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I would like to store JSON values as properties of characters, as well as be able to procedurally create dialogues from bits and pieces.

I propose that the method Dialogue.start_dialogue(json_path) receives a sibling method Dialogue.start_from_data(data, character), where data is pre-parsed json (or, in my case, generated).

A possibly better API would be:

  • Dialogue.set_data(data)
  • Dialogue.set_data_from_file(json_path)
  • Dialogue.start()

Then the external Dialogue.start_dialogue API could stay as it is, but use the underlying set_data_from_file.

An additional though: if the two set_data* methods return self, then one can do:

Dialogue.set_data(data, character, context).start()
# or
Dialogue.set_data_from_file(json_path, character, context).start()

Hello! Great plugin.

I’m looking to use it in an RPG where talking with people might trigger actions on those people. For example, a person might be able to barter with you.

Or, a person may like/dislike you for saying certain things.

I know I can run global actions, but I would want to run methods in the context of the character you’re speaking to.

One way I’ve found to do this would be to have an autoload singleton like so:

# Interact singleton
var character

func dislike(): = - 1

func open_barter_dialog():

Then, before starting a dialog, setting Interact.character = current_char, before Dialogue.start_dialogue.

Then, my script nodes can call dislike() and open_barter_dialog.

That works if every character has the same actions, but that means it’s very hard to call a specific command for a specific character.

A more flexible solution would be:

# Interact singleton
var character

func command(command_name: String, args: Array):
  if character.has_method(command_name):
    var func = funcref(character, command_name)

And then use in my scripts: command("invoke_devil", ["candles", "sulfur"]).

That seems overly cumbersome and very easy to get wrong.

Slightly different, but related:

How would I get local variables in text variables?

For example, I need a class of characters to change their text based on if they saw the player steal before or not. But each character individually tracks if they saw the player steal or not.

How can do: if current_character.<some value>: branch 1 else: branch 2?

Seems to me like the only way is also to set the character, then read character.has_seen_player == true. Which is ok, but also less practical than having access to a context.

Much easier for both problems would be to be able to do:

Dialogue.start_dialogue(json, character, context), where context is usable to call methods or retrieve values. The @ could be used to denote the local context, rather than global context. Otherwise, another character could be used.

Addictive and well polished little game. I went back to play it several times

Luciano I have a request from you also, please package all your belongings and tell me when you’re ready, I’ll tell you where to send them.

It’s ok if some of your clothes are old, I’ll accept them. I need your stuff, all of it (you can leave one pair of pants and one shirt for yourself). Please hurry.

Interesting concept and game. Controls are good too!

Excellent little game. I like how it looks, controls are nice. The mechanic probably would become stale if the game was hours long, but as a minigame it’s perfect.

Very fun

The Roadmap is on Github, but “how you can help” is not obvious. You should add it to meta or link to the relevant section of the

Cute and does what it says on the tin. Specially polished for a game made in such a short time.

I wished for some variety in the shapes, because, at least in easy mode, since you can “teleport” the cursor (by moving the mouse), as long as you stay focused, it’s very hard to lose. In hard, it’s almost unfair as the view is not large enough to predict what’s going to come.

Of course, I do not think it’s fair to call out a gamejam game made quick on such refinements, but I’m nitpicking :)

The music is fun and engaging, and I found myself trying to avoid the hexagons while making the cursor dance.

As a fan of Super Hexagon, this is a nice variation and I can see myself playing it a little more.

All in all, good job!

Yep, I confirm, the install button shows in Windows now

(1 edit)

Hmmm sorry it was me being stupid. The game isn’t available for Windows! I noticed the “Install” button appeared on my Linux box.

That’s even better and a great surprise, I’m just so not used to games being available on Linux and not Windows that it didn’t occur to me to check before now.

Sorry for the worry!

Excellent! That makes me so happy. Thank you so much

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I think if you use Butler it should directly pick the executable. If you manually upload, there may be some convention to how you should do things, not sure (I’ve only used Butler).

The game seems super interesting, but I haven’t installed it for that reason yet. It’s really petty of me, but bypassing the app makes my launcher also not pick it up, which makes it not listed in my “games to try” list, etc.

I’m not saying that to put pressure on you to fix it, I’m saying that to give context as to why I am not giving you any feedback on the game proper. I’ll keep checking for a few times and if you haven’t had time to fix it, I’ll install Crescent manually, it’s totally ok, no sweat.

(1 edit)

– edit –

Me being stupid, I didn’t read that Crescent wasn’t available on Windows and by coincidence I just happened to be using my Windows machine which I almost never do. The message I wrote is thus irrelevant.

Original message below

Any chance you’d make the game discoverable by the itch app? From the app, I only get “open page”. I can download Crescent Loom from the website, but I like using the app to keep things nice n tidy.

​This is the game I’ve always wanted to play. Ever since playing A Link to the Past in the 90s, I’ve anticipated each Zelda, awaiting “A Short Hike”. This is my favorite game of all time. It’s cute, soothing, beautiful, easy to handle, doesn’t last a minute longer than it needs to (but offers a decent amount of optional content if you want to stay longer). I love this game.

Thank you so much for this game, I’ve literally waited for it my whole life.

Excellent! I'll gladly beta-test/debug if need be

When/if you do please answer in this thread! I'd love to play this too, this game seems wonderful

Probably too low. Games shouldn't be priced under $20, it's a shame that game makers have to do that to comply with expectations set by a terrible culture created by mobile stores and constant discounts.

I really hope you consider supporting Linux, I'm really eager to play this!

How about two?

I liked it, it was fun and somewhat refreshing.

The handling of jumping/gravity is interesting, the character is very "weighty". It's a change, for sure.

It makes some jumps difficult to predict and some death feel unfair as a result, but still better than too floaty.

Generally pleasant to play. All in all a decent prototype, kudos!

Cute little game that does exactly what it says on the tin. Fun, nice graphics

Seems fun but p2 is very troublesome on a qwerty keyboard (the keys are hard wired to q/z), so it was difficult to play

most games propose something else (I think it's stripe?); some propose a choice between paypal and Stripe. I have no idea what the logistics are and if it works for you, but maybe you want to look into it? I'd love to be able to buy this here, not on Steam, if possible (I generally avoid Steam).

I can't paypal either :(

Cool game, looks good, and the enemy mechanics are interesting

I chuckled out loud. Very nice little game :)

I don't have a Vive but this presentation page is amazing

Oh I follow you alright :)

Good continuation and hope to see more of your stuff! Strangely not enough *actual* procedural art in video games (as in, not randomized-assets-trying-to-look-like-real-stuff)

I'm so sorry this doesn't get more views; pretty amazing! Deserves more recognition.

It runs smoothly and nicely on my laptop (xps 15 - 960M).

It's amazing and overwhelming to go through those shapes and caves. It kinda gave me the same feeling as NMS (which is a compliment, I think NMS was really cool - minus the survival stuff). I wish there were more varied shapes, because it does get boring after a while.

If I am the target audience, and if you'd like to expand on the concept, I wouldn't add gameplay at all, but focus on having more shapes, colors, and maybe being able to shrink/grow. Maybe add moving parts, or maybe mix different types of fractales (such as chunky ones that look like cities). The more time/money budget I'd get, the more I'd add weird things, procedurally generated insects and life, trees. But I can't think of good gameplay to add to this (maybe I just haven't thought of this enough).

Very interesting game, thanks a lot for putting this out.

This should be part of the website by default, good idea

I like it! Simple and interesting, with good feedback. On a side note, your link to PGR is missing a .com :)

That would be super. If you want to send me your Linux build, maybe I can help debugging (I'm a dev and used to Linux), no pressure though, I perfectly understand not wanting to add one more concern during the devving of the game. If you manage to get a Linux version working, I'd be grateful if you can ping me. Keep up the good work!

That would be super cool, thanks a bunch!

I actually prefer Shootout Inc to SuperHot (which I found super-classy, but a bit meh on the gameplay side). I think the awesome mechanic they came up with works better with the top-down angle, it removes uncertainty and makes it a pure game of strategy. I get the same thrills I get in Hotline. In short, I really dig the game :)

Hello, I have had my eye on Detective Chirpums for a while. It's on my list, always go back to it, wonder why I haven't bought it yet, and every time I click "buy", I remember: there isn't a payment option beside Paypal. You probably don't know, but of all the existing payment gateways, Paypal is the only one that decides on its own and for no reason to blacklist certain countries. I live in such a country, and thus can't use Paypal.

I know that I'm in a very small minority, and it's probably not worth setting a new payment gateway just for the 1% of potential buyers, but in case it's not too difficult to set up, it would be cool. Keep up the good work!

I know my modest contribution would be insignificant, but just in case it isn't too hard switching/adding a payment gateway, I want to let you know paypal is the only payment gateway in the world that blacklists certain countries (without any given reason, despite numerous national appeals). I happen to live in such a blacklisted country...And I'd really like to play Gods of Nowhere :(

I like the game and would like to pay, but I can't use Paypal (paypal blacklists my country, as well as a bunch of others, for no given reason). If you choose another payment gateway, I could pay for what I think is a cool game that deserves to have a price.

I know that my 5$ are not worth it, but I just wanted to let you know, in case it's easy to set up another gateway.

Seems awesome, but I'm on Linux, any chance of a Linux version? I'd be happy to help with testing.

very cool. Didn't get that I could move on the Y axis for a while and was wondering why I wasn't collecting the rings, no matter how precisely I hit them with my ball...Then saw the gif...Felt dumb

63 now...Getting there