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First of all I apologize for taking too long to reply. However, due to covid, I have to follow health protocols by self-isolating for approximately 2 weeks. I will only respond to the bad things from your comments.

1. Maybe it's because I'm setting up dungeons too many times, I'm really bad at leveling anyways.

2. Sound has been my weakness for a long time, and made it repeated worse than before.

3. Maybe when you hit the enemy an indicator will be added to make it clearer.

4. Will be added later in the next update

5. Cutscene is boring if there is no button to skip. Will be added in the next update

6. Maybe a progress bar about how much you've achieved should be added here.

7. Sorry, LOL

8. I forgot that the web player has a different rendering system than the PC and produces a dark image. Will be fixed in the next update.

9. It will also be added in the next update

10. I've changed it, and maybe after this I will upload it.