Animals by RunemarkStudio on Sketchfab