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I've been updating the by added some voice actor and sound FX to the game, also tweak the graphic a little bit.

If you have the time, please try to download and play it.

Thank you

We already update the game and also fix the menu issue. Please enjoy

Thank you for letting us know, we will check the collision on the game and will update the game.

We will upload the updated fixed version this week. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Thank you, you also create a game with an interesting concepts, but I think the bullet stuck on the desk when I try to shoot the green dots on the other side of the desk.

Ooo my bad. The rating options already shows up.

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If you play till the end, there will be a reinforcement up in the sky. Pretty epic cutscene. Cute little game you have, I think the mine is more effective than the infantry. I spam the enemy with mines.

Thanks, I'll give feedback to your game also. Already download it, I'll leave a comment as soon as I finished playing it.

I'm sorry to post this but, how's the winner of the jam selected? Because I can't find any rating system on the submission page. Thank you

Hold back the enemies until the reinforcement arrives. Play this tower shooter game in browser or windows platform

Ooo.. yeah. The spawning rate is just too fast I think.

 It's a nice game, but It would better if I can see the line of fire. Good job for a 3 days game.

Thank you for playing, you can download the windows version for better gameplay.

Cute character, I like it. And also an interesting mechanic. "Death is just the beginning". Lol

So to be on the safe -side of the admins, what if before I published my game, there will be any procedure in a way that I can make it a draft, and then admins or any officials from the to examine it first just-in-case. Or if you guys don't have that kind of procedure maybe you should make one.

Is it legal If I created an in-apps purchase system in my web game that connected to my own server?

Thank you.

Ooo so sorry. I'll keep that in mind.

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It's just an idea, but what if can provide us some API for my web game, so that people that trying to play my game would have to enter some secret code that is provided by system. Or maybe get some credential from their user's login info / session, so only people that already buy my game can play the game. Or provide us with some API that we can use whenever we are initiating some function via JSON format or something. Because I try to switch to windows platform for my game, and the engagement rate go down pretty far. But if I stick to the web platform, I don't how to monetize it unless I created my own web service API for an in-apps purchase system.

Thanks in advance.

Will play your game for sure, here's mine

Hi everyone, just finished a walking simulation game. If you have the time, please try and play my game here. Thank you

I already rated your game, cool music though

Here's is my game, please play it if you have the time. Thank you

Thank you, here's my game

Thank you, here's my game

Thank you, here's my game

Thanks before, here's my game

Thank you, I surely will update the game after the voting period ended.

Just click the X button on the top bar, by the I've just playing your game and give some rate too. Not impressed with the graphic but, the gameplay was quite fun and unique though. Nice game, good job.

Just click on the circle X button on the top bar. Nice drawing with the "Frozen Cry" game, I wish I could draw like that. Good job on the game. Here's some gameplay to help you.

Thank you, you also made a unique game. Love the sandbox.

"Planet of the apes" got an upgrade. 

Shoot the damn monkey, please.

Hey old friend, hope you're doing great. Nice ragdoll, wait I mean monkey-doll. It was a brutal top-down shooter though, pleas lower down the difficulty a bit. I leave some good ratings and comment on the game.

Your game was quite a detail, love the texture works. for the UI please just click the circle X button on the top bar. I leave some good ratings on the jam page for you. Here's some gameplay. of my game

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Thank you for playing, please just click the circle X button on the top bar. Your game is so colorful, I have some fun playing it, good job. Also, leave some good ratings on the jam page for you. Here's some gameplay. of my game

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Thank you for letting me know about the hair, we'll fix it after the jam. You also made some pretty cute characters yourself with your game. Already download it and leave some nice rate. Here's some walkthrough for the game, to close the objective list, click X button on the top bar.

Thanks, I've been playing the game that you made, have no idea what happens the first time, but when I figure it out, it was quite fun actually. Good job.

Thank you for playing my game.

Just click the X button on the top right of the top bar.


Here's some gameplay for you. By the way, I've already downloaded your game and rate it. Unique game if I may say, good job.

I guess we can play each other game here.