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Fellow Game Developers,

We'd appreciate any feedback you might have for our Assets Packs, do leave a comment if you have any queries.

Also, consider leaving a rating, it helps the Gamedev community in assessing the quality of our products all while helping us reach out to a wider audience who'd benefit from our asset packs.

Have a great day😇

Good to know more details about other game engines apart from Unity....We use Unity for production so it's quite helpful to understand the possibilities and limitations of other game engines.....Also, Importing PNGs both as sprites or as sprite sheets works well in Unity, and it also has slicing features for the sprite sheets along with some good sprite skinning/rigging tools in its sprite editor....

We'd love to know the details and preferences about this as well....We're planning on making more 2D assets and sprite sheets and this would be helpful to know for seamless usage by the user....

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Greetings to every amazing Game Developer!!

We all know that game development is a complex and creative journey, and one aspect that often presents challenges is integrating externally sourced assets into existing projects. With such an active and passionate Itchio game developers community, we wanted to get your insights into this crucial Game Development hurdle. We’d love to know what challenges you face and invite your insights into what are your methods to tackle the said challenges.

We hope to find some great insights into this subject matter, which would help out every indie developer going through this challenge, both beginner and expert. Here are some of the challenges we face and our methods to tackle them.

Common Challenges in Asset Integration:

  • Compatibility Issues:

    External assets may not always seamlessly fit with the end user’s game engines. To tackle this part, the 1st obvious solution for us is to pick assets that are at least compatible with the engine we’re using so that it’s formatted properly. If the version of the engine doesn’t match, we could swap out the engine version and fix the issues there.

    In the case that the source files are not compatible with the engine at all, e.g., wrong normal map format (OpenGL vs. DirectX), Incompatible scripts, Heavy polygon size (mostly arising from raw 3D scanned data), etc., our primary approach would be to fix it externally in another Digital Content Creation (DCC) applications like blender, Visual Studio, etc. and getting all the necessary operations (like decimating, Normal Map fix, Script Code Correction, etc.) performed on it before importing it into the engine.

    However, we, being a versatile team with experience in creating varying assets for our own games and for the community, play a role in our ease of fixing this issue. This can be a major issue if the user doesn’t have experience in all the fields.

    How do you guys go about tackling this?
  • Quality Assurance:

    Ensuring the quality of externally sourced assets is crucial.

    Our methods for free assets include simply downloading and checking the quality of them  in the engine. However, minimum technical expertise is required to judge the quality of the assets.

    For Paid assets, however, the story is a bit different. If you‘re sourcing your assets from stores or sellers that have detailed information on the statistics and required data for the asset in question, the process becomes a bit easier. With 3D assets, especially with tools like Sketchfab, which shows detailed info on the models by providing a 3D viewer, or with videos showcasing the different aspects of the model, it becomes very easy to do QA for the assets. We provide those details meticulously on our assets store page for this exact reason.

    But for assets without sufficient data for the end user to judge their quality, the best approach would be to read for any comments or ratings. For every asset creator who’s reading this, we request you to keep your comments open to your users as this helps the user get more details before making a purchase, and you can also find a lot of valuable feedback from everyone who comes across or uses your assets.

    But as always, there will be outliers where no data is provided, and you have to go in blind with the purchase with just the store page as the assurance.

    Do you have more methods to tackle these kinds of assets?
  • Asset Organization:

    Poor organization can hinder the integration process.

    Unfortunately, there is no other solution to an unorganized asset than to fix it yourself. Now, you might think, if the asset works perfectly, what’s the point of spending time organizing it for our own project? The simplest answer to this is “ease of fixing broken stuff”.

    You never know when you’ll need bug fixes for your project, and it’ll be nearly impossible to find out the source of the bug if it originates from the horribly unorganized asset you had integrated.

    It can be as simple as properly naming the asset in hand or commenting on the code in the sourced/paid script you’re running. This fixes so many issues in the long run, so give that a look for sure.

    Don’t just drop in any asset and call it a day, see if that asset has been organized properly or at least organized according to your needs. External assets always come with their own nomenclature, folder structure, etc., owing to the creator’s workflow, which might not be necessarily bad but may not be right for you.

    Is this an issue you face normally in your workflow, though?
  • Version Control:

    Maintaining alignment with asset versions can be tricky.

    Suppose the asset you’ve downloaded gets a newer, updated version, fixing some issues. How do you go around updating the asset in your game? Some things can be as simple as overwriting the source file in your computer, but that wouldn’t be version control. That’d just be brute forcing a new asset into your project. Our workflow is always keeping the original in place and replacing it with the new one with proper notes on the changes. We can always clear out redundant files at the end of the project cycle.

    However, we are certain there are much better workflows practiced by the vast number of amazing developers out here, so we’d love to know how you go about tackling this. Thanks in advance.

  • Licensing and Rights:

    Understanding licensing agreements and copyright are essential.

    Well, there’s no shortcut for this. If you are serious about using the asset in your game, which is going to be published commercially, you must go through the licensing of the assets. Some knowledge about the technical/legal jargon is appreciated while reading licensing and rights documentation, but a thorough read is a must.

    Although this is a prominent problem that we’re facing, we’d love to know the solution from the asset creators here. We provide a license/usage rights file with every asset we provide, but it seems Itchio doesn’t have a dedicated License File tag for its uploads; hence, most of our paid content buyers end up with the License File being inaccessible to them until they buy the asset. The next best option we found for the user to check the license before buying was to upload it as a Demo in the Itchio project, but that solution seems janky.

    Is there any other way we’ve been missing all along? Any help is appreciated.
  • Performance Optimization:

    Optimizing assets for performance is a must. No matter where you source your assets from, just like asset organization, performance optimization catered to your projects’ prospects is a must.

    We recommend methods like clamping texture resolutions, removing redundant code, making custom LODs for assets lacking them, etc., for all the assets you get or buy, as this makes the project run so much smoother. It’s not necessary for every asset you get, but cross-checking for the required processes during the asset quality assurance stage is crucial.

    What workflows do you observe to make the asset more optimized for your games?

  • Documentation and Support:

    Comprehensive documentation makes integration smoother.

    It’s a sad truth, however, that not all assets come with documentation. While this is a trouble we all have to go through at some point, straightforward workflows like exploring the said asset fully before integrating them is one of the preferred methods.

    We’d love to get more insight into your solutions for this.
  • Communication with Asset Creators:

    Open channels of communication are key.

    The most important part of any transaction is communication, and this holds true whenever you’re using an asset sourced from outside your team. Imagine not communicating with your programmer or artist about any integration queries or issues while integrating the assets/code in your games. If this can become a problem within a team, it certainly can become a problem when sourcing assets from an external source. Most Asset Creators have various communication channels open for all kinds of queries, feedback, suggestions, etc. But the problem occurs when you find no such line of communication. To never let this issue arise for our customers and fellow indie developers, we make sure to leave as many contact methods as required for a smooth conversation.

    How do you tackle situations where you cannot communicate with the asset creator?

    Also, if you have faced any issues communicating with us, do let us know. We’d love to resolve any such issues in communicating with the community.
  • Asset Updates:

    Keeping up with updates from asset creators can be challenging.

    This is more similar to the lines of version controls but from the side of the asset creator. If someone creates a lot of updates for their assets, the best way to cope with the updates is simply not to use the latest ones if there’s either nothing broken or if you don’t really need what’s added. This also prevents you from adding unnecessary items or codes into your game if all you wanted was the exact thing you bought. Remember to download and save a local file of the update provided, though you never know what might break or when the creator might change a few things that you thought would download later.

    However, that being said, it’s a good practice to, alongside your version control strategy, update the assets whenever you see some stagnancy, slowdown in updates, or any major update release to get the best of what you paid for. Simply put, to get the most out of your assets, find the right pace of integrating updates while making sure you actually need them.

  • Asset Localization:

    Adapting assets for different languages and regions adds complexity.

    We, personally, are guilty of not providing assets in localized languages because our use cases mostly don’t require any localization or localized documentation.

    However, at this point, we’d like to have your opinion as to what we, or every asset creator, should include as localized content for a hassle-free usage of their asset.
  • Asset Dependency Management:

    Managing dependencies between assets and code can be tricky. Changes in one asset can sometimes break dependencies and require adjustments elsewhere.

    Imagine you've integrated an external character model into your game. This model relies on specific animation scripts that were not provided with the asset. To make it work seamlessly, you need to either find or create the required scripts, which can be time-consuming and may not always yield the desired results.

    As another example, imagine a situation where you're developing a game for multiple platforms, such as PC and mobile. The external asset you've acquired might work flawlessly on one platform but could require substantial adjustments to function properly on another due to differences in hardware capabilities or rendering capabilities.

    Although we don’t face these dependency problems often as we make most of our assets in-house, some solutions we’ve found for any potential problems are using scripting middleware or tools like Unity's Playmaker or Unreal Engine's Blueprints to create visual scripting solutions. These can help bridge the gap between external assets and your game's code without the need for extensive programming. Or sometimes the solution could be some brute force testing to figure out what exactly breaks your game, as finding the problem could be the 1st step to a solution.

    Since we don’t face these issues as often, we’d love for you to share your workflows with the community to prevent anyone from falling into this pitfall.

That being said, these are a few problems that we face or try to solve for the indie developers using our asset packs. Feel free to add more such challenges you face and/or the solutions you use to overcome these. You can add points about all kinds of assets and genres, like graphics, music, scripts, shaders, etc., which you feel either need an integration solution or you’ve found an ingenious way of tackling existing ones.

And about our part? We're passionate about creating assets that enhance your game development process, and in our journey to serve the game development community, we've tried to address these integration challenges to the best of our ability.

Your Feedback Matters:

We'd love to hear about your experiences with integrating our assets into your games. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us and many more indie game developers and asset creators understand the real-world hurdles you face. If there are specific challenges you've encountered or improvements you'd like to see in our assets to make integration smoother, please share them with us.

Together, we can work towards enhancing your game development experience and overcoming these integration woes.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community, and we look forward to your insights!

TLDR: Please share your valuable insights about any asset integration issues you might have faced while sourcing assets (Graphics, Music, Scripts, Shaders, etc.) from other asset creators and stores. We’ve listed a few issues we face or strive to solve. Thanks for playing your part in making Game Development a bit easier with your valuable suggestions.

Thank you for your time,
VOiD1 Gaming Team

Hello Tech Mat,

The RAR file is a compressed folder containing all the sounds. You can use an unzipping tool like WinRar to uncompress the files into your computer. Thanks for choosing our asset pack HALFTONE, feel free to reach out if you have any more queries....Have a great day😇

We're happy to hear our Music Pack helped out in your Game's Trailer. The game looks pretty fun too, Best of luck with the success of your game!! Additionally, it's absolutely okay to use our music to promote your game on the Google Play Store and we hope our music packs add the intended charm to your games as you've planned. Have a great day😇!!

We understand that making shaders can be a difficult task sometimes due to the complexity of the inner workings of nodes, which is why we've been providing helpful shaders to the community for Free regularly.  We're extremely happy to know that our shaders help you out with your games, saving a lot of your time and letting you focus on what's important, i.e. making games. 

Our goal was to help the community with technical assets so that they can focus on making amazing games, and we're happy to hear that our goal of helping other indie developers achieve their vision, hassle-free, is fruitful.

That being said, stay tuned for more of our regular asset packs consisting of Shaders, Music, 3D Models, Sprites, and more. Hope the upcoming assets make your game development journey at least a  little bit easier.😇

Thanks a lot again for your kind words, we're extremely happy to have been of help in your Game Development Journey😇

Glad to be of help and thanks for checking out our shader....Have a Great Day😇

More Cute Bikes are now available in the expansion pack of Low-Poly Bike Models PRO!! 35 Bikes in total. Hope they are helpful in your game development workflow!!

The Expansion for Low-Poly Bike Models is now live!! We'd love for you to give it a look. Hope this helps and have a great day😇

Low-Poly Bike Models PRO is now Live!!

Our Extention PRO Pack for the highly awaited Free Low-Poly Bike Models is now available on our Itchio Page and this Launch week you can get a 36% Discount if you get it early!!

Link to the Itchio Page -

✨Get this Asset Pack for 36% Off for the Launch Week!! $25  ✅$15.99

With our Low-Poly Bike Models PRO, you'll find 35 Unique Bikes ranging from common to not to niche types packed conveniently into a single bundle. With 7 Different Bike models with 5 Texture Variations, you are guaranteed to add them seamlessly into any low poly game scene. So, get your players up and running with your awesome new Bike Racing Game with Low-Poly Bike Models PRO.

Thanks for showing your love and support!! You keep us motivated in moving forward and creating more such amazing assets for the Game Development Community!!


Firstly thanks a lot for choosing our Music Pack, hope it helps you with your Game Development Journey. About the attribution, crediting us isn't mandatory if you are using our asset packs but we'd be extremely happy if you consider doing so. Have an amazing day and hope our products are of help. 😇

VOiD1 Gaming Team

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Thanks a lot for your kind words. We're extremely happy to be of help in your game development journey yet again. We'll make sure to try out your game😇....Have a great day!

Thank you for your kind words, glad you liked the sound design of our Game.

We're extremely sorry for the long delay in replying as we were packed with playing so many awesome submissions during the Jam and totally missed the comments on our own game😅😅

Thanks a lot!! Glad you liked our Game....We're extremely sorry for the long delay in replying as we were packed with playing so many awesome submissions during the Jam and totally missed the comments on our own game😅😅

Thanks a lot for trying out our game and we're glad it made it to your top 10 list of submissions. We're extremely sorry for the long delay in replying as we were packed with playing so many awesome submissions during the Jam and totally missed the comments on our own game😅😅....Hope you're having an awesome Gaming Journey and an equally amazing day!!

Glad to be of help!! A more extensive expansion for Low-Poly Bike Models is coming up soon, stay tuned if you want to add them to your games as well. Have a great day😇 

Yeah, will look into future updates!

Hey, I appreciate this game; it's simple and fun for the kids to play. However, I could find a few concerns with this project. First of all, the fire sound has no sync with the bullet. If I keep on smashing the space button, then I could listen to the sound, but the bullet frequency doesn't sync with the sound or the button press. Next, If I keep on firing the bullet, I am able to destroy the enemies outside of the screen where they are spawning, So you also need to have a look into that as well. Moreover, you have to introduce additional elements to the game to make it engaging and keep player retention high.

I and my team would love to check your future games in the near future.. All the best!

This game is pretty cool, and I actually enjoyed playing it. However, at the start, it was a bit tricky to understand ho-to-play the game, but later on, it was quick to grab the logic. Well, I was unable to find any UI for what fish I have collected or any kind of points that I gathered, which makes the game a bit bland. Other than that, it was quite satisfying to catch fish this way. I would suggest an inventory system to have different sorts of pins, and we can plant multiple pins at once with, of course, some sort of tradeoff. You have to make this game engaging by adding such elements, and I believe it could rise to the top charts if you do so.

I will be looking forward to its development and future projects. Added you to our list!


This game is fun to play, and it seems like it's very well made. I would suggest shortening the how-to-play section, as so many details at the beginning become too hard for a new player to check at the start. Instead, try to have a short quick, and easy tutorial to get the new player started. Also, it feels as if there are many places where the SFX is missing. So, you can consider looking into that. Overall, the game is good to hang on a bit for sometimes.

We would love to check your future games as well. Subbed!

Yeah, I could understand how tough it could become to balance the two lives. Here, in our team, we also switch between different roles, so take time and get it sorted. Wish you the best!

This game is oddly interesting, as the sound of the rat and the animation implemented is quite satisfying to me. However, I was unable to find out how to play the game exactly.

Anyways, I am quite interested in checking on more such games in the near future, added you to my list!

This game is undoubtedly well-made. The visuals and the overall presentation of the game are commendable! However, I find it really difficult to fit the HTML Player right into my screen, which is a point to look at. Other than that, at the start, it was a bit tricky to understand the game, so a small tutorial should be a key here to get the players picking up quickly.

We would love to play more such games ahead in the future, added you to our list!

A cute, fun, and simple game to enjoy. The idea of this game makes it interesting, but I feel like you have to improve the mechanics of the game even more. I am not sure whether it's intended that you can swipe through the ball to give it a push; therefore, on that note, you have to give it a look. Alternatively, the levels are quite interesting, but the visuals need to improve along with the camera placement. The camera placement is odd and makes it difficult to see ahead what's coming, which is a design flaw instead of being a challenging task.

All the best for your future projects, I and my team would love to give it a try!

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A simple game that is quite fun to play and feels really great! The death animation is satisfying, and as you have implemented the leaderboard, it would be fun for the players to rank and compete with other global players. It would be interesting to look at how the leaderboard holds a large number of players as it seems like it breaks if the same user plays a few times and gets a new high score; it sometimes doesn't register the highest score achieved. Also, one more thing that we noticed is the colliders detect the collision on the obstacles, it feels as if on a few of the mountains, the colliders are not placed at the right place as I can easily go through the tip of the obstacles. Other than that, it is a small fun game to hang on for a few minutes.

Looking forward to more such awesome content!

Portals are one of the most recognizable pop culture references, thanks to awesome games like Portal, and if you wanted to add a Fully Customizable Portal Shader for Unity URP in your Game Projects, we've created a shader for exactly that. You can tweak the speed, twirl, color, type, etc to match your game style and create your own unique variation for adding into your games!!

Link to the Itchio Page -

Hope this helps you with your Game Development process and thanks for choosing our products!! Your support keeps us moving forward!!

With Love, from VOiD1 Gaming....

Wanted a straightforward Circuit Shader for Unity URP to enhance the circuits in your game scene and make them more dynamic? We've got you covered!! With extensive customization and easy-to-use workflow, you can add a dynamic circuit effect, hassle-free....

Hope you have a great experience with out products. Do leave a comment with any queries or suggestions for future assets that you'd like us to make. Thanks and have a great day....

Link to the Itchio Page -

27 Rounded Dice 3D Models for an extremely affordable price!! During our search for some unique Dice Models for our games, we came across a shortage of photorealistic dice models with some unique materials variations, hence we decided to make a few premium 3D Dice Models and share them with everyone who might need some to add to their 3D Board Games. You can find 27 Fully PBR Textured Dice Models with Material variations including Stone, Marble, Dirty Plastic, Cloth, etc, optimized for all sorts of devices. With the 4K Materials provided you can take the in-game camera to extremely close shots for any of your use cases.

Link to the Itchio Page -

Thanks for checking out our asset packs hope they are helpful and for more amazing Free Content visit the VOiD1 Gaming Website.

Thanks a lot....Glad you liked them, have a great day😇

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Finding the right electrical components for adding to your game can be tough. So we bring you 25 commonly used Electronic Components 3D Models for use in your projects. The Models are fully physically accurate and are textured with PBR materials for unparalleled realism.

Link to the Itchio Page -

Electrical components included -

  • 8-Way Dip Switch
  • AA Battery
  • AAA Battery
  • Bipolar Capacitor
  • Bipolar Ceramic Capacitor
  • Ceramic Capacitor
  • CMOS Battery
  • D Battery
  • Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Heatsinks (3X)
  • Integrated Circuits (2X)
  • Microchip K198HT1A
  • Microswitch
  • Mylar Capacitor
  • Polyester Capacitor
  • Resistor
  • Single Phase Rectifier
  • SMDs (3X)
  • Tantalum Capacitor
  • Transistor

Thanks for checking out our asset packs and hope they are helpful for your projects. You can suggest any asset packs you might need in the comments. Have an amazing day....

Glad we could be of help....Have a great day!!😇

If you were searching for a highly realistic Free Dice 3D Model for your table top games like DnD, and Monopoly, we've got you covered!! With this 3D Dice Model being fully PBR with extremely realistic and rustic materials it'll blend right into your game scenes. With High fidelity HD Textures it's perfect for closeup shots too, all while being optimized for all types of game development workflows and platforms.

Link to the Itchio Page -

Hope you have an amazing time using our asset packs, your love is what motivates us in making new assets for you every week!! Consider donating to help us out in getting our daily coffee catalyst of the asset creation process😉....Have a great day....

Support Us on Patreon and help us in making more awesome content for the Community Your Donations keep us moving forward!! You can donate to us over at Buy Me a Coffee as well!

The story portrayed is indeed great! Keep up the good work!

That's great! We would love to check it out.

Sounds great! Do share your video when done; we would love to check that out!

Hello Indrini,

Hope you're having a great day! It's absolutely fine to use our music packs in projects other than games. The Music assets are catered towards Game Development, however there are no restrictions as to where you may use them. So yeah, using them as the Background Music in your YouTube videos is not at all restricted.

Redistribution of the music files is not permitted though, you may go through the included license for more details.

Have a great time with your YouTube endeavor, glad we could be of help!!

Photo references are one of the most important resources to have while designing any aspect of your project. Here is a Trains - Photo Reference Pack for ideation of all your Hardsurface/Vehicle/Train models or artworks. With 60+ images comprising the common to the most obscure parts of a train, this reference pack is guaranteed to spark that lightbulb in your mind to create some great designs of your own.

Link to the Itchio Page -

A Puref file with all the images embedded is also provided so that you don't have to go through the hassle of importing and embedding 60+ High-quality images into Puref. If you don't have Puref it's highly recommended to download it for any reference-related work. Best part? It's FREE!!

We're back with the Complete collection of 3D Easter Eggs Models and have left no stone unturned to get the best quality and variations of Easter Eggs to make your Game Scene sparkle with Festive Joy!! 

Link to the Itchio Page -

With over 40 Texture Variations and an included Substance Painter file for infinite customizability, you're sure to have fun placing these easter eggs throughout your game scenes. Have them as a collectible or just as a set dressing, they are definitely going to turn heads.

DCC-specific PBR workflows like UE4, Unity HDRP, and Unity URP, texture maps are also included in the pack, available as separate downloads.

Happy Holidays and hope you have a great Game Development Journey!!😇