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Seems fun but p2 is very troublesome on a qwerty keyboard (the keys are hard wired to q/z), so it was difficult to play

most games propose something else (I think it's stripe?); some propose a choice between paypal and Stripe. I have no idea what the logistics are and if it works for you, but maybe you want to look into it? I'd love to be able to buy this here, not on Steam, if possible (I generally avoid Steam).

I can't paypal either :(

Cool game, looks good, and the enemy mechanics are interesting

I chuckled out loud. Very nice little game :)

I don't have a Vive but this presentation page is amazing

Oh I follow you alright :)

Good continuation and hope to see more of your stuff! Strangely not enough *actual* procedural art in video games (as in, not randomized-assets-trying-to-look-like-real-stuff)

I'm so sorry this doesn't get more views; pretty amazing! Deserves more recognition.

It runs smoothly and nicely on my laptop (xps 15 - 960M).

It's amazing and overwhelming to go through those shapes and caves. It kinda gave me the same feeling as NMS (which is a compliment, I think NMS was really cool - minus the survival stuff). I wish there were more varied shapes, because it does get boring after a while.

If I am the target audience, and if you'd like to expand on the concept, I wouldn't add gameplay at all, but focus on having more shapes, colors, and maybe being able to shrink/grow. Maybe add moving parts, or maybe mix different types of fractales (such as chunky ones that look like cities). The more time/money budget I'd get, the more I'd add weird things, procedurally generated insects and life, trees. But I can't think of good gameplay to add to this (maybe I just haven't thought of this enough).

Very interesting game, thanks a lot for putting this out.

This should be part of the website by default, good idea

I like it! Simple and interesting, with good feedback. On a side note, your link to PGR is missing a .com :)

That would be super. If you want to send me your Linux build, maybe I can help debugging (I'm a dev and used to Linux), no pressure though, I perfectly understand not wanting to add one more concern during the devving of the game. If you manage to get a Linux version working, I'd be grateful if you can ping me. Keep up the good work!

That would be super cool, thanks a bunch!

I actually prefer Shootout Inc to SuperHot (which I found super-classy, but a bit meh on the gameplay side). I think the awesome mechanic they came up with works better with the top-down angle, it removes uncertainty and makes it a pure game of strategy. I get the same thrills I get in Hotline. In short, I really dig the game :)

I like the game and would like to pay, but I can't use Paypal (paypal blacklists my country, as well as a bunch of others, for no given reason). If you choose another payment gateway, I could pay for what I think is a cool game that deserves to have a price.

I know that my 5$ are not worth it, but I just wanted to let you know, in case it's easy to set up another gateway.

Seems awesome, but I'm on Linux, any chance of a Linux version? I'd be happy to help with testing.

very cool. Didn't get that I could move on the Y axis for a while and was wondering why I wasn't collecting the rings, no matter how precisely I hit them with my ball...Then saw the gif...Felt dumb

63 now...Getting there

Can't seem to get past 48s (, but I've been playing for 10 minutes only. Very cool. I'll break that 93 score on the screenshot. And Colonel Kilgore is definitely the best character.

Yup, indeed, works like a charm now. It's the fastest electron app I've ever seen, by the way; quite impressive.

Funny and cute, but if I hadn't finished Madoka just a few weeks ago and had the last episodes spoiled in an unskippable super long cutscene, I would've been incredibly pissed! DON'T play this game if you haven't watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka. DO play this game if you want a little mindless fun and have watched it, OR don't care about watching it.

For anyone on the fence about trying this, TRY IT. It's really good.

Niiiiice :)

Played Doom2016 for 5 hours, I maintain SEUM seems more doomy. Did you get useful feedback from the event?

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I installed the app from Aur.

When launched for the first time, I was presented with the "enter your credentials" screen. After I did, I was brought up to a screen that was half black, half dark grey. Since I was obviously looking at a rendering artifact, I decided to try to click somewhere in case it could trigger a re-rendering, but the app crashed on me.

Since then, running the app just presents me with a black screen. Running it from the command line doesn't ouput anything useful but says this:

Production environment, using optimized settings

NODE_ENV manually set to development

I don't see how it can be a production and a development environment at the same time, but I doubt this is the source of my problems.

It's not really a bother as I prefer using the website anyway (multiple tabs is a mandatory comfort feature for me), but just thought I'd let you guys know. I'm available for debugging if you need me to do anything.

Aside, where is the best place to report bugs? Here, or on github?

Full log available here:

I see. Thanks for the clarification. In that case, don't scratch what I said above. On the subject of spending money on here, bought your book! It seems interesting. I do want to get into making my own games so desperately.

Actually, I opened a second game and there was a "pay by card" option, which worked. So I suppose it's a per-game setting? Scratch all I said above then.

I've observed, followed, supported, and been in love with since I first heard about it. However, I was always too poor to buy anything. Today I came, credit card in hand, and browsed, happy to buy just about anything, because I want to support the platform and the devs on it. With sheer horror, I saw only paypal works here.

Paypal blacklists a number of countries, including mine (Lebanon), for no apparent reason. Years of petitions and appeals have been left utterly unanswered by the company (as in, not a a single word or commentary), so there's 0 hope this will ever change.

Absolutely every other payment gateway works worldwide: Google Checkout, Stripe, Skrill, whatever. Paypal is the only one that does this.

I hope you guys implement just absolutely any alternative, as I'd be happier buying my games here rather than on Steam/Humble/Gog.

There's a feature request here: but specifically about Google Checkout, so I thought I'd still put in a word.

This seems interesting, and I like the idea of simple controls, but I wish it would come out on Linux

Nice to hear! I really wanna play that thing :)

Showed it to a few of my friends, they're hyped too. Wish you the best of luck!

Any news? (actually commenting mainly to click the "subscribe to this topic", so totally ok if there aren't any)


Find a photo reference that is close to the kind of mood you want, and try to understand what creates it. Is it because the shadows are soft? Hard? Are things blurry in the distance fast, or do they remain sharp? Do they lose color as they are more distant, or does their color shift? If yes, towards which color (usually blue outside, grey inside). Etc. Also, you don't have to play with lighting only, you can fake lighting by drawing shadows in your textures for example.

What I'd do is take this image you have, and draw over it in some painting app to try to get the mood I want, then think how I could reproduce it with the tools I have. Again I'm not a pro by any stretch...But that's what I'd do.

Super nice design and very nice modelling. it's a pleasure to look at.

I really liked the library (I love huge libraries), and I'd hate to see that potential not be exploited to the max. I'm not the best light engineer out there, but If I can help, do not hesitate to ping me (don't know if there's actually a pm feature in these forums).

I like the very busy and colorful environment, as well as the low-res textures and all that. It gives your renders a special feel. However, I think you should really work your lighting. Specially the library shots, they could look so much better with some light work. What game is that?

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I think it's quite cool, personally. I certainly don't have anything so detailed.

Here's what I'm working on:

Skeleton Skin Modifier by xananax on Sketchfab

This is a fairly accurate skeleton (as far as proportions are concerned, not the exact shape of bones), very low-poly. The skull and teeth are classically modeled, but the rest is entirely made with the skin modifier (so very easy to customize).

I plan to use him for an anatomy study. I've begun placing muscles:


The muscles themselves are simply lines with skin modifier applied. I intend to put a mesh on top with shrinkwrap, and rig the muscles to deform correctly when the bones move. Just a fun project, I don't know if I'll finish.

Grepr was already amazing. I look forward to this.

This is around 5000% more doomy than what Doom 4 seems to be, and around one quadrillion more doomy than Doom 3 was. I will definitely play the hell out of that.