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It is for Unity, though I'm thinking porting some of our stuff to UE for a while now.

I'm looking for a level designer who could build a game-ready demo scene with Dark Fantasy Kit. By game-ready I mean a scene that you could use in a specific kind of game (top-down, FPS, third-person etc), as it is. In the future this could lead to a paid project. 

If you are interested, create something cool with the free version and post the result here with a few screenshots or short video. I review the entries and choose one who will get a voucher for the full asset. to work with. If you have questions feel free to ask here or on our Discord!

This mini contest is open until 30 September 2019.

Might be interesting to add some very inhumane species, like sentient plants, or plane-touched creatures (celestial, infernal, etc). I really loved in one game when I could play with a Groot-like tree creature. It could grow flowers instead of hair!

A tiny low-poly style Koi fish for you:


thanks for sharing the video! I especially liked the Mordhau , reminds me to Warband (Mount&Blade) but more funny thanks to goofy players ..

Hi Tuskat, thank you very much for taking the time and write this useful feedback! I appreciate it a lot. As you can see I included two types of views, isometric and side scrolling, and I didn't intended it to look pixelated, so that could only mean my resolution is not quite right. WHat do you think about resolution and file size - for example, if I take all the desert objects in isometric style abd render them out, each from 4 viewpoints. What image format works for you the best?

hi! I downloaded this game for PC but couldn't figure out the controls besides movement and Pause :( can you please tell where can I find them?


Thank you very much!

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This is the first game we made as part of a game dev course. We would like to expand the game - with your help!

Shadowdancer, a young female from a mystical race, is exploring the secrets of her ancients, while trying to avoid enemies and traversing dangerous environment. In this game you can use her connection to the shadows, which allows to see hidden objects as well as teleport short distances quickly. There are 2 short levels so far, one is stealth-oriented and the other one has no confrontation and more platformer / puzzle elements.

We created a website for the game demo, where you can find additional information and hints for the game.
In this topic, you can share your opinion and feedback about Shadowdancer.

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Another handful of downloadable models. This time, some weapons for fantastic heroes!

Feel free to use them in your projects! Credits are nice but not mandatory.

Yeah, poor fellow is oversized and sometimes you can easily sneak under their noses. I once get caught by them at the top of the ruined fence, where I thought will be a safe spot I add your feedback to my ever-growing bugfix list. Thanks!

Thank you Dupat!

Thanks for the info. I sent you a friends request from my personal account.

Thanks! We encountered that problem before, it is a quite complex issue. Where did you got stuck? Were there any enemies involved?

Might be, could you please elaborate?

Thanks! I hope it will find a place somewhere in a dark dungeon, awaiting for silly adventurers! Heh-he :)

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I added a new downloadable Spear Trap! It is a demo item for a much detailed pack I'm currently working on. It will feature various realistic dungeon traps, disarming devices, such as switches, levers and more.

Hi divby00, I checked the blend file. Which version did you create the model? I have 2.79 and it crashed instantly when I tried to open the file! :( The result was the same when I first launched blender then tried to open it. I think you could export the models in formats that game engines support widely, like OBJ, FBX, Collada etc. 

Hi! I got a tip in the comments below POLY Desert pack (Free) that I should make 2D images of the elements of the pack, to be used in 2D games. Since I'm a bit lagging behind in my 2D skills, I made a quick render in Blender to see if I can make anything decent at all. 

I would like to ask if these rocks are OK and is it of any use for you?

If there is a need and you think this quality is acceptable for your projects I would make all the elements in the Poly desert pack into transparent PNG's (grouped or one-by-one) and include them into the package.

Also I welcome any feedback & tips on how to make good quality images for 2D games.  

Thanks for the reply! About the post-process stack, what do you think about Unity's screen space AO? I tried it several times in my projects, but I  couldn't get it right just yet... It seems to me it does not take into account if the spot is originally illuminated or  not, it places the effect on any crevice it finds.

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That's a great idea! I do have to do some research on how to create sprites from 3D models though.

Thanks for the devlog! I use Unity too, and when I first discovered the post-process stack in the 2018 edition, I was very exxcited and used it heavily on everything! I also use Realtime GI a lot, and would like to ask if with Foxhunt, did you preferred realtime or baked illumination? Or maybe both? :) Which one allows better performance on a low-end PC?

Hi everyone,

since the May madness sale is in full sails at Unity, I decided to do the same here out of fairness :) All my game-ready 3D models are at 60% discount, which means each pack is below 4$ until the 11th. Feel free to browse the stuff here:

If you need freebies, I uploaded a couple of mixed 3D models here:
If there is a need I can move them to itch io as well, reply to this topic.

Thank you! I checked it out your works, and my favorite was the abandoned railway station. Especially that you used photoscanning, I find it a very interesting technique. Would you like to chat about it later?

Thank you Jimmy!

Hi everyone! My name is Dotti and Runemark Studio is our tiny family business with my husband. I enjoy action adventure games (Rayman was my first, but Tomb Raider is my all time favorite) and old school city building such as Caesar 3 and Pharaoh. I am self taught 3D artist and make game assets with Blender. My husband does C# coding and handy tools for game devs who use Unity. He is also available as freelancer and tutor (PeoplePerHour). I love to create 3D environments and props for games, let it be cheery cartoon or a more realistic setting. You can find my portfolio here: Artstation. We worked on game prototypes as freelancers, and made a few small games together earlier (Mad Wizard , Clouds, BlobNinja) to test our skills. Mad Wizard was Adam's individual project for a Game Dev challenge, it is a top-down fantasy RPG about a wizard who wants to find out the source of strange events in his village. Clouds was my idea, a 2D casual game where your task is to eliminate weeds and grow flowers in your garden by controlling the weather.

I joined in hope that I can have a better connection to other game developers, offer help and gain inspiration and courage to create our own games. I can feel that the community here is very friendly, and I hope I can be a part of it!

Cool! I sent an email to you recently!

Hi Lars, I enjoyed reading the devlog, I find the concept very interesting :) Do you plan to write more here?

It depends on the game genre... I don't have too much experience with visual novels yet.  Is it like an interactive comic book, with music and portraits of the characters? 
Showing your planned workflow and showing concept art or even raw pencil sketches could be a good start. If you have a more story-based approach, a few descripting words about the characters, or the story plot is OK (similar to a book's back cover text). Then as you move on, you can write in your Devlog or blog each week of your progress. Even small stuff counts, like searching for background music, or writing a character's personality traits. The main reason for Devlog is that we can see what you are working on, get excited :) or can give feedback or help you early, before you commit too much effort into your project. The community can help you if you get stuck in the technical parts too.

I think you could show your progress here on Either on a forum topic in the Devlogs section, or create a separate page for your novel and add devlogs as you progress further. 

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    Simple Free Powerup Icons by RunemarkStudio on Sketchfab

Handpainted Style Alchemy Supplies  by RunemarkStudio   on Sketchfab


   Glowing Crystal   by RunemarkStudio   on Sketchfab

Oh it seems the Sketchfab embeds didn't work... I try to fix it

Hi Camosoft, do you have a PC version? I'd like to try it out!

Hi Sejirio, is your visual novel published yet? If yes, could you share a link? Or show  us into a general direction (porfolio or blog)?

Thanks Kasper! They should work in any other game engine too, the models are very simple.

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Here are a few of our downloadable 3D models. All of them are CC0 so use them as you wish!
I'd be interested in what projects they end up. 

Simple 3D Powerup Icons:

Handpainted Alchemy Supplies:

Cartoon Cloud:

Glowing Crystal:

The whole collection:

Thanks! I downloaded successfully and will try it as soon as possibe :)

Hi ! I joined roughly 2 weeks ago, in hope to grow my connections with game devs and the indie community. I uploaded a few smaller 3D environment and props packs for those who like this style, or considering creating a 3D game.  I'd like to ask for a bit of feedback for this package:
Poly Desert  
It has a few desert plants and rocks models, and a unity scene. Not much, but I maganed to make a small canyon scene out of it, so maybe it is useful for you too!

Hi KasperV, I tried to get to the page and got a 404, do you still have the game?