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Thank you both! ^^

A very cool and elegant game. Well done :)

Crazy Tanks community · Created a new topic Nice :)

Good luck!

I like the style...

Thanks for playing!!!

Thank you for playing!!! (btw, the game has three endings, depending on what you do with the piece of paper and the final decision) :)

My model of the Fortified Manor, from Warhammer Fantasy (wip) Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Buildings

Working on some new lighting/render settings for my buildings.

The idea is to (in the end) make the gfx look similar to AOEII definitive version. It's tricky, since those are massive renders. But I am making progress...

Wip of a Byzantine cathedral (in the pic you can also see the rl building)

Created with Blender :)

Nice witches!!!

Work in progress:

This is a wip of two of the forts, a motte and bailey and a stone castle:

The set should be complimentary to my 10 warring states (city gfx) :

The plan is to create at least 10 of these, and upload them. As with the other collection, one file will be free and serve as a demo :)

Another cool game in this great series ^_^

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Hi, 10 States is currently on sale ^_^ Get the 40 isometric medieval and ancient gfx for under $5.

It's a step towards the noble goal of restoring the Byzantine Empire ;)

You can also visit the page to dl the free demo (one of the sets), or post a comment about what you thought of my work!

Created with Blender, taking care to give it a 2.5 classic game feel.

If you implement them in a project, I would love to see pics of it! :)

Oh, you are talking about the dl images - purple/pink was the standard transparency color in a few strategy game sprites, so I used that... Shouldn't matter, although probably the color in the preview pics would be easier on the eye ^_^

Part of my horror project. Animated with Blender (but I post this as 2d, since in essence that's how it looks :o )

I hope you like it - it is very dark-themed, but that's just my kind of art...

Thank you!!! ^_^

Really excellent!

Looks cool! Is this free to use in commercial games? :) (if so, any requirements?)

Great work! I might use them in my project...

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It wouldn't be a real Byzantine-themed game, if you couldn't build the Hagia Sophia!

Modeled with Blender ^_^

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You, the player, is needed to help the Byzantines return to our world, after they were forced to retreat to another dimension...

After much thought, I picked up my old idea to create a darker, more sinister and filled with Byzantine stuff ( ;) ) adaptation of the Amiga classic rts Megalomania. In the above pic, which is just a wip, you can see a few of the new features (such as land bridges instead of separate land for each screen), and the four main buildings on each "island" can be chosen by the player as to type.

Other changes include a gloomy storyline, and background for the various scientific inventions.

More on the project later; I hope there will be others who loved the old Megalomania game, I spent countless hours playing it. Maybe my adaptation will be of interest :)

You can also follow the progress at my twitter:

Some animations:

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Hi, I think I now have enough to start this thread, about the horror game I am working on...

In Chapter 1, Dorian is happy to welcome you. Depending on your choices, there may be a chapter 2 - since every chapter can end in a way which won't allow for a future meeting... 

But there's always hope, if you play your cards right - and, most of all, if you like horror literature.

The game features a lot of 3d models and is story and animation-centered. That said, it's not quite a visual novel (there's a surprise; more on that later!)

With some luck, I expect to have finished the game's first chapter (which will be free and a self-contained demo), by mid November.

I'd love to read your views, and you can also keep track of the game's development at my twitter:


Kyriakos (Philosophy of Horror)

Here is the wip of another room. The game is most likely to be titled "Younger, Healthier, Better" :)

Just relax, you can focus on the toy-model of the Sept of Baelor; the procedure won't be painful for you (promise)

(if you are interested in the 3d model, you can find it at turbosquid (


This is a very cool program. I might actually use it :) Option to save would be really great.

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A very early-days render, this scene is from a horror game I am working on.

You can also notice the (by far most intricate) model of the Hagia Sophia I created. Everything in the scene is 3D, modeled with Blender.

I'll post updates when I have progressed significantly :)

The sale ends in a few hours, so if you are like me and prefer paying less for the same product, now'd be the ideal time ^_^

Thank you ^_^ I think that mostly native speakers liked my voice-acting (because it is easier for them to understand, despite the accent).

Hi, you can download, for free, one of the 10 States warring sides, at

I'd be interested in reading if you liked the graphics. I created them in Blender, and tried to give them a "2.5D" aesthetic :)

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Hi, I just made available a pack (40 files) of city graphics, usable to bring unique civilizations to life.

Sides are: Greek, French, Arabian, Aztec, Japanese, Celtic, Mayan, Chinese, Byzantine, Persian.

Have a look:

Thank you, είναι μεταφορά ενός δημοσιευμένου διηγήματος μου :) Το άλλο (το This is the Way) είναι επίσης από διήγημα μου, που όμως δεν έχει τυπωθεί.

Θα ρίξω μια ματιά, διότι ο υπολογιστής μου ουσιαστικά δεν έχει κάρτα γραφικών και έτσι δεν μπορώ για την ώρα να χρησιμοποιήσω κανένα σοβαρό πρόγραμμα... Τα δύο παιχνίδια τα έφτιαξα με το κάπως τριτοκοσμικό AGS :D

Οκ! Ωραία τα γραφικά και η ατμόσφαιρα - από άποψη πλοκής θα μπορούσε να έχει και άλλα στοιχεία. Με ποιο πρόγραμμα το έφτιαξες; ^_^

Επίσης σκέφτηκα ότι - αν ταιριάξει - θα μπορούσαμε μελλοντικά να συνεργαστούμε σε κάποιο παιχνίδι. Αν και σχεδιάζω καμιά φορά γραφικά, με το Blender, είμαι κυρίως των ιστοριών...

Θα το δω και θα σου πω γνώμη!

Ευχαριστώ :)

Feedback would be useful... The protagonist is a detective who gets sent to the apartment of a young man who killed himself, and is waiting his superior officer to arrive.

Content community · Created a new topic Very nice

Another cool game - playing it these days :)