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Sounds Great!

This game is really fun to play. Based on a simple concept this game could win the market if done right ahead. Really well done. Just you need to scale this game up with polished mechanics and controls and I really believe that this could climb the top charts., 


Quite an interesting game. The concept of this game is good but you need to polish this game in terms of gameplay as currently it is preliminary and needs some major work to make it playable. The artwork is great, the presentation is also quite good. The player is shaking most of the time and the movement controls are not at all smooth. The player also seems to be stuck in a weird position. Also, check when moving forward the player's sprite is moving down for some reason. 


Quite an interesting and fun to play. There are a few things that requires severe optimization in order to make this game playable.

  • The level design could be improved more. Currently, the placement of the barrels is not at all good. The difficulty should ramp up gradually with the game progress.
  • The camera following the player is at a bad angle, for this reason it is really hard to tell if the player would collide or not if the player moves to the side.
  • Also integrate a real running animation with locomotion to make this more natural than just continuously moving the transform/giving some force. 
  • The player is going to the side way too slowly and sliding most of the time.

Ohh okay, that's cool. 

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Cool game, the vehicle controller is also quite nice to play. The background music doesn't actually suit the game so better change that up to something soothing. 

Hello, can you please check your build? For Some reason, it's not working and also showing on such a small screen that it's unpayable. 

Cool Simple and fun game. Well done. Just make sure to increase the text typing speed as it is way too slow, also, don't make the player slide when it is walking as it seems really odd. 

Okay, that was neat, quite a good simple, and fun Lil game to enjoy. This is definitely a good memory sharpener game for kids to increase their focus and sharpness. Well done, try to map some keyboard inputs as there are players who would love to just press a key and go for the fastest finger fast rather than clicking it every time. Also, am curious to know are these procedurally generated or you have hard-coded them. You can actually make it endless if you just get the right trick. 

As you are submitting for a jam, keeping tons of text would make people lose their patience and they won't rate you that properly. So consider keeping text precise, clear and to the point next time for better retention. 

Nah, nothing is really happening. It's just a completely blank screen.                                                                      

That Sounds Great!

Really an interesting game with a cool concept. I really enjoyed playing it. However, you have to still make this game a bit smooth and the controls need to be polished more. The movement and the gameplay could be enhanced so that the feel would be at its extreme. But definitely a great concept.

Simple and good game but a lot of texts! Keeping it precise for Game Jam should be the priority.

Can you please check the build if it's working? For some reason, after made with unity logo it's completely blank. 

The concept of this game is good but you need to polish this game a bit more as currently, it feels really boring. There's no way out, no aim of the game stating what we need to do, no sound, and no feel. Also, we have to tap the movement button a thousand times in order to make the ghost move from starting of the map to the ending which is really annoying and is a feel breaker. So polish this up and integrate a good story or something that gives the player reason to play which would turn this game super interesting.


This game is fun and interesting to play. It is quite simple and enjoyable. Well done. Just make sure to check out the enemy patrolling between two points as their speed is getting multiplied if they tend to travel between short paths, so, basically, they seem like they are bouncing.  Next, if the player is losing one life then there should be some sort of feedback to the user so that he/she could know what happened. Also, how about adding powerups and other such interesting elements to this game to boost up the feel?

Sounds Great!

Simple and casual game but the problem is I never got the rest of the elements from this small map, seems impossible. 

This story was really inetersting and you have joined the right pieces together, well done! It would have been great if you have changed the background music according to the situation. Rest everything is fine.


This game is quite interesting and fun to play, seems to be very unique than other game out there in the market but there are a lot of things you need to polish up so that it can be playable fully. Currently, it breaks the feel as we cannot enjoy it. 

  • The camera perspective is not set at the right position, this is the reason it's difficult to understand the opponent's position and shoot them, most difficult is to orient the Core exactly to the enemy.
  • Make sure to change up the camera angles dynamically instead of staying at the same position, this is because, if the player comes exactly in front of us, it's hard to see if the shoot position is matching its direction.
  • The background should have some sort of color so that the bulled doesn't match with it. 
  • Make Sure to highlight the bullet to something distinct in order to separate it from other elements of the game.
  • The rotation animation on the COre should have some smoothing to make it feel good. 
  • Lastly, check some other stuff in this game that breaks the feel and fix it. This game has the good potential to climb the top charts, just polish it as much as possible. 

You are always welcome.

This game is quite fun to play and could be a good casual game ahead If done right but there are a few points that break the feel. First, the level design is not that great as the levels seem to be not well-thought and just left out in the preliminary stage. If the Marbel falls down in such a section where there's no way out, you should either fail the game and restart the level or else keep some way from that section, next, one ramp collider is a bit down so that the marble was unable to climb it. also, for most of the part the level design doesn't make any sense, Therefore concentrate on polishing this game with the right mechanics and visuals to climb up the top charts, 


The concept of this game is pretty cool and interesting. I really like the concept but the game couldn't have been made in a far better way. For now, this is interesting to play but you need to take care of a few things to make this super awesome to play -

  • Make sure to spawn all of your vehicles outside of the screen as currently, it looks way too odd looking at the vehicle spawning in front of the eyes every time.
  • Make sure the Game Logic working perfectly as sometimes the game starts with the vehicle at the center which looks weird.
  • You can scale up this game to 4 sided traffic and make it a simulator-type game ahead as the concept is quite good.

Really fun to play and a cool game. The mechanics are quite polished, the level design is good, the progression as of now seems decent, and the rest of everything else is quite acceptable. You are going in the right direction, however, as it is under development phase, here are some ideas to consider to make this game even more super polished -

1. The jump is quick and snappy giving the right platformer feel. But also make sure to integrate the coyote time and the jump buffer to juice up the feel.

2. If possible and if it suits your gameplay then why not keep multi jump? Only if required.

3. Add some particle effect when the player lands on the surface after jumping.

4. Plosh up the Camer Movement a bt and make sure that the camera doesn't move always, rather it should track the player whenever it's needed.

5. Instead of keeping a completely black background, consider adding up some parallax background to feel good. 

6. The current progression of the game is quite good and going in the right direction, so, do check that ahead of time while developing this game. 

7. How about adding up power-ups and more such things to this game, for example, Super Dash, Stomp, etc.

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This game seems to be interesting but it's unplayable, without any context, controls instruction, or tutorials, we don't even know how to play this game and what its aim is. 

The story is quite interesting but it's too short and could be better. I guess spending a bit of time polishing this with new ways could make this game super intersting. 

Ohh okay, that makes sense, yeah, you can change it to the normal controls and make it very responsive. For the gameplay, yes, you might need to change it drastically but that would be worth it as then it would be super awesome and fun to play. Also, if you don't gather up too many ideas, it's quite okay to move on to the next idea if you have any. 

ohh okay.

That sounds great!

This is really an awesome fun game. The concept is interesting, the controls and the movement mechanics are great, really loved playing it. well done. There are a few things you could have done better but seeing it as the jam game, it's completely fine. 

Confused about how to play this game? Just Click?


This is undoubtedly an awesome game with a really cool concept. The mechanics are really polished, the game itself shows up great potential, the level design is great, and every other thing of this game is awesome. The difficulty curve was a bit harsh but as it is submitted for a Game Jam it completely makes sense. Maybe the only missing factors in this game are good SFX and visual effects, apart from that, Really Well done. Full 5 Star.

Seems to be interesting but there are a lot of things that you need to polish first. For some reason, the controls are either not responsive enough always or just not working, so check that first. Then, a few bg sprites seem to spawn randomly, also, at one point (doesn't happen always) the player just went really high by continuously pressing the jump button. You can make the movement mechanics polished up a bit while also increasing the game pace to make it super interesting to play. 

It's really an interesting and fun to play game. The concept of this game is really unique. As the game progressed ahead, I really enjoyed playing it. Well done, There are a few points you need to polish to make this game super awesome to play.

  • The invisible bounding box makes the game feel really weird.
  • Mistakenly I threw the fish outside of the boundary box at the start and the game was unplayable after that as the player needs to catch the fish and it cannot cross the bounding box you have provided.
  • Increase the difficulty slowly, don't just ramp up too quickly.
  • The player movement could be a bit better.
  • There are possibilities of more obstacles.
  • Also, consider adding other mechanics and powers to this game that would really uplift the feel of the same. 
  • You can add good SFX and visual effects to this game to juice up the feel.

Quite an inetersting and fun game. A few things here to notice, is it real-time, like real-time Multiplayer, if yes it doesn't feel like it is actually and multiplayer game where thousands of players playing in real time, it is more like you have faked it with various players. Also, although, the concept is good, what's the point of such a game which just ends in a few microseconds.