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Hi Ezez Game, thank you for playing the demo!

Thank you for playing!

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Hi guys, I just grabbed the game since the video showed it might be good to play with my partner. I would like to play but here are two things that seem not working for me.
1) Is there a way to configure the game for keyboard and mouse? Right after start, I get prompted to choose a UI skin ( I think) but it seems the game did not recognize I use keyboard and mouse, since it shows the controller buttons. It did not receive any input signals and I had to close the game without playing.
If you could put a little hint somewhere (on the game page, on your support website, or inside the game) for choosing input OR to change the controls for keyboard + mouse I would give it another try.

2) How to play co-op? does my partner need to buy a separate copy on a separate Steam account or can we use the Family share option on Steam?

Hi all, feel free to share with me what project you used Poly Jungle! I'd love to see your creativity!

Played the demo, and I'd like to fill the survey too! I'll wait for the update. Really liked the concept and it already looks great. Music is on point too (robot sound are cute!) As others before me noted, I too, found the steering a little difficult / too sensitive when turning.

Great! I have no problem with surveys (I enjoy them actually) but in that case I'll wait for the update.

Hi Farry! I saw "Emergency Protocol Override" in my feed and wanted to give it a try. (Sadly my wifi is cr@p and I could not download it yet). Thank you for using the arctic models, I'm so happy you noted. Gonna download it right away.

There is a Follow option here in, or you can add me on Discord if you have one. (Dotti#5347)

Thanks for sharing! A little bit more technical information would be nice in the description (movement keys, what is the aim of the game etc.) I drop this screenshot and caption to remind me to keep an eye on your project.

"When X-Bot found the curious monument in the middle of nowhere, she never expected the obelisk can be toppled so easily... and that it will bounce back, as if the gravity of this planet would mean nothing to it..."

I uploaded it, check out on the main page or the devlog section. I hope you can use it well :) and I'm also curious about your game, do you have a demo or project site I could follow?

I use Blender too! I could send you the source files if that helps.

thanks for sharing!

I uploaded the FBX, you can find it at the downloads.

Hi George, thanks for the reply! I would gladly add some of those. What do you mean by sub-objects? Like, a cactus with one main trunk and 1-2 side trunks ? 

Filled! I really enjoyed the game!

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hello! Thank you for playing with the game. Thank you for the very detailed feedback as well, it helps a lot! I add it to our backlog and will sort those out with the next update.

Hi TakeruDavis, thank you for playing the game! The "single drop activation" is a problem we encountered on another level too and we need to figure it out yet. The door walking is more easy, and likely we'll fix it soon.
Thank you for your the bug report and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the game!

Hey! Yes, you are right. Sorry for that. I'll publish a new devlog soon where I explain briefly why the delay. In addition we'll soon release the game with the first world (containing 20 levels). By soon I mean this week, or on the next one. :) 


It's definitelly not a scam. However, I don't know why you are not able to install it. Many did before.

(sorry for the long delay, I was sick last week...)

Hi! Here is a quick update: the February devlog will be delayed due to illness :(  In the next devlog, we will reveal a couple new mechanics we experimented with: water wheels, automatic crystal switches and more! Another good news is that from now on, we'll be able to test on a Huawei device too. (However, still no iPhone available for testing yet.) Thanks for your interest in our work and for your patience!

Thanks for reporting it. I'll sort it out soon.
However. I didn't changed anything in the built version since december. The February update is just a blog post, letting you know what I'm working on right now.

More levels will come eventually, but your current problem comes from different source. 
Levels are not hidden. Please test some other game, perhaps your phone performance dropped during this time? (I mean you might installed an app that consumes a lot of resource?)

Yes, I'll do that. But don't know when right now. I have to plan my year first. :) I'll inform you all in a post soon. :)

Hey Tomppak, thanks for playing with the game. :)

Sorry fo the late answer, I was away during the holidays. The page description is perhaps a little misleading and the game has many placeholders right now. 

Level 1 is the only existing level in the game right now. In that there is 4 parts. In the page description I refer to these parts as levels, which I admit is quite misleading. Sorry for that. :)

In 2020 I'll continue to work on this game, so you will get more content for sure. :)

Loot it! community · Created a new topic Bugs & Issues

If you find a bug or any issue, post here!

Loot it! community · Created a new topic General Discussion

If you want to say hi or want to talk about something, go ahead!

Super cute and addicting gameplay :) well done!

I tried to play this nice little puzzle BUT after I completed the first level, the game began to lag very much, even with lowest settings. I had to Alt+F4 because the menus won't open. It seems something eats my memory up badly.
Apart of this I like the art & concept much and would love to play.

A snake got my chick and I couldn't do anything to save the poor little thing. Besides that it is really great and heartwarming game.

Wow, looks great! I'll check out the game tomorrow! I'm glad you put them to good use.

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I really enjoyed this little gem, thank you ! Spoiler alert: 

when the gorilla attacks, there is a sneaky b@stard snake coming from behind and I didn't even noticed why my health is dropping so fast!

Did you see Aki Shaqs's lowpoly characters? He/she uses a very similar style.

Dear YourZombieMop, thank you for your kind gesture, I really appreciate it.

That sounds great! I'm OK with sparse devlogs, it takes time to put together your thoughts and explain it.. Foxhunt is such a nice piece, it shows you truly care about all the important elements of a good game (looks, gameplay, story).

Hi anomalina, are you still there? :) I really enjoyed Foxhunt, and would like to hear about you. How have you been lately?

Yes, if you are creating a game, promotional video, or something similar derivative.

It is for Unity, though I'm thinking porting some of our stuff to UE for a while now.

I'm looking for a level designer who could build a game-ready demo scene with Dark Fantasy Kit. By game-ready I mean a scene that you could use in a specific kind of game (top-down, FPS, third-person etc), as it is. In the future this could lead to a paid project. 

If you are interested, create something cool with the free version and post the result here with a few screenshots or short video. I review the entries and choose one who will get a voucher for the full asset. to work with. If you have questions feel free to ask here or on our Discord!

This mini contest is open until 30 September 2019.

Might be interesting to add some very inhumane species, like sentient plants, or plane-touched creatures (celestial, infernal, etc). I really loved in one game when I could play with a Groot-like tree creature. It could grow flowers instead of hair!

A tiny low-poly style Koi fish for you:


thanks for sharing the video! I especially liked the Mordhau , reminds me to Warband (Mount&Blade) but more funny thanks to goofy players ..

Hi Tuskat, thank you very much for taking the time and write this useful feedback! I appreciate it a lot. As you can see I included two types of views, isometric and side scrolling, and I didn't intended it to look pixelated, so that could only mean my resolution is not quite right. WHat do you think about resolution and file size - for example, if I take all the desert objects in isometric style abd render them out, each from 4 viewpoints. What image format works for you the best?