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There is not, but go for it, if that's something you wanna do! I can always throw a link to it and give you credit on the page if you want

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I am not sure. They are all parodies of real brands, but not exact copies. If in doubt, don't use them!

All good ideas! I do have a lot of props, but not those. Once I get back into making updates I'll try to add some of those

That's legit! 

Agreed haha


I'll keep it in mind :)

Agreed! Love the visuals, it's a lot of fun

I just found it haha, you have to change gear to reverse

No reverse haha


How is godot? I've never used it but it seems cool

Ah, then yes. I use Unity and you can import .blend files so I never really had a way to test .obj files to make sure they exported correctly

What do you mean?

Thanks! And yes that's what I'm going for :) Anything 90's and early 2000's

I'm not very good at characters haha


That's weird but I guess it makes sense? You would think Unity would recognize a .blend with or without Blender installed haha. And yes for sure!


Unfortunately not at this time! I could convert everything to .fbx once I have time, I just have no way to confirm if the conversion is successful before releasing it

Yup! There are only a few assets from other creators, and they were all CC0. I made sure to include credit and URL's to the creators so they can be downloaded (as they were not low-res style assets). Thanks for commenting!

Something I whipped up, what do you think?

Hey all! I wanted to share this huge library of lowpoly, low resolution resources. I just updated it today and I'm at almost 800 files, all of which are in the public domain! I really hope y'all find it useful! I update it often. 


I'll see what I can do!

Thanks! More textures or models? I do plan on adding more building related textures to the next update or two (already got more windows, doors, bricks, and a bunch of ground textures) but can do more models too!

If you have texture or model requests, post them in this thread!

The art and environment is wonderful! The gameplay, although a little buggy, is also very fun. This could definitely be made into a full feature game 

Hey! I'm sorry but I'm not available for additional projects right now as I'm very busy, but I appreciate the offer! :) 

A lowpoly scene I made with assets from my free CC0 asset library, which you can download here:

I appreciate you! I never set up payments or donations because you gotta set up everything for taxes  and didn't wanna bother haha. Feel free to share around! Thanks!!

Love the environment

Yup, I remember the first version. Loved that one too!

That was.... so good. so so so good. I can't wait for the full game!

You're welcome! Thank you :) 

It's sureal. I love it.

This looks amazing

Thanks guys!

This is a fun idea! Would make a great FPS concept. :)

I'm looking for fun, exploration (walking simulators?) that have that retro, pixelated feel, like Bernband, Everrust, The Hidden Fragmatation, You Played Yourself, etc. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

I enjoyed this