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Loot it!

A casual dungeon looting puzzle game · By runemarkstudio

General Discussion Sticky

A topic by runemarkstudio created Dec 19, 2019 Views: 211 Replies: 5
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If you want to say hi or want to talk about something, go ahead!

I've seen false ads for such a game for a while, so I just wanted to thank you for stepping up to make this game a reality, and I look forward to seeing further development!

Thank you for making this game. I will be blasting it everywhere I see because you actually listened to people and that’s worth the world knowing. Please consider making it for IOS. I’d pay to play it for sure. 


Hi! Here is a quick update: the February devlog will be delayed due to illness :(  In the next devlog, we will reveal a couple new mechanics we experimented with: water wheels, automatic crystal switches and more! Another good news is that from now on, we'll be able to test on a Huawei device too. (However, still no iPhone available for testing yet.) Thanks for your interest in our work and for your patience!

1 month passed and no updates? It is already march.


Hey! Yes, you are right. Sorry for that. I'll publish a new devlog soon where I explain briefly why the delay. In addition we'll soon release the game with the first world (containing 20 levels). By soon I mean this week, or on the next one. :)