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Hello everyone. I would like to form a permanent mobile game development team consisting of a maximum of five people. I am offering equal revenue sharing. I need the following roles:

  • Artist (must be able to do a variety of art styles)

  • Sound designer (music and sfx)

  • Programmer (we will be using construct 2, I will be the lead programmer)

  • Marketing/Publishing expert

Please provide examples of your previous work. Thanks!

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Hello everyone! For those of you who liked my game SWIPE! I have released an updated version on Game Jolt. This includes a never before seen mobile version!  Here it is!

The best games are simple, challenging, and yet never boring. That's what makes SWIPE! so ridiculously fun! Make sure none of your sliders are ever caught touching the color red or each other. They can also never be left floating in midair. When a GREEN piece turns yellow, it's time for some fast action!
Simple? Yes, but not boring!

Okay! That's All right! Thanks Anyway!

Need I say more? Find a list of 100 of the best free asset resources here. All for just two dollars!

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Please consider taking part in my bundle:


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Please consider taking part in my bundle: Thanks!

Thanks! If you want to create your own voronoi art, check out this tutorial:

I just made it so that you can download all my Shapeways models.

My Voronoi art on Shapeways.

Post your voronoi 3d art here (free or paid)! I'll start:

Get 20 unique explosions effects for your game in .png format. Comes with a total of 1,091 ultra-realistic, beautifully designed frames.

Get 1,026 sprites for your game for a mere dollar!

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It's true! You can get 365 sprites for your game for just $1.30! Here it is!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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Here's how you can get 255 commonly used game objects for only $1.20...

  1. Go here
  2. Hit Buy Now
  3. BUY IT!

Has you project been on for weeks and still has no views?

In this forum topic, you may advertise your post after buying (and reviewing) one other previously posted project. Other people who post after you will then make sure to buy and review your project before posting theirs!

I will start:

Hi Guys! Make sure you check out my new game Ant Grab!

Make sure to check out my pixel weapons pack as well!

Make sure to check out my new pixel collectables pack. It's only 20¢!

Hello! I have been working on some pixel weapons and would love some feedback. Thanks!

Hi! If you need pixel weapons you can check out my pixel weapons pack.

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Make sure you check out my pixel weapons pack! Get 100 pixel weapons for a mere dollar!

Hi guys! Please be sure to check out my new platformer

The Land Of Sine...