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Get 2 Procedurally created PBR Acoustic Foam Materials for use in your game scenes. This PBR Material asset pack was created fully in Substance Designer procedurally with fine-tuned control over every aspect of the material. The Asset pack contains 1K resolution texture maps for free!!

🎉Stay tuned for the Pro pack coming out next week with loads of new Acoustic Foam types, 4K Textures, and SBSAR files with full procedural controls for unparalleled customization.

☝BEST PART? It's FREE for PATRONS this entire MONTH from the date of release!!

For more details check out the itchio page for this asset pack -

Thanks for all the support and love for our asset packs!! Your support helps us create more premium and affordable stuff for the Indie Game Development Community.

Hey Statewold,

Thanks for using our asset. We hope that it helped you.

Also, thanks for the mention!

Yes, you can use it both for personal and commercial projects. However, please check the license file included in the pack for better clarity of the use case.

Searching for Leaves Atlases for populating your game scenes? We've got you covered!! Get both the front and rear of a leaf in this Leaf Atlas - PBR Material and use it as a decal, or texture your plants with it. The asset is scanned from a real world source making it photorealistic, and it is processed with proper PBR Workflow in mind for hassle free integration in your Game Engine or DCC app of your choice.

Link to the Itchio Page -

More leaves and branches atlas and their 4K variants are in the works so stay tuned!! Time to make your game scenes a little greener.

Thanks a lot for using our asset, glad that it helped you. 

Haha, yeah welcome.

Quite interesting to play, however, there are a few things that need a quick fix, first, the resolution of the web player seems to be very odd, secondly, I broke the game when I turn the player back again to the previous ring and lastly once the game is broke the game makes no point to playing as the rings start to appear on random places running the score. have a look into the issue, you can also try adding more features to the game in the near future.

Well, one more cube runner game. It would be really great to see some innovative concepts added on top of it. 

This game is super fun to play and it is really well-made! The level design is quite awesome as it maintains a good level progression. Personally, the audio could have been better, currently, it is too much distracting. Other than that the mechanics of game and the overall feel is top-notch!

yeah, okay cool!

This is cool but I think this can be further scaled up for a solid tool for various purposes. Currently, it's just in a very preliminary stage. 

It would have been great to see this game in a full-fledged complete manner. Also, the right-left movement seems to be very odd as it should be smooth, and also the rolling mechanics are not up to the mark.

Honestly, I couldn't understand the game but the effect of the gun is great!

Is it a fully completed game or just a random one?

Yeah, working on these mentioned points would enhance the game feel. Looking forward to your future builds!

That's really great! Thanks for using our asset, Hope it helped!

Yeah, that's a good decision.

Yeah, sounds great!

It means we would love to check your upcoming games in the near future.

Finally played a Flappy Bird game with decent controls! Most of the games available have really bad controls and movement mechanics ruining the entire game feel, it's great to see this game coming up ahead with at least considerably decent mechanics. Well, there are a few things that needed to be fixed if you are going to update it somehow for a good experience, first, the BG image at some point seem as if there's a cut which means the BG sprite piece are not stitched together neatly, second, the player seems to die close to the obstacle which means your colliders are too big as a comparison to player geometry leading to this scene. Also, you can improve further the level design and add some more obstacles or features to the game to make It different from the original classic game. Experimentation on the base game would make it super crazy to try! 

All the best for your future games, we would love to check on you ahead of time. 

Played something different today, however, it would have been great if we could add some beats to the music according to the player input, which would have made more sense for the score. Also, there should be some point in the game where the player would fail, this would make it more challenging and enjoyable. Other than that it's quite a cool small game to play and enjoy. 

We would love to check more such awesome concepts ahead of time, all the best for your future projects!

Interesting, loved the concept of the game. However, you could try to improve the movement mechanics of the game, that's what ruined the experience of the game, other than that you could also try making the graphics of the game something appealing, lastly, a tutorial inside the game would be really helpful to get our hands on it. 

Quite an interesting and differently made game. This is something unique but odd at the same time. However, just for a small trial for a Jam, it's quite good to experience but if we talk about the game as a whole then definitely no, I would not prefer to play this. Anyways, played something different, and that's what I like about it.

We would love to check more stuff from you ahead of time.

Yeah, looking forward to seeing more such exciting stuff!

Cool, sounds great!

This game is really great to play! The concept of this game is quite awesome and well-implemented! Also, being a Game Jam I must say a well-crafted game. 

We would love to check out more exciting games ahead of time. 

(1 edit)

This game is quite fun to play. For the first time, we are experiencing Google Forms for a game on itch, which was something unusual and great! Coming back to the game there are a lot of points on which this game needs to be improved, especially the level design. Currently, the level design doesn't follow up a nice progression and at some points, the obstacles are placed too shortly just after the game starts which makes the player give up playing the game. Additional content in the terms of game mechanics can be added to spice up things. 

We would love to check your future products ahead of time. 

A great try to make the classic PONG Game, however, there are many things that can be improved further to make this game well enjoyable, most importantly the mechanics of the game and the movement controls. Currently, the pace of the game is also too slow to make it a competition. So upon fixing these things the game would feel really great to play. 

Quite a small fun game to play, It would be really great to see you coming up with more exciting games ahead of time. 

Though games of this genre are not what I used to play, I can still say the overall portrayal of the story was quite nice, especially blending with the images. 

That's great! Thanks for using the asset pack, hope it helps!

We would love to check your game out. 

Wanted some Stylized Brick Wall PBR Material for your games to get that cute stylized look? We've added a new  Stylized Brick Wall Material exactly for that purpose. You'll get 1024px textures for the PBR Metallic Roughness workflow for help with Physically Based Rendering workflows in all the major Game Engines. Game Engine Specific Material Maps, 4K Textures, and SBSAR File for limitless customizability is coming up in the Stylized Materials Collection soon.

Link to the Itchio Page -

Thanks for the suggestion. We'd be more than happy to create a sandwich board but the end user has to do the weight painting and parenting of the board to the character model of choice. We'll certainly provide some custom sandwich board templates as upcoming additions in the "Free 3D Assets Collection" along with some belts/attachments soon. You can integrate them into your character models depending on the requirement.
Feel free to contact us here if you have any queries or suggestions. Have a great day ahead.

The new Stylized Modern Teapot model is now available in the Free 3D Assets Collection. The Teapot 3D Model has been textured with fully PBR Materials and is of real-life dimensions for accurate lighting effects. You'll get 4096px textures for all major PBR Workflow and can seamlessly integrate it into any scene.

Link to the Itchio Page -

Yeah, if the requirement is not there it should not be added, however, as a user, I would still want it to be there in this game specifically to make things seamless and doable than unable to perform certain actions and break the feel. 

We are glad that it helped. Great game though!

That sounds great!

That's great! Thanks for the information. We would love to check your game out. 

The controls are not smooth and you should be adding the basic feature of platformers like coyote time, jump curve, etc to spice up things. The wall jump feels good but it can be improved further by making the entire feel seamless. 

A 3D Barbell Model is one of the most important assets for completing a 3D Gym Scene. Here is a Free Barbell 3D Model for all your 3D Gym scenes in your games. The Asset is textured with fully PBR Materials and has a cute stylized look for more appeal. You'll also get the Barbell, Weights, and a stopper screw as individual models for seamless modular use.

Link to the Itchio Page -