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Create cool 2D games with a free game editor! · By Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

Roadmap and how You can help Sticky

A topic by Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych created Jul 30, 2018 Views: 436 Replies: 9
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The roadmap is now available at ct.js site.

This is a list of short-term plans for ct.js:

  • Graphics management overhaul.
  • Add extends in room editor, that allow to set scale, rotation, and other fields
  • Module support in code completion.
  • rework ct.keyboard, ct.mouse into something more abstract — into a mapped input system like seen in Unreal Engine, that also allows to integrate other input methods (like gyroscope, gamepad) with ease. Ideally, there should be a system where a programmer listens to actions, that are described as an aggregation of different inputs, e.g. action "To Left" that combines the "A" key, the arrow button, and gamepad stick or d-pad. Done!

Long-term plans:

  • Moar turorials.
  • pathfinding;
  • UI editor.
  • come up with how to keep catmods updated and easily distributable. Not relevant yet.
  • support Google Fonts in styles editor; You can now add your own ttf fonts to ct.js project, thus Google Fonts are in low priority now.

How You Can Help

  • write tutorials! You can create it on your site or send it here, so it will be added to official docs.
  • create a module:
    • ct.gamepad — similarly to ct.keyboard to support gamepad inputs.

Completed and Included into Releases

  • Multiple tile selection in the room editor
  • WebGL renderer (released in alpha channel);
  • Add a module ct.sound.howler which will replace a standard sound API with howler.js, which is a more modern and flexible sound implementation for larger games. This will be a non-breaking change.
  • Update keyboard API to conform with modern standards. The current one is deprecated, so await breaking changes.
  • Additions to room editor for tiled maps.
  • Internal game debugger.
  • Collision detection optimizations.
  • Environment Querying System

Adding on the polygon collision detection, being able to make collision boxes out of more than one shape would be good. That way it would be possible to make curvy shapes and hit boxes 

Nice work! Does you have any plan to support Facebook Instant Games platform?


No and never thought about it.



would be cool to add an event sheet type visual programming that generates javascript code


It requires an enormous amount of work, otherwise, it will be a mediocre limiting crap similar to Scratch. Scratch-like languages seen in YoYo Game Maker or Construct give no value, because they are just a line-by-line graphic/text representation of real code. JS is already easy to learn and is infinitely deep, so I would not add another language that will be thrown away by a user after two-three weeks of use, but would rather gradually teach a user how to code on js.

If we're talking about a holy grail similar to Unreal Engine's blueprints, a bunch of delicate questions appears. What about modules? What happens if one was removed/added? How to preserve JS flexibility and its prototype-based typing? What about purely JS, not-ct-targeted libraries? And, yeah, it requires even more work to be put into.


Instance variables exposed to the scene editor




The roadmap is now available at ct.js site.